Who is Pawtanicals?

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Introduction to Pawtanicals

Are you looking for an organic and natural way of boosting your dog’s health? You may be interested in using hemp. This has been branded by many as a “wonder plant” because of its multiple benefits for canines including reducing anxiety, seizures, and discomfort. It is also well-researched to ensure its safety for dogs.

Pawtanical is a company based in Canada which specializes in hemp for pets. By the end of this article, we hope that you will learn more about what makes them stand out, what their products for dogs are, and their quality guarantee.

Who is Pawtanicals?

Pawtanical got its inspiration from the life experiences of its owner who was able to improve their amputee dog’s health after being given hemp oil. From there, they researched more about how to utilize hemp better. They then established the company along with different pet health experts, scientists, and enthusiasts. As of now, they have applied hemp on various products, from health supplements, dog treats, shampoos, conditioners, and more.

Pawtanicals Full spectrum blend

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Bottle and box image of 1050 mg CBD oil for dogs

One of the defining traits of the company is their use of the full spectrum hemp oil. They prefer this blend as it is able to bring out the full benefits of hemp. This is by incorporating all of the contents of the hemp plant including the flavonoids, cannabinoids, terpenes, and more. While these words may sound fancy, they are actually just natural compounds that exist in many other plants such as rosemary, echinacea, black pepper, and other familiar ones.

By incorporating all of these, the blend enables the “entourage effect” of the hemp plant. When this happens, its contents have more synergy with each other which then enables it to be more effective. This also makes it the most potent choice.

Users also don’t have to worry about potentially overdosing their dogs as its THC content is lower than 0.3%. This also removes any psychoactive side effects from it. If you want more info on their products make sure you read our Pawtanicals review

bag of pawtanical dog treats
nice bite sized cbd treats for dogs

Pawtanicals Quality guarantee

Pawtanical guarantees that they are “farm to paw”. They only use locally grown, non-GMO, and toxic-free hemp to make their hemp safe for pets. This is ensured to be human food grade to make it good for everyday consumption. This is because they firmly believe that our pets are a part of the family who should receive the best treatment to improve their quality of life.

pawtanical dog cbd oil
box and bottle of pawtanical cbd oil

Final thoughts on Pawtanicals

As we can see, Pawtanical firmly believes that our pets should get only the best. If you share the same philosophy and would like to use a full spectrum blend of hemp, the brand is recommended for you. With their holistic set of products, you can both improve your canine companions’ health and keep them clean and fragrant at the same time.

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