What makes good Hemp treats for dogs   ?

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Introduction to hemp treats for dogs

Dogs can experience a lot of health issues because of their complex physiology. As owners, we can do our part by giving health supplements that can boost their health in general to make them more resistant to illnesses and ailments. For this, hemp treats can greatly help them. However, if you are looking for oil instead, or even to pair with the hemp treats; please take a look at our listing of the best cbd for dogs in canada here.

What is hemp and what does it do for dogs?

Hemp is a plant that has long been used as a health supplement for humans by utilization of its seeds. In recent years, the contents of its stalks, leaves, and flowers have also been legalized to be used by the public without prescription. Because hemp also works for dogs, it is now used as a health supplement for them.

The most common form of this is hemp oil. This is measured and given through a dropper. Its contents can either be dropped on their tongue or applied on their gums. This form is advantageous because oil easily reaches their bloodstream with its liquid form. There are lots of companies which offer this which gives owners with a lot of options when buying hemp oil.

The downside, however, is that hemp oil takes a lot of time to be given every day. First, you have to measure the dose every day. Next, its contents can also easily spill. Lastly, some dogs may not be fond of having a dropper enter their mouth. Giving this oil daily can be a big hassle for those who are always busy.

The good news is that hemp comes in multiple forms to make it easier to give.

Hemp treats for dogs

Dogs are fond of food that are flavorful, aromatic, and easy to eat. Because of this, hemp product manufacturers have made hemp dog treats. These are simply treats infused with hemp oil. Through this, dogs will easily consume the hemp as it will not have any grassy flavor. These treats are mixed with a natural flavoring that easily attracts the attention of dogs without much difficulty.

These are similar to dog food except that it is more nutritious. These hemp treats are made with all-natural ingredients that are safe to be consumed by dogs every day. This is a big difference from the usual dog treats that are made from artificial preservatives and flavorings which can be unhealthy when given every day.

What can hemp treats do for your dog?

Reduce inflammation

The ingredients can reduce swelling and inflammations in the dog’s joints and muscles. Through this, those suffering from arthritis and neurodegenerative disorders can get relief and become more comfortable moving around. Because of this, it is especially recommended for older dogs.

Relief from anxiety and stress

Hemp treats and CBD have been seen to relax dogs and make them calmer. This then results in the dog being friendlier towards their owner and other dogs. This makes it good to be given to those who live in stressful neighborhoods and dogs who are naturally more anxious than others.

Reducing seizures in dogs

In case your dog is born with epilepsy, the blend can help in reducing the occurrence and intensity of their attacks. Through this, it becomes more manageable. Taking hemp also results in less exhaustion and less chances of hitting their limbs on something while unconscious.

Variations and contents

These dog treats come in various flavors to match the preference of your dog. Most come in 200g bags. The treats are made from fully natural ingredients such as coconut oil, apple sauce, chana flour, cinnamon, and oat that gives it a consistent and chewy quality. Its nutritious benefits come from the cannabimimetic blend, hemp oil, hemp proteins, hemp hearts, and Vitamin E content.

The number of treats to give per day depends on the size of your dog. Small breeds get 2 at most per day, medium dogs 4 biscuits, and the largest ones with 6 biscuits. It is best to stick to this ratio to ensure that your dog will receive the benefits without overdosing from it.

Are there side-effects to their treats?

The best part about treats is that they are already pre-measured. Usually, it contains about 3 mg of the hemp blend for each piece. It is important to remember this as to ensure that there will be no side effects.

In case you give them too much of the treats, your dog may experience a dip in their blood pressure. This can cause them to become dizzy and disoriented for a while. They may also become sleepy. To avoid this, stick to the dosing instructions provided by the manufacturer.  

Another thing to remember is that because of its solid form, hemp treats take a longer time to work compared to oils. This is because it needs to be broken down in their stomach first for it to reach their bloodstream. However, this delay won’t be noticeable that much if you give hemp treats to them every day.

Our top pick

Furbabies is our top pick for hemp-infused dog treats. This Canadian company stands out from the rest because of their unique blend. They have a proprietary cannabimimetic blend that incorporates various herbs and ingredients which interacts well with the endocannabinoid system of dogs. This is made from plants such as echinacea, black pepper, hemp, and rosemary. These are filled with various terpenes.

Conclusion to hemp treats for dogs

The main advantage of hemp treats over oils is that it is more convenient to give to them. This is especially if you choose the flavor that they prefer the most. For this, we recommend those that use all-natural ingredients to ensure that it will be healthy to give every day. Among many companies, we liked Fur Babies’ dog treats the best because of its high-quality ingredients and unique hemp blend.

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