What does Pawtanical offer for dogs?

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Introduction to the products for dogs that Pawtanical offers

Are you a Canadian resident who wants start using hemp for your dog? You may be interested in Pawtanicals. They are a company known for their dedication towards using high-quality and locally sourced hemp for dog products to ensure the best effects for their health. Find out more about their different products made for your canine companions here to see which one best fits your pet’s needs.

What makes Pawtanical stand out?

Pawtanical ensures that your dog will get the best benefits for their health through their company philosophy.

First, they consider dogs to not just be pets but also a part of the family. The company is composed of pet-lovers who want to ensure that our dogs live their life to the fullest. Because of this, they ensure that the ingredients they use are human food grade to ensure that it is safe to eat every day.

Pawtanical uses the full spectrum blend for their hemp products. This incorporates all the contents of the hemp plant which enables the “entourage effect”, therefore allowing it to work more effectively for treating dog health issues compared to other blends. Their blend has no psychoactive effects as it contains less than 0.3% of THC which means that it is safe to consume for dogs. The hemp used for this is locally grown and is ensured to be safe and healthy for our canine companions.

Pawtanical’s CBD Dog Products

pawtanical dog cbd oil
box and bottle of pawtanical cbd oil


1.Pawtanicals PawDaily is made for treating the symptoms of inflammation, pain, anxiety, seizures, and many more. This is through the interaction of its contents with the dog’s endocannabinoid system. To further boost the oil’s effectiveness, the company also mixes the different phytonutrients, flavonoids, and polyphenols found in hemp. This is mixed with MCT oil as its carrier.

Their PawDaily oil has variations in terms of its potency (but all comes in 30mL bottles). The variations include Kickstart (375 mg), Small (650 mg), Medium (1050 mg), Large (2150 mg), and X-Large (3150 mg).

Pawsitive Reinforcement

bag of pawtanical dog treats
nice bite sized cbd treats for dogs

2. These are their dog treats which are infused with natural ingredients to make it beneficial for the dog’s health.

The first variation is called Full Spectrum Health Treats. It simply uses the same blend as PawDaily but mixes it with Cheese and Bacon flavor to make it more appealing for dogs. In case you have difficulty giving oil to your dog every day, this is recommended for you.

The second variation is called the Hemp Health Phyto Treats. This treat’s main purpose is for improving the muscle and joint health of the dog through its collagen, curcumin, and magnesium content. This makes the treats advisable for older dogs suffering from the symptoms of arthritis. These are also slow baked to make it good for cleaning tartar and buildup in the dog’s teeth.


3. This is their supplement that is rich with Omega-3 and antioxidants. It can help in improving your dog’s liver and heart health. The supplement also gives them the vitamins and minerals they need for improving their health. It uses oils such as MCT, hemp seed, and black cumin seed oil. When consumed orally, it can help with reducing pain, improving their digestion, and providing relief from inflammations. When applied topically, PawTality can treat the symptoms of skin allergies, dry skin, eczema, and alopecia.

Sniff and Shake

4. This is applied to the dog’s nose and paw to protect it from drying, cracking, hot spots, and dryness. The balm contains mango, coconut butter, hemp seed, calendula, and shea to help in moisturizing and protecting the skin. The balm is non-greasy and comes with a consistent quality to ensure that it stays on the dog’s nose. When we used it , we didn’t find an immediate improvement, which is what we have come to expect ( right or wrong). When we compared it to the Ruff Skin medicated salve from Furbabies, we just weren’t as impressed. With the Furbabies blend, we saw our pug dog get an immediate reduction in irritation in her nose fold.


5.  This is their product line for the dog’s fur and coat. They have a conditioner and a shampoo for them which is infused with oat protein, lavender, cedarwood, and peppermint. This makes it good for keeping them free from ticks and fleas, improving their coat’s shine, and keeping them smelling good.

Final thoughts on Pawtanicals product lines

Pawtanical black bottle
Bottle and box image of 1050 mg CBD oil for dogs

Based on the contents of their products, we can clearly see Pawtanical’s dedication towards providing the best quality for dogs. With these, you can boost their health, protect their skin, and keep their coat fresh and clean. In case you want to use all these products, they offer a Pawtanical Starter Pack that contains one of each for you to see what works best for your dog. Given all of this, it is no wonder why the company receives many high ratings from their customers. As with most CBD products the only way to know how it will work with your dog is to try it.

Pawtanical was actually the second product we tried when Apawthecary closed , and for us we just didn’t see any positive reaction after trying out different doses and timings. This does not mean that their product won’t work for you. However, if you are going to try out a product we suggest that you take a look at our entire list of CBD products for Dogs in Canada, to see what we have found success with.

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