What is the difference between hemp and cbd oil ?

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Introduction to the differences between CBD and Hemp Oil.

Ever since the US federal government legalized the use of CBD in early 2021, it has become one of the most popular food supplements for pets. Lots of people flock together to try giving CBD for their beloved pets. And most of those who have tried CBD have nothing but praise for it.

But whenever you try to look for more information about CBD oil, whether through the product pages in any online marketplaces or through independent reviews from numerous online publications, the term hemp oil is always used interchangeably with the CBD oil.

Does it mean CBD oil and hemp oil may refer to the same thing? Or are there any differences between each of those terms? This article will focus on answering those questions along with explaining other CBD-related things.

Where does CBD oil come from ?

Cannabidiol, or also known as CBD, is one of the main compounds found inside cannabis. But it is not exclusive to cannabis. CBD can be found within the subclass plants of cannabis as well, namely hemp and marijuana.

But although cannabis can be used as a way to refer to all of the aforementioned plants, the composition of the cannabinoids within cannabis and marijuana are relatively the same. That’s why generally speaking, cannabis and marijuana often refer to the same thing.

CBD can be extracted from all of those plants. There are numerous methods that can be used for the extraction process, with the CO2 being the most popular ones. But no matter the method, the end result would be the same product, which is a CBD oil. CBD is one of the chemicals that can be derived from the hemp plant, and there are many other ones, however when we are talking about the most studied and used one for animals we usually see CBD come up as the number one choice. If you want to find out more of what CBD can do for your dog, just read our full post right there.

What is the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil ?

As mentioned earlier, cannabis and all of its subclass plants have CBD inside it. And the CBD from all of them can be extracted using the same method. That means the term CBD oil can be applied to every CBD that was extracted from all of these plants.

Hemp oil, on the other hand, refers to the CBD that was extracted specifically from the plant hemp. That being said, due to the government regulation, the CBD oil that is allowed to be freely sold in the market is only those that have THC level within 0.3% or less.

Among all of the plants that have cannabinoids inside it, the only one that could fulfill that condition is hemp. Because unlike hemp, both cannabis and marijuana have more than 0.3% THC inside it. That’s why nowadays, every manufacturer only uses hemp as their primary source of CBD.

Some people like to use the term “CBD oil” because that is what usually appears on the label. While others prefer to use the term “Hemp oil” to highlight the origin of the oil. But generally speaking, hemp oil and CBD oil refer to the same thing and can be freely used interchangeably.

Different methods to extract CBD from hemp

There are multiple methods that can be utilized in order to extract CBD from hemp. The main difference between them all is the solvent that is used during the process. Nowadays, there are three kinds of solvent that are usually used during the CBD extraction process.

1. Ethanol. Ethanol is often considered to be one of the oldest methods of extracting CBD from hemp. Not only that, the FDA also considers ethanol to be the safest mode of extraction. Ethanol is often used in order to get the full spectrum CBD that contains all of the cannabinoids within the hemp.

2. CO2. CO2 is by far the most popular CBD extraction method that is often used by big manufacturers of CBD products. It works by utilizing pressurized carbon dioxide in order to get the needed photochemical from hemp.

3. Water. Out of all the other methods, water is by far the most inexpensive extraction method. Not only that, water could also yield a more refined end-result. The only reason this method is not widely used is because it is very difficult to get right and it is also a very time consuming process.

Final Thoughts on the differences between CBD and Hemp oil.

CBD oil has sparked a lot of interest lately and more and more people decided to give it a try. But while some people call it “CBD oil”, others would call it “Hemp oil” instead. But both of those terms refer to the same thing, so you can freely use whichever one you want. However, it is important to note, that generally speaking all hemp oil is CBD oil, but not all CBD oil is hemp oil.

The reason why hemp oil ends up to be the main source of every CBD extract is because hemp is the only plant among the cannabis subclass of plants that has the amount of THC that is less than 0.3% inside. Any more THC than that would be considered to be unsafe to use. If you are looking for more information about the difference places that CBD can come from just take a look at our post that we linked to here.

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