What are the Benefits of CBD for dogs?  

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CBD or cannabidiol is recommended by a lot of people for dogs. There is a lot of evidence, both scientific and anecdotal, which confirms that it is very effective for dogs. Whether it is the CBD or the phytocannabinoids that are helping dogs, we aren’t 100% sure, but we do know that it has helped our little one live a longer and better life. Before trying it, check out how it works, the different benefits from it, and more.

How does CBD work?

CBD is an endocannabinoid which can be used to promote the functions of the endocannabinoid system or ECS of the body. The latter is a body system that is relatively new in the scientific world which is why it is not yet formally taught in basic anatomy courses. However, enough is known about it to know how it interacts with the body.

The ECS plays a big part for the body’s homeostasis. This pertains to the condition of the body where its various levels are equal and stabilized. This is ideal for ensuring that the body is at peak condition.

When CBD is given to dogs, the ECS can directly interact with the various parts of the body and relieve it from various symptoms such as anxiety, inflammations, pain, and more.

What can CBD help dogs with?

Anxiety relief

Anxiety in dogs is more common than many know. While they have been domesticated for hundreds of years, some of their instincts still kick in when faced with things they find unfamiliar. For example, loud noises because of fireworks, loud music, and others may cause stress for them. This makes dogs particularly jumpy and very stressed during holidays.

Another source of anxiety is from separation anxiety when their owners need to leave the house. This can be seen with them whining once they are left alone. CBD interacts with the central nervous system to stabilize the mood. Through this, they will be less reactive and will be able to manage their mood better.

Keep in mind that this does not make them sleepy or weak. It simply makes them more relaxed and less jumpy.

Pain relief

Dogs can feel a lot of pain and yet not display any signs. Only when they feel the worst pain do they finally wince or howl, and at this point, a veterinarian’s treatment may be necessary.

CBD can lessen any chronic pain that they may be feeling. CBD also interacts with their nervous system to decrease their pain. It can also be used to lessen any inflammation that they may be feeling, both for those in their nerves and joints and those in their digestive system.

Because many older dogs suffer from arthritis, CBD is excellent for them. This can greatly lessen its symptoms. In turn, this makes them much more energetic. Owners have noticed their dogs become more energetic after regularly getting it.

Reduce seizures

CBD has truly been a life changing addition to our dogs, and our, lives. Prior to trying out CBD our little one was getting seizures. They just started out of the blue so we were really worried. We went to our vet to find out what was going on, but with no reason for the seizures she was labeled as having epilepsy. With that our option was drugs that would basically turn down her brain activity. As a pug this wasn’t really something we wanted as she is pretty relaxed/ turned down as it is. It did take us a while, with testing a lot of the different CBD oils in Canada for dogs, to find one that works. But now that we have, we have incorporated it into our lives. She has seen a drastic reduction in severity and occurrences of her seizures.

Other benefits of CBD for dogs

As mentioned, the ECS is mainly involved with homeostasis. Therefore, taking CBD also has a lot of other benefits for dogs including better sleep patterns, better appetite, and protection from neurodegenerative disorders. This is why regularly giving it to them can both alleviate current symptoms and prevent diseases in the future.


CBD is excellent for dogs because of its benefits like pain relief, anxiety relief, improvement of sleep and appetite, protection from neurodegenerative disorders, and more. It is safe for them and has no side effects.

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