What is the best CBD blend for dogs?  

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Introduction to What is the best CBD blend for dogs

CBD is a great addition to your dog’s diet which is why many are using it. But for first time users, the different blends available in the market may be too overwhelming to differentiate.

This is a quick guide about the differences between these blends to help you in choosing the best one for your pet.

How do CBD blends differ from each?

Even though all these CBD blends come from hemp, they all have a key difference in terms of which parts of the plant that they use. Some use the complete plant while some remove every other element of hemp aside from CBD itself.

What is the entourage effect?

This is a characteristic of hemp plants that makes it much more beneficial if all its contents are used. This is because its contents synergize with each other to provide its different benefits.

The entourage effect is important to remember when you are looking at different products. We are not saying that one is always going to be better than the other as it is really up to the dog , issues encountered, and other external aspects which determine the response. However, when you compare the mg to mg impact , in general terms, Full spectrum will give you the biggest response while Isolate will generally be the least response. This is again due to the fact that isolate is very pure ( 100%) with no aspect of the entourage effect while the Full spectrum will have the entire response in it and show the most response. We have already done a breakdown of Full spectrum CBD vs CBD isolate for dogs , so if you want to find out more about that comparison just check out our review there.

Why does the CBD’s blend matter?

1. Potency – CBD has a unique trait that makes it work better if it is used along with the other contents of the hemp plant. This is also known as the “entourage effect”. Because of this, blends which use more hemp are more effective even when taken in low doses.

2. Flavor – Just like how our tea’s flavor changes depending on how many leaves we include, our dog’s CBD also tends to become bitter if more of the hemp plant is mixed. Because CBD is best used every day, its flavor must be delicious and aromatic. Unfortunately, a more potent blend usually results in a bitter and grassy taste.

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What are the different types blends of CBD for dogs?

The different blends of CBD are the full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and the CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD for dogs

Full spectrum CBD uses all of the compounds found in the hemp plant. Because of this, it is the most potent form of CBD for dogs.


By following the “entourage effect” of hemp plants, this blend is the most effective. If you want to use CBD for intense symptoms of dog anxiety, arthritis, and similar issues, this blend may be the best option. It can work even in lower doses.

The full spectrum blend also has aromatic compounds called terpenes and terpenoids. We won’t go into depth about the exact names because it is highly scientific, but in short, these compounds give the benefits of fighting inflammation and infections, helping skin regeneration, and reducing pain.


However, it is also the blend with the strongest grassy flavor. This can make it harder to feed to dogs who already have a low appetite. Some may also become aggressive when they are not in their best mood. For this, you can instead mix it with dog food with a strong smell such as dog-friendly gravy, soup, and broth. Many companies do a great job at covering up the taste with flavorings so don’t be put off by this possibility.

Full spectrum blend also has the most THC compared to other forms. This raises its chances of giving side effects to your dog. To prevent this, follow the dosing instructions by the manufacturer.

However, keep in mind that its THC content is not that significant to make your dog “high” which is why it is still safe to use every day.

Broad-spectrum CBD for dogs

The broad-spectrum aims to be the middle-ground between the blends. This is because it removes all traces of THC but still retains every other part of hemp.


By still including the hemp’s terpenes and terpenoids, the broad-spectrum still follows the “entourage effect” in some form. This makes it a good choice for treating mild symptoms that your dog experiences.

It is easier to dose because of its lack of THC. This makes it a good choice for those who are not still confident in their skills in dosing CBD.


It may not excel on its own because the full spectrum blend has a higher potency while the CBD isolate has better flavor.

CBD isolate blend for dogs

The last blend does not take anything else from the hemp plant but the CBD compound itself. Therefore, it is the least potent yet is the best tasting one.


This is a great choice for new users of CBD as it is easy to dose. It also comes with a very mild flavor.

Even though it does not follow the “entourage effect”, the CBD itself is still effective in treating your dog’s issues which is why this form is a good option.


You may need a higher dose of it for treating more severe symptoms. This makes it more recommendable as a daily health supplement.


In the end, the best CBD blend highly depends upon your dog’s specific needs. The full spectrum blend is best for those whose dogs experience intense symptoms, the broad-spectrum blend for those looking for the most balanced form, and the CBD isolate blend for beginners who want a mild form of CBD.

With these in mind, we also advise you to check for the other characteristics of CBD such as flavor, form, and dosing for you to fully unlock its healing potential for your dog. In the end of all the discussions the truth is that whatever works best for your dog is the best product. If you are wondering where to start we suggest you take a look at our list of the best CBD oils for dogs in Canada as we have tried all them and it is a good starting point for beginners.

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