What are the mg levels of Apawthecary?

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Introduction to the different MG levels of Apawthecary products

Pet care products are continuously developed to make it more suitable for our furry friends’ biology. One of the recently trending supplements is hemp oil. After its legalization and the formulation of a blend which cats, dogs, horses, and other pets can benefit from, many owners have begun to regularly use it.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a plant naturally found in the environment and which belongs to the same species as cannabis. Perhaps you’ve already heard of it being used for industrial purposes such as for creating ropes and clothes. In recent years, it has been legalized to be used commercially and as a health supplement.

Is it safe?

One of the reasons why it took some time to be finally legalized is because of its tetrahydrocannabinol or THC content. This is because it can give the sensation of being overly-calm and “high” because of its psychoactive properties. Because of this, the hemp products that are used for boosting the health of humans and pets all contain lower than 0.3% of this which is considered insignificant as it will have no side-effects for the consumer.

Who was Apawthecary?

Apawthecary was a pet care company that specialized in hemp-infused pet products such as oral drops, treats, and food toppers. They were based in Canada and were known for their high quality of production. They mainly attribute this due to the length of research that they conducted before being in the market. Through this, they ensured that their products are beneficial, budget-friendly, and delicious for pets. They also had really cool logos 🙂

square blue logo from apawthecary
The Apawthecary logo

What were Apawthecary’s offered dosages?

Hemp comes in different dosages so that it can be given to different pets. The proper dose is measured in ratio with the weight of the pet. Heavier pets get heavier doses. Horses, however, have their own dosage and blend as they herbivores which makes them process food differently.

Here are the dosages of Apawthecary for their oral drops:

  • 120mg – this is recommended for cats and the smallest breeds of dogs
  • 300 mg – this is for medium to large breeds of dogs
  • 600 mg – this is for the largest breeds of dogs

All of these are offered in 30 mL bottles. These come in an unflavored version, beef flavor, and seafood flavor.

Horses have a specific blend made with 250mg which is offered in a 50mL bottle.

They also offered food toppers for cats and treats for dogs. These contain 3mg of hemp for each piece.

What were Apawthecary’s other products?

Aside from oral drops and treats, Apawthecary also had hemp that can be applied to pet’s skins. They have a salve which includes the uses for:

  • Hotspots which are itchy and inflamed spots on the skin that are a result of heat and bacterial infection
  • Dried skin of their nose which is formulated to be not too irritable to their nostrils because of their heightened sense of smell
  • Keeping wrinkles clean

These contain up to 60 mg of hemp and can be applied regularly. These also come with skin-friendly ingredients such as calendula and rosemary.

Can my pet overdose from Apawthecary’s products?

Apawthecary made it a priority to put appropriate labels regarding the doses of each of these which is why it will be hard for pets to overdose from it. This can be seen in its packaging and the contents of their website.

In case owners accidentally give them too much, the side effects of hemp include drowsiness and bowel irritation. To avoid this, it is best to give hemp in very small amounts at first. Only increase it if the desired effects are still not seen.

Final thoughts on Apawthecary pets products

Hemp has been proven to be beneficial for reducing chronic pain and anxiety in pets. Apawthecary used to be one of the best providers of hemp-infused pet products that were positively reviewed by many pet owners. This is because of their high quality of ingredients and the effectiveness of these. Unfortunately for us, and everyone they have had to close down. However, we have found a great replacement for them if you were used to their amazing products. If you are looking for Apawthecary alternatives we can’t suggest Furbabies enough. They are our favorite product so far.

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