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Introduction to Apawthecary Pets

The pet product market is rich with a variety of health boosters, each with their unique twist to make it more marketable. While some of these are effective, most are simply packaged to be more appealing but give the same effects as lower priced ones. As pet owners, we must be aware of the differences between these for us to get the best value for our money and for our pets to receive the best benefits.

One of our most trusted companies was Apawthecary. The company is no longer in business, however, they used to be one of the most recommended ones. This is because of the quality of research and innovation that they provide with their product lines. In fact, they took 1.5 years before finally bringing their products to market. Most companies will want to respond to user feedback and improve, but Apawthecary did it right the first time. It was honestly like magic in a bottle the first time we used it. Find out why we loved their products so much , what they made and everything in our article about what happened to Apawthecary pets.

What makes Apawthecary recommendable?

Apawthecary’s research was applied to different methods in producing their products, which a lot of companies will say. Everyone brings an expert level to what they do, as in all honesty no one wants to say yes we just started doing this so trust us with your dogs health. However, right before we had tried Apawthecary we had used a couple different oils and saw no benefits.

We were on the way to dismiss hemp oil as something that wouldn’t work for us. But as fate would have it the final time we went to the pet store they had just got in an oil that they were waiting for. The bonus was that it was bacon flavored oil for dogs so we thought why not. Luckily for us and Gwibby we saw an immediate decrease in how many seizures she had and how many she was having. This is what broke our hearts when we found out that we would no longer be able to get them anymore.

Apawthecary quality of ingredients

First, they ensure that the ingredients that they use are human grade. This ensures that the product is clean, healthy, and made from non-GMO plants. Because of this, all pets will be given the best benefits for their health.

They ensure that the ingredients will be free from insecticides and toxic chemicals. They also have purely natural preservatives and flavorings.

Hemp benefits when using Apawthecary

Apawthecary was also one of the best companies which used hemp for pets. Hemp is a plant that is filled with a lot of healthy cannabinoids. It grows in the wild naturally and is harvested to ensure that only safe levels of its compound are included in the mix.

The cannabinoids in hemp interact with the endocannabinoid system which is found in humans, dogs, cats, horses, and other pets. Once this happens, the nervous system of the animal will be relieved from the symptoms of multiple diseases and disorders. This includes the following:

  • Seizures
  • Chronic pain
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer and tumors
  • Metabolic issues

When these issues are addressed, the pet experiences an overall health boost because their sleep cycle will be better regulated, their appetite will improve, and they will also become friendlier. Hemp can be taken during times when the disease is usually seen or regularly. This will mainly depend upon the needs of the pet.

An important information is that they do not put THC levels that are higher than 0.3%. This is because THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can cause psychoactive effects for pets at higher levels which gives them the sensation of being high. It can also be toxic for them as their bodies are less capable of processing it. Apawthecary provides lab certifications to prove that their formulations are healthy for pets.

Apawthecary Packaging

Because the use of hemp may intimidate some users, Apawthecary offers abundant instructions and guides in its packaging to ensure that users will be thoroughly informed about how it is used. Here, guides about how it is dosed depending on the weight of the animal is shown.

What did Apawthecary make?

1. Hemp Infused Cat Food Topper

Food toppers are treats which you can place on top of the meal of the cat. These are mixed with a flavoring to make it more attractive for cats. Apawthecary’s food toppers are infused with 3 mg of hemp for each tablespoon which is why it can be given once or twice a day. It is made with all natural and human grade ingredients and is free from grain and corn. This is one of the easiest ways to feed cats with hemp as they like its aroma, it is easy to eat, and it comes with ingredients like beef broth, eggs, cinnamon, and oats. It comes in both beef and chicken flavor.

2. Hemp Infused Dog Treats

For dogs, the easier way of giving them hemp is through dog treats. Because of its bite sized design, its good consistency, and its flavor, you will have no difficulty in giving these to dogs every day. It has 3 mg of hemp contained in each treat. Their dog treats are free from grain and corn which makes it healthier. Tehy also offer chicken and beef flavor, in case you have a picky puppy. Their mixture also contained Vitamin E, Coconut Oil, and Applesauce which are all great for dogs.

3. Pet Oral Drops

The most common way of giving hemp is through oral drops. These are mixed with MCT oil which serves as its base. It comes in three dose intensities including 120, 300, and 600 mg. The variation advised will depend if you will give to a cat, dog, or horse and will depend on their weight. Because it should be given orally for pets, you may have a little more difficulty doing this initially. However, it is better than treats in terms of speed of taking effect. This is because its liquid form allows it to travel to the bloodstream faster while treats need to be digested first to work. This comes in the flavors of seafood, bacon, and unflavored. Horses have the special flavor of apple cinnamon. This was the main product that we loved most about their products.

4. Paw Protection Wax

The paws of dogs are vulnerable to wounds from sharp objects outdoors. To make sure that they will be safe from this, you can apply the wax on their paws. You can also apply it as a protective layer in case their paw is already injured. It has hemp terpenes on its formulation which can boost wound healing and improve the skin’s condition. It also has calendula oil which can reduce inflammations.

5. Hemp Salve

Hemp also has a lot of benefits for the skin of pets. This is because it contains cannabinoids which can lessen inflammation and promote healing. One of the salves is made specifically for hot spots which is more common in the summer. These are recommended to be used for irritated and moist skins. This can also be used for infections and skin folds. Lastly, there is also a salve specifically for the nose of the dog.

Benefits of using Apawthecary

As we can see, hemp has a lot of benefits for the dog because of its interaction with their endocannabinoid system. For the oral drops, treats, and food droppers, its effects can be expected within the day of giving it. Skin-applied hemp’s effects can be seen within a couple of hours as it can quickly lessen inflammation.

Final thoughts on Apawthecary

When it was still available, Apawthecary was among the best companies for pet care that infused hemp. They used high-quality ingredients that are human-grade, and which had benefits that worked instantly. They were also priced affordably which made it feasible to be given every day.

Many customers gave positive reviews for these, saying that their pets easily became comfortable with the oral drop, salve, or treat. The flavors they mixed were well-received because of its natural smell that did not have traces of chemicals (which can be easily discerned by the noses of pets). This is because of the high quality of their ingredients.

If you have read the story of how we started with trying to help our dog with seizures you will see our love for Apawthecary. When they closed we were very worried and for good reason. We were unable to find any other product that helped our dog with her seizures until we found Furbabies. This is again the whole reason why we started this blog. We had to spend almost a month, a lot of money, and endure too many seizures. So if there is anything else we can do to help others with their issues, we will try our best.

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