What were the different flavors of Apawthecary’s oral drops?

apawthecary flavors
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Apawthecary was our first introduction to medicated oils for our little pug dog. So we have a lot of experience with them! Although the oils aren’t available anymore, we have found an even better option than their oils. We will share at the end of this quick read!

Introduction to Apawthecary oils

When it comes to pet care, it is best to always be updated regarding supplements. This is because finding new supplements can further improve their quality of life of our furry friends.


Apawthecary, which is now no longer in business, used to be one of the best companies for pet products. They are known for having one of the best qualities for the ingredients as it is considered as human grade. This includes the oil, and flavorings that they use. They also avoided using GMO and unnecessary chemicals to ensure the safety of their products. Not only were their products full of safe ingredients, but they also alleviated the issues that we were having. They used to be the only oil that worked. But now that they are gone we have found an even better replacement.

How were Apawthecary’s products given?

The most popular form of delivering their medical ingredients is through oral drops. Apawthecary is mixed with MCT oil which is known to be safe for a pet’s gastrointestinal system because they can easily process it compared to other ones. This is directly administered to their mouth. While this may take some time for pets to get accustomed to, it can be easy when done regularly.

Apawthecary also had food toppers available for cats and dog treats for dogs. This is advised for those who have difficulty feeding them directly using the oral drops.

What were Apawthecary’s offered flavors?

For the oral drops, Apawthecary offered three variations including unflavored, seafood, and beef. They have a special apple cinnamon flavored horse which are herbivores.

For the food toppers and dog treats, they offered beef and chicken flavor.

Apawthecary was well-known for its flavorings which was a hit for many pets. Because of its high-quality ingredients, the flavoring smelled natural and without any chemical smell usually attributed to poor production. Because of this, pets easily became comfortable with it.

Between these, oral drops are easier to process for pets because of its liquid form. Its effects can be seen faster. The treats and the food topper may take some time to take effect because they need to be processed by their stomach first. However, with regular usage, the difference will be unnoticeable.

What were Apawthecary’s other products?

Aside from orally consumed ones, they also offered salve which is applied to the dog’s skin. They had a salve for hotspots, wrinkles, and for dried dog noses. Lastly, they had a paw protection wax.


Apawthecary offered beef, chicken, seafood, and apple cinnamon flavor for their products along with an unflavored variety. Because of this variety and the high-quality of its ingredients, pet owners won’t have difficulty in choosing one that their pets will instantly like.

As mentioned above, now that we can no longer get their products we had to find a replacement, and that is the Furbabies line. Their oils have helped reduce the issues we have been encountering. And they were the best out of all the oils we had tried. If anyone is dealing with issues like seizures, anxiety, or general pain we really suggest their products. They have been a miracle for us, especially after a paw the cary shut down.

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