What are the best hemp dog treats in Canada right now?  

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Introduction to What are the best hemp dog treats in Canada

Hemp is scientifically proven to be good for our dog’s health. However, an issue is that its grassy smell and taste can be repulsive for some dogs. Because of this, hemp treats are very popular among many pet parents.

This is because of its crispy quality and delicious flavor. If your dog is fond of bacon, chicken, fish, and similar flavors, hemp treats are a good choice for them.

Why use Hemp dog treats?

While this might come up from time to time it is a pretty good question. Many people know there are hemp oils and cbd oils for dogs available pretty much everywhere now. So why should you use hemp dog treats?

There are two main reasons why hemp dog treats are actually a better choice than CBD or hemp oils for dogs. They are .

  • Easy to take with you- Oils are great as you can easily see how much you are giving your dog but taking them out on a walk with you just isn’t practical. Throwing a couple treats in your pocket is!
  • Longer effective time in the body. – Oils can enter the blood system quickly, but also leave the system quickly. Hemp dog treats actually have a physical aspect that needs to be broken down by the body, which takes a bit longer to see the results. However, as it enters a bit slower it also leaves a bit slower. So you can see longer term reduction of the issues you are trying to treat with the treats.

Criteria for choosing the best hemp dog treats

To chose the hemp treats in our list, we considered the following:

1. Effectiveness – There isn’t any point in giving the treats if it does nothing for them. Because of this, our main priority is in looking at how quick and how effective the treats were in improving dogs’ health. It is best if it reduces the symptoms of anxiety, pain, arthritis, and many more. A boost in their energy levels and mood is also good.

2. Flavor – We prefer those with natural flavors that are free from preservatives and GMO. It is also better if its aroma smells fresh instead of synthetic. After all, our dog’s smelling senses are more effective compared to humans. They can immediately spot the difference in quality.

3. Packaging – This includes how well it gives instructions for feeding the treats along with its aesthetic appeal. After all, we should only expect the best quality for the products that our dogs will consume.

The Best Hemp Dog Treats in Canada

1. Furbabies – What we liked best about their treats is its effectiveness. Many customers have praised it for being effective within a few days of regular consumption. It also comes in three well-made flavors, including bacon, chicken, and wild boar.

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Furbabies and Co beef flavored treats

We also like their dedication in providing only the best quality of ingredients. It does not use corn, grain, and preservatives. They’ve stated that what they feed to our pets are only those that humans can also eat, which is a philosophy that many dog owners share. This is why they are always coming up as the best hemp oils and treats for dogs in Canada.

Finally, its packaging is also thorough in providing instructions. From dosage, ingredients, to benefits, they’ve got everything covered.

2. Creating Better Days – They are notable for providing many variations of their blend to address different health issues. This includes Vitality, Harmony, Longevity, and Serenity, which is for arthritis, inflammations, and anxiety. Many customers also noticed that their products work quickly.

We wish that their packaging differentiated between their flavors better, though, as its labels are a bit too indistinct with each other. This is an issue as there are major differences in the formulation of each.

Aside from this, the flavor of their treats is also good because of its use of apple, flax seed, and coconut. It also contains adaptogenic herbs which makes it more effective.

3. CBDNorth – The company is a popular choice for CBD in Canada for dogs, and for good reason. Its effectiveness, along with its use of very healthy ingredients, makes it very recommendable. This also applies to their dog treats which use only 4 ingredients: hemp extract, vegetable glycerin, chickpea flour, and its flavoring.

Speaking of flavoring, their choices are quite unique, as it includes Canadian Beef Liver and Fresh Pumpkin. These flavors are a rich source of many essential contents, such as iron, zinc, and fiber. This makes it also good for addressing issues of coat irritation and digestion issues.

4. Pawt 4 Paws – What makes them notable is their peanut butter & pumpkin flavor that is a big hit among many dog owners. At 5 mg per treat, it is also recommendable because it is effective for quickly relieving anxiety. In fact, the company promotes it as a good tool for relaxing your dog before a quick car trip, a storm, or a firework show.

We also found their design to be informative and well-designed. With each pack containing 30 treats, it can also last for a month.

Their ingredients are also of human-quality, as seen with its lack of GMO, wheat, soy, and gluten. It is also certified organic and free from preservatives. Finally, their CO2 method for extracting CBD is also healthy and good for bringing out the best effects from it.

Conclusion to What are the best hemp dog treats in Canada

In choosing a hemp dog treat, be sure to consider flavor, effectiveness, and packaging to get the best value for your money. For a perfect balance of all three, we recommend Furbabies the most. By regularly administering it, you can give your dog a good quality of life even as they age. In treat form, they can also consume hemp easier. Our personal favorite is Furbabies for their Beef flavored hemp dog treats. Their wild boar one is also great, but our little one just loves the beef.

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