Who is Furbabies and what are their products?

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Introduction to Furbabies

When it comes to providing hemp oil for our dogs, we should always prioritize high-quality over anything else. After all, this is advised to be given every day for our canine companions which it makes an integral part of their diet. Because of this, we recommend sticking to one brand that we completely trust.

For this, we should prioritize some important factors to consider before choosing one.

  • Research – The use of hemp for pets is still relatively new. Because of this, the company must have dedicated years of research and study about how its effects are maximized for dogs.
  • Ingredients – The best effects can only be seen from blends made with the purest ingredients.
  • Customer friendliness – Finally, just like any customer, we look for a company that is dedicated towards fully informing us about the product through answering our direct inquiries, a rich body of information in their website, and adequate instructions in their packaging.

With all of these considered, we recommend Furbabies the most.

Who is Furbabies?

Furbabies is a company based in Vancouver, Canada. Their team is made of people with a total of 46 years of expertise in the pet care industry. This team has dedicated years of research about the use of hemp for dogs before launching which they then applied to all aspects of their products, from its unique blend, its packaging, and its ingredients used.

They use a unique proprietary blend that no other company has. It incorporates various cannabimimetic plants such as rosemary, black pepper, and echinacea which are mixed with hemp terpenes oil. Having a lot of these herbs together in a single blend boosts the “entourage effect” of hemp which makes its healing effects much more effective. Because of this, the blend is known for having highly beneficial properties such relief from pain, anxiety, and discomfort for dogs.

They also know that many customers are using hemp oil for the first time, and because of this, they provide many guides available in their packaging and website. This tells you about the contents of their blend, how their products are dosed, and its possible side effects. These are comprehensive and easy to read even for total beginners. In case users have specific inquiries, they also have multiple communication channels including a contact number and an e-mail, both of which are very responsive. By simply reaching out to them, you can be given a recommendation for the best dose and form specifically for your dog.

What are the products of Furbabies for dogs?

1. Furbabies Oral drops

Here, their blend is in oil form. It is given to dogs by directly dropping it on their mouth, applying it on their gums, or putting it under their tongue. Many prefer using this as oral drops allows you to accurately measure the dose using the dropper that comes with the package.

Furbabies Oil dropper bottles
Two bottles of oil from FurBabies

Furbabies’ oral drops are mixed with MCT oil. This allows it to be easily absorbed into the dog’s bloodstream. The blend is also healthy for their heart and can be consumed every day without problem.

The oral drops come in 5 various intensities including 100, 150, 300, 600, and 1800 mg, with the best choice depending on your dog’s size. The drops also come in either natural or bacon flavor. The latter is preferred by many dogs because of its naturally delicious aroma that makes them instantly wag their tail as they get a whiff of it. You also do not need to worry about preservatives as their flavorings are completely natural and safe for your dog.

If you have been reading our blog before you will notice that their oral drops are one of our favorite products. It was the only one tested, out of around 30 different bottles that made a huge difference to our dogs seizures. We noticed an immediate drop in the number of seizures she has, as well as how long their durations are when they do happen.

2. Furbabies Dog treats

This form mixes the Cannabimimetic Blend with chewable treats to make it easier to give for your dogs. It comes in three flavors: wild boar, chicken, and our favorite which is the Furbabies beef flavored treats which makes the treats instantly mouthwatering for dogs once you take it out of the packaging. Its consistency and chewiness also make it more fun for them to eat every day. We advise you to alternate between this and the oil so that they won’t be bored. You may also switch the flavors every now and then to make it more exciting for them.

bag of medicated treats
Furbabies and Co beef flavored treats

The treats are made from ingredients like applesauce, coconut oil, oats, milk and egg to make it nutritious when eaten every day. It also has Vitamin E, vegetable broth, and hemp proteins. You can use this as a form of reward during playtimes which allows them to become healthy while having fun at the same time.

3. Furbabies Skin salves

Dogs are naturally curious beings that frequently get wounds and scrapes from the things they encounter every day. For this, Furbabies has formulated a skin salve that is effective for improving its speed of healing, for protecting it against microorganisms, and for reducing its swelling. It is also effective for treating the symptoms of allergies which makes it especially helpful during spring and summer season.

Furbabies Salve
Smooth and easy to apply cream

Aside from their proprietary blend, the salve is mixed with calendula, hypericum, and chamomile to make it more effective for treating your dog’s skin.

What makes Furbabies’ products stand out?

The best aspect of Furbabies for us is the effectiveness of its blend. Their research and their unique take on hemp paid off well as we can see by how quickly it improves the conditions of dogs. Many customers said that their oils and dog treats helped in making their elderly dogs active. They observed them to have less inflammation in their joints which allowed them to get more exercise. It also made them return to their youthful and playful selves which made many owners happy.

Many owners also said that their anxious dogs became calmer and more relaxed after regularly consuming Furbabies’ hemp blend. This made them friendlier towards other dogs too.

Furbabies also uses a simple but informative packaging. Here, we were guided about how the oils and treats should be dosed in proportion to the dog’s symptoms and their weight. In their website, we also learned about how the “sweet spot” is reached with dosing. First time users who are unsure of which product to purchase can also take the product recommendation quiz on their website to be guided.

Conclusion to who is Furbabies

Furbabies dedicated lots of research and effort in their hemp oils before launching which is why their products stand out. As we can see, they were able to create a unique blend that is both effective and quick to work for dogs. They also ensure to always provide accessible information for customers provided both in their packaging and website. Through this, everyone is informed about the dosing, ingredients, and more. They are also helpful and quick to answer specific inquiries.

When it comes to hemp for dogs, it is best to buy a product that you trust as it will be a part of their daily diet. For this, we recommend Furbabies the most. For your canine companion’s general health, we recommend alternating between their oils and treats to make feeding times more fun for them. If they are having skin issues, their skin salve is also highly recommended. If you want to check them out for yourself please go look at the Furbabies site , with all their products on there!

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