What does CBD oil do for dogs

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Introduction to CBD products for dogs

CBD is one of the active compounds that could be found inside cannabis and hemp. When consumed, CBD could give numerous health benefits to the brain and the body. And these benefits are not exclusive to humans, animals can also enjoy similar benefits from CBD.

And that is precisely the reason why so many pet owners are so excited to get their hands on CBD oil. The benefits that it could give to their pets is very valuable. So if you own pets like dogs and cats, it may be the time for you to give CBD oil a try as well.

But you might still be not sure about what CBD oil does for your dogs and what sorts of benefits can you expect from it. And if it’s truly beneficial, is CBD oil the only product that you can use or are there other alternatives that you can try? This brief article will answer those questions for you.

What does CBD oil do for dogs?

There are two main things that CBD does for your dogs, improving their overall health and helping in the treatment of certain kinds of diseases. These are the sorts of benefits that you can expect from CBD. And it can do its job way better than prescribed medicines.

The reason is simply because CBD oil can improve your dog’s health and treat their ailments at the same time. And unlike chemically synthesized prescribed medicines, CBD is an organic compound with little to no chemical inside it. That is what makes it healthier for your dogs.

What are common reasons that people try CBD for their dog?

When it comes to specific ailments, there are several illnesses that can be helped by CBD. One of the big ones is epilepsy. As mentioned in our other article, our little pug suffers from seizures. They started short and infrequent, but after a while they became longer and more often. We tried over 15 different brands, which is how we know who has the best cbd oil in Canada for dogs.

CBD for dogs with anxiety

Not only can these products be used for specific issues they can have additional benefits. CBD can also help when your dogs are filled with anxiety. Its calming nature makes CBD oil perfect as an anti-anxiety solution. CBD can also be used as a potent pain killer, help with various joints and muscle problems, increase your dog’s appetite, and many more.

Different types of CBD oil for your dogs

When it comes to CBD for your dogs, there are three options that you could choose from. The benefits will largely remain the same, the difference between these three is merely the potency. The different types of CBD are Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Isolate CBD.

Full Spectrum CBD has all of the cannabinoids that could be found inside the hemp, including a limited amount of THC. These cannabinoids are the reason why full spectrum CBD has such a high level of potency. Unfortunately, there’s also the risk of THC poisoning to your dogs with this kind of CBD.

That’s why most pet owners prefer to use broad spectrum CBD or the isolate CBD instead. Because those two don’t have any trace of THC in it. Sure, the potency may be a bit lower, but if your dogs are sensitive to THC, using the broad spectrum and isolate CBD is the best course of action that you can take.

CBD Oil for dogs

CBD oil is the most popular CBD-based product. To use it, you can use the dropper that is included inside the box and drops the oil into your dog’s mouth. But if you want something other than CBD oil, the following are some of the alternatives that you can choose.

Other types of CBD products for your dogs

CBD foods. CBD foods are basically no different than your regular dog foods, but with CBD inside it. Since the food has numerous shapes and tastes, your dogs might be more attracted to this type of CBD.

CBD treats. CBD treats are similar to CBD foods. It is just a dog treat that has CBD in it. You can buy pre-made CBD treats for your dogs, or you can make one yourself. But be sure to be extra mindful about the dosage.

CBD sprays. If what bothers you about CBD oil is the fact that it is quite hard to open your dog’s mouth and use the dropper, then CBD sprays is the one for you. It is basically the same with CBD oil, but just with a spray nozzle on it.

CBD cream. If what you want to treat is an external wound of any kind, such as rashes, redness, bumps, and even pulled muscle, then CBD cream is the most appropriate one to use.


CBD can improve the overall health of your dogs while treating some particular ailments at the same time. And since CBD is organic, it is extremely safe and healthy to use. But be sure to pick CBD with no THC inside, unless your trusted vets said otherwise.

We have been using CBD pretty much everyday for the past 2 and a half years. We can say without a doubt that without being introduced to it we would never lived the life we are with our little one. Not only is she present and happy, but the seizures have been reduced by a dramatic amount. If you want to try skipping the trying and waiting to see if it helps, take a read of our best CBD products for dogs article.

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