Why should you use Hemp for the skin and paws of dogs ? 

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Introduction to hemp for skin and paws of dogs

Skin is the largest organ in the dog’s body. It covers the largest surface and plays a big part in protection and everyday comfort. Because of this, we must always do our best to ensure that the skin is well-kept and healthy. One of the most recommended ways to do this is to apply hemp-infused salves on the areas that are having issues. On the blog we usually talk about CBD oil and CBD dog treats, but the truth is that those are only the beginning to what hemp and cbd producing plants can be used for with dogs.

Why should you put hemp salves on your dog’s skin and paws?

Dogs are very energetic creatures that spend half the day walking and running around. While they enjoy walking around the streets or playing in your garden, it also makes them vulnerable to various factors that can damage their skin and paw. The skin is always exposed to bacteria, viruses, insects, allergens, and environmental conditions.

Once this happens, their paw can become cracked and vulnerable to infections. Their immune system can also respond by creating sore hotspots in their skin. Once this happens, they may experience pain with every step that they take. They may also feel pain even when touched gently in the affected parts. These can be healed and prevented by using hemp skin salves.

What are Hemp-infused skin salves?

Hemp is a plant that contains cannabinoids. These can interact with the receptors in the dog’s skin which then helps it recover. The compounds in hemp penetrate the skin and enter their endocannabinoid symptom to fight various symptoms in the skin.

Things hemp can help dogs skin with


These are caused by a response in their immune system. This can be brought by bug bites, dermatitis, pollens, and others. Once this happens, your dog’s skin and paw may be inflamed, red, and dry. Hemp has been seen to reduce these symptoms. By making it less itchy and inflamed, your pets can get some relief.


Hemp has also been seen to have antibacterial and antifungal properties which can directly fight off the presence of these organisms on their skin and paws. Hemp also helps stop microorganisms from entering their skin.

Dry skin

During the winter, many dogs suffer from dry skin and paws as a result of extreme coldness. Some may also step on the salt used on the ground which leads to mild scarring and cracking of their paws. Hemp can be used to improve the moisture of the skin and for hydrating it.

The best part about hemp is that it does not only protect the skin but also addresses its issues from inside. Through its interaction with the receptors in the body, these skin problems are less likely to occur again. There is also evidence that hemp can influence the reduction of inflammation in the joint.

Other ingredients to look for in hemp-infused skin salves

Just like with skin products for humans, dogs also benefit greatly if the hemp salve has many ingredients mixed in it. This is especially if these also contain terpenes and cannabinoids, all of which can boost the “entourage effect” of hemp. Through this, it becomes even more effective and beneficial for the skin. This is because all of these boosts the antioxidant, antibacterial, and skin regenerating properties of hemp.

The following are the ingredients that you should look for in a hemp-infused skin salve:

Coconut Oil – It is made up of medium chain fatty acids which are known to be helpful in keeping moisture in the dog’s skin. This can also help by serving as a protecting layer that shields their paws from the dirt, rough surfaces, and bacteria that it may come into contact with. Coconut oil has also been seen to reduce redness and inflammations in wounds. Finally, the oil also has antioxidant properties that can help reduce wrinkles and roughness in the dog’s skin.

Beeswax – This ingredient’s primary benefit is by serving as a protective layer on their skin that can kill bacteria, retain moisture, and make their skin more radiant.

Chamomile oil – This oil is usually partnered with coconut oil to help in reducing inflammations and impurities in the skin. It has been seen to help in reducing scars in the skin. Chamomile is also used as a natural treatment for conditions like eczema and dermatitis in dogs. Finally, it helps in increasing the healing time of sunburns, skin irritations, and wounds.

Rosemary – This is an herb that is known for its antimicrobial properties which can help fight off infections in the skin. Rosemary is also known as an antioxidant which neutralizes the free radicals in the body which therefore protects skin from being damaged. Finally, it also has properties that make it good for repelling fleas and sticks.

Our top choice – Furbabies Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve

This is our most recommended skin salve because it has high-quality ingredients which all boost the “entourage effect” of hemp. Aside from the ingredients we mentioned earlier, the salve also has calendula, Vitamin E, and hypericum, all of which boost the different benefits of the salve. Their salves come in 60 ml containers.

Furbabies has countless certifications which prove the high quality of manufacturing and ingredients that they use. The salve also has countless positive reviews from customers who said that it was effective in treating various issues in their dog’s skin. This is why we know that the Furbabies Ruff Skin Salve is the best option there is, coupled with our own experience and positive feedback.

Conclusion to hemp for skin and paws of dogs

We recommend applying hemp salves to your dog’s skin and paws both for treating current issues and for protecting it in the future. This is especially during summer or winter seasons when the surfaces they walk on cause issues for their skin. With hemp, they can be protected from microorganisms, their skin becomes more hydrated, and they can even get relief from pain.

We recommend Furbabies’ Ruff Skin Medicated Healing Salve the most because of its highly beneficial ingredients. It is also very effective based on the reviews made by their customers.

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