What does CBD do to help dogs?

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Introduction to CBD usage for dogs.

One of the most trending products nowadays in the pet industry is CBD. Hailed as a wonder supplement, many are standing by its effectiveness for treating various dog disorders. This includes anxiety, chronic pains, epilepsies, and even cancers. With all the hype behind it, it is close to reaching one billion dollars in sales by the end of 2021. If you want to skip all this and see who we thought had the best reviewed cbd products for dogs in Canada , just click there. If you want to learn everything else, keep on reading!

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is a form of cannabinoid which are natural chemicals found in cannabis plants. Cbd was first discovered in 1940 but was only recently used for human and pet consumption because of recent legislation. It does not need a prescription to be purchased.

CBD for medicinal use is mainly gathered from the hemp plant. Hemp has long been used for industrial purposes. Its seed has also long been used as a health booster, hence why hemp seed oils have long been sold. CBD is gathered from all its other parts such as the stalk and the leaves.

What does CBD do for dogs?

The CBD given for dogs is milder than that for humans. Because of this, it is safe for them. It is also not addictive and psychoactive which is why they won’t be “high” from consuming it. This is because the compound THC or tetrahydrocannabinol which is also found in cannabis is reduced to insignificant levels (less than 0.3%) to make it safe for dogs.

How does CBD interact with the dog’s body?

CBD can be used to boost the endocannabinoid system of the dog which is also found in humans and cats. This boosts homeostasis in the body which helps in regulating its levels. It has also been seen to influence mood, sensitivity to pain, sleep cycles, and more. Its most influential effect is by sending neurotransmitters to the nervous system. In other words, it has a great influence on their body.

What are CBDs’ benefits for the dog?

With its interactions with the endocannabinoid system, it can greatly benefit the dog through the following ways:

CBD to reduce dogs anxiety

Many dogs suffer from anxiety. First, there are those who become anxious when they are separated from the owner. This causes them to whine and bark whenever you leave the house. There are also dogs who are always anxious and on their guard which makes them unfriendly to strangers and easily aggressive.

CBD has been seen to make them more capable of controlling their emotions. Through this, they become less impulsive and more relaxed. Keep in mind that this does not make them languid and that it does not strip them off their personalities. In contrast, their personalities are easily seen as they become more relaxed and more trusting towards you.

CBD to reduce muscle and joint pains in dogs

Many dogs, especially older ones, suffer from chronic pains in their bodies as a result of inflamed joints. This is usually because of neurodegenerative disorders and arthritis. Dogs who have this experience pain whenever they take steps. Because of this, they become less energetic and become depressed. Chronic pain usually causes a domino effect of obesity, higher blood pressure, and more diseases for the dog.

Through CBD, dogs can have less sensitivity to pain. Many owners observe that their dogs become more comfortable after taking this which can be seen by better sleep cycles, more energy, and a return of their youthful vigor.

CBD to reduce seizures in dogs

Similar to humans, the dog’s brain can also become overstimulated because of abnormal brain electrical activity. When this happens, they start twitching uncontrollably which can make them exhausted and hurt if they accidentally hit their limbs when this happens.

CBD has been seen to lessen the occurrence of this. When it happens, many owners observe its intensity reduced. Through this, its episodes can be better managed. This is what we use it and we cannot say enough good things about using cbd to help with dogs seizures.

CBD for an all around boost for dogs health

With all of these benefits, the dogs experience an overall boost in their quality of life. As they experience less pain, they become more relaxed and start to have better sleep cycles. They can also become more energetic and friendlier towards other dogs. They can get more exercise and have a better appetite. With all of this, they can easily live for more years.

With all of these benefits, CBD is recommended to be used by all dogs.

How do you give CBD to dogs?

CBD can be given in a variety of forms depending on what your dog is most comfortable with.

The most popular form is through CBD oil. This comes with a dropper which you will use to get, measure, and give the oil to your dog. It can be dropped directly on their mouth, applied to their gums, or mixed with their food.

Another popular form is the CBD dog treat. With this, CBD is mixed with a treat that has a natural flavoring to make it easier for dogs to eat. Its dose is measured with how many you will give in a day.

Final thoughts on CBD usage for dogs.

CBD has been seen to lessen the occurrence and intensity of epilepsy in dogs, relieve them from chronic pain, and lessen their anxiety. Because of this, it is seen as a health booster that is recommendable for all dogs.

At the end of the day, there is always a risk when it comes to trying out new things. What we have to do is evaluate the risk versus the reward. For us we have found that the reward far outweighs the risk. Using CBD has without a doubt made our dogs life longer and better. While it might work for lots of people there might be people that it doesn’t work for. While there are a lot of products out there, if you are looking for the best cbd products in Canada , take a look at our list. It is made with products that we have tried out at home with our little one.

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