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Introduction to the company Apawthecary Pets

One of the best rules of thumb when shopping for CBD is to get the products from your nearest location. There are a couple of reasons why this is considered to be a best practice. With the biggest reason is simply because of the freshness of the CBD. But when the products are preserved in an oil, then what else is there that makes a good product the best?

About Apawthecary Pets

Apawthecary Pets was a company that was started by a group of friends. The all felt deeply about the health condition of their dogs. As they knew CBD could be helpful to their pets they wanted to find a great product. They went around looking for the best medicine but none of them seems to give the result that their dogs’ needs.

Those medicines gave little to no changes at all to their dogs and/or it was rather expensive. Sometimes the oils also had some undesirable side effects. So they decided to take matters into their own hands.

After spending a lot of time looking for other alternatives, they finally come across hemp and the CBD within it. They look into numerous studies about it, learning all kinds of processing methods for it, and even experiment on the best way to deliver it to dogs.

After numerous trial and error, they managed to create their first batch of hemp treats. Then they gave it to their dogs and got a thumb, or paw up . Not only did their dogs loved it, but their overall health condition was also improved by leaps and bounds.

Curious to see if their newfound products could also help other people’s dogs, they started to give it to their families, friends, colleagues, and other fellow dog owners that they know. Every single one of them loved the hemp treats and wanted more of it.

Orders started to come in. So they asked friends and family to come and help prepare, pack, and ship the products. But hundreds of orders later, they finally realized that their hemp treats have evolved into something that requires serious commitment and investment. So they founded Apawthecary Pets in Vancouver, Canada, along with its first 2800 square feet commercial kitchen.

Slowly but surely, the company began to grow until it became one of the most recognizable hemp brands in Canada. But as you are probably asking yourself , well what happened to apawthecary pets, you already know the unfortunate answer. That is that they have closed down their business, much to the dismay of many people… myself included.

About Apawthecary Pets’ products

As mentioned before, Apawthecary Pets started their business by creating hemp treats for dogs. As you might’ve expected, there’s no variety of products at the beginning of the company. They continued to see the success of their initial products they realized the market needed more. So they began to expand their product line.

Apawthecary Pets expanded their coverage to not only focus on dogs, but also other animals as well. This leads to the creation of hemp treats for cats called Kitty Krumble. Later on, Apawthecary Pets also started to sell health products for horses.

That being said, although Apawthecary Pets haven’t released variants for specific animals other than felines, canines, and equines. ( Cats, dogs, and horses ). They had found that their products could work just as good on a wide variety of animals as well.

After having products for other animals, the next step that Apawthecary Pets took was to diversify their products. They started by adding a wide variety of hemp oil to their lineup. This might seem like a small addition, but hemp oil is actually one of the most versatile hemp-based products, so it was a very substantial step for them.

And slowly but surely, they were also adding more and more variety of products for their customers. Things such as pet salves and wax. That was because Apawthecary Pets always strived to adapt to meet the consumer’s needs. We will have a more in depth look into their products in the next section below.

Different products from Apawthecary Pets

1. Apawthecary Hemp treats

As mentioned before, the very first product that was made by Apawthecary Pets are hemp treats for dogs. From the ingredients of the hemp to the recipe for the treats, all of it was made using their own unique proprietary blend. As they use their own sourced ingredients and mixing expertise their customers really noticed improvments with their pets health.

The treats were made with human grade food ingredients. Apawthecary Pets didn’t use any kind of artificial preservatives or ingredients. This is very rare as it is more expensive to have products that expire and are all natural. Their treats a grain and corn free, and more importantly, it contains 3 mg of hemp in each treat. Not long after that, they also launched Kitty Krumbles as hemp treats for cats.

After the release of Kitty Krumbles, Apawthecary Pets began to add more variety into their hemp treats lineup. The did this by creating different flavors of hemp treats. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to get the cbd into your pets.

There were two flavors that you could choose from, which was beef and chicken. Needless to say, Apawthecary Pets line of Kitty Krumble for cats were also available in both beef and chicken flavors. Every package of pet treats for dogs contain 200g worth of treats while the Kitty Krumble had 170g inside.

2. Apawthecary Hemp oils

The next line of products that Apawthecary Pets focused on after their hemp treats were the hemp oil. It was started just as a way to add variety to their catalog but once the customers gave it a try, it quickly became their flagship product.

And the best thing about it was the fact that you can use this hemp oil not only for dogs, but also for cats, horses, and other kinds of animals as well. But the main reason why it became so popular among pet owners was simply because of its high quality and how effective it was.

The hemp oil from the Apawthecary Pets were made using their own proprietary ingredients, which include hemp oil, hemp terpenes, and coconut-based MCT oil. And similar to the hemp treats, these hemp oils also came in several flavors, such as bacon, seafood, and the original unflavored one.

3. Apawthecary Hemp salves

Salves are something similar to cream and ointment and it is mostly used for external problems, such as the one that usually appears on the skins. So if your pets often have trouble with something like hotspot, rashes, bumps, and many others, salves are the one to use.

Hemp has natural anti-inflammatory properties in it that would work way better on muscle, joints, and skin problems than any other prescribed cream/medicines. But the salves from Apawthecary Pets did not only rely on hemp, there were also other essential things inside that would enhance its effect even further.

Some of the ingredients within Apawthecary Pets are hemp oil, hemp terpenes, Vitamin E, Camomile and Calendula oil, Rosemary Essential, and many other beneficial ingredients. You could use their salves for dogs, cats, and even horses. Just keep in mind to use the appropriate dosage.

Apawthecary Pets salves came in three distinct variations. Each was designed with specific conditions in mind. There were the Hot Spot salve, Sniffer Salve, and Wrinkles Salve as well. All of them came in compact 60g packages.

4. Other products from Apawthecary

Other than hemp-based treats, oils, and salves, Apawthecary Pets also offered different products, both for you and your pets. Some were still based on their signature blend of hemp and other essential ingredients, while the other one was more of a general product.

The one that was made with hemp was something called Paw Protection Wax. As the name suggests, it was a product that would offer protection to your dog’s paw. And it comes in a compact wax stick to make it easy for you to carry and apply it to your dog’s paw. This wax would provide a layer of protection against most extreme conditions so that your dogs could move without hurting their paw.

Another product that Apawthecary Pets offer is a line of hand sanitizer. As you might’ve guessed already, these products appear as a response to the 2020 pandemic. That’s why unlike the rest of their products that focus on pets, this one was for humans.

But just like other Apawthecary Pets’ products, they also went above and beyond to make the hand sanitizer safe and convenient to use. They were alcohol free, and contain additional ingredients such as aloe and tea tree oil. And they also came in different sizes from the big 250ml refill bottle to the pocket size 10ml hand sanitizer.

What makes Apawthecary Pets better than other brands

1. High quality products

At its peak of popularity, Apawthecary Pets was the go-to solution for hemp-based products for your pets within the Canadian market. The biggest reason why was clearly the superior quality of their products that used their own proprietary blend of hemp oil and other essential ingredients.

You can easily find heaps of praise from their customers through the testimonial sections in Apowthecary Pets’ official website. If you visit their Facebook page you will see how much everyone loved their produts. Most of them have tried other brands to no avail until they finally stumbled upon Apawthecary Pets and the condition of their pets was noticeably improved.

2. Highly reliable

The next thing that made Apawthecary Pets stand out more than the rest was their reliability. Not only on their products, but also on the company as a whole. The majority of pet owners who used their products saw an unmistakable improvement to the health of their pets.

And not only that, Apawthecary Pets were also known to have a very quick response to customers’ orders and a very fast shipping time as well. Whether you ordered a dozen products or just a small hemp oil from Apawthecary Pets, you could expect the products to show on your doorstep in a matter of days. Personally, I wrote to them at the beginning of my CBD journey to see if they had any suggestions.

Unlike all the other companies with their auto responders and generic information, I actually got a message back within 5 minutes. And not only that but there was no pressure to buy a lot of products or even a lot of bottles of oil to try out. They suggested things that made sense for me, and in all honesty not for their bottom line. Rather than start with 10 bottles they suggested I try 2 different strengths and see how my little one responded. After we figured out what worked the best … I ordered 10 bottles!

3. Excellent support

Apawthecary Pets were founded by people who have experienced how hard it was to get proper support for their pets, so that’s why they strive to give the best support to their customers on every level. Even if you simply have questions about hemp oil as a whole, there was a dedicated section in their official website that would tell you everything that you need to know about it.

And of course, if you have any questions or simply need further assistance regarding the use of their products, then you could simply contact their excellent support team via email or a phone call. They would do their best to answer any questions that you might have about their products

Conclusion to the story of Apawthecary Pets

Apewthecary Pets was one of the best companies in Canada when it comes to hemp-based products. They had a wide selection of products that would help your pets, such as hemp treats, hemp oil, hemp salves, etc. All of them appear in different flavors and some even come in different dosages to accommodate for different sizes of animals.

You can find numerous satisfied customers online who had the life of their pets improved by Apawthecary Pets’ products. And if you have any questions or need any kind of assistance regarding any aspect of their products, their superb customer support would be there for you.

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