What are some CBD products for dogs?

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Introduction to the CBD products for dogs

You might have heard about CBD and the benefits that it can give to your dogs. You might even want to give it a try and see for yourself how CBD can help them. But upon a closer look, you will be bombarded with so many different options of CBD products. 

There are different CBD products for different animals. There are different CBD products for different ailments. And even within the same line of products, there can be so many variations to choose from. That level of complexity can certainly put off potential customers from getting into CBD altogether. 

And that’s where this article comes in. Here you’ll find all of the different CBD options for your dogs. You’ll also find some tips on how to get the best CBD for your dogs. Hopefully by the end of this article, you’ll be able to decide which CBD you will get for your dogs.

Different CBD products for dogs

CBD oil for dogs 

  • CBD oil is the purest form of CBD extracts. In a way, every other CBD product is a derivation of CBD oil. And this is also the most popular one, by far. Most pet owners prefer CBD oil because it is so easy to use. You just need to put a couple drops of CBD oil into your dog’s mouth and you’re done.  As this is the one product we have the most hands on experience with we suggest you take a look at our list of the best CBD oils for dogs in Canada.

CBD dog foods 

  • But if you want something that can be more fun for your dogs, then you should get CBD foods. CBD foods have the combination of all the good things from CBD and various nutrients as well. Not only that, it is often available in so many different flavors. So your dogs will definitely like it. 

CBD dog treats for dogs 

  • CBD dog treats are quite similar to CBD dog foods. But instead of a huge meal, it is just a snack for your dogs. It usually packs a bit more nutrients and CBD per piece compared to CBD foods. That’s why you should limit the amount that you give to your dogs per serving. 

CBD salves for dogs

  • CBD salves, also called CBD cream, is one of the unique CBD products in this list. The reason is because CBD salves are mainly used topically. If your dog has any sort of muscle, joint, and skin problems, then you should use CBD salves. Just take a small amount of the cbd salves for dogs and apply it to the needed area.

CBD spray for dogs

  • CBD spray is identical to CBD oil in every way. But rather than a dropper, it uses a spray nozzle instead. This change in delivery method allowed a more versatile use of the CBD oil. For oral uses, you can simply put a couple of sprays into your dog’s mouth. And for external use, you can just spray the oil into the problematic area. It can’t get any simpler than that.

What are the types of CBD available for dogs?

Other than deciding the kind of CBD products, you also need to decide the type of CBD to use. And in terms of its potency, there are three types of CBD available in the market right now. Here they are:

Full Spectrum CBD products for dogs

  • This is the strongest CBD that you can find right now. The reason is because there is more than just CBD in it. There are also other cannabinoids inside, including THC. Since it reflects the true nature of hemp, it has more potency than other types of CBDs. 

Broad Spectrum CBD products for dogs

  • When it comes to potency, broad spectrum sits right between Full spectrum and isolate. It has CBD and other minor cannabinoids in it, but without the THC. That’s why this one is perfect for casual and everyday use. 

CBD Isolate for dogs 

  • This one has the weakest potency out of the other type of CBD in this list. After all, Isolate CBD is a pure CBD only. There’s no other cannabinoid inside it. That’s why it is the perfect choice for dogs that are somewhat sensitive to CBD. 

What to look for when buying CBD for dogs

List of Ingredients

  • The very first thing that you should look for is the list of ingredients. Most brands use additional ingredients to enhance the effect of CBD. That’s why before you buy one, make sure to look closely into the list of ingredients that they use.

Information availability about sourcing

  • Other than the ingredients, you also need to know about the CBD itself. Where was it grown, how was it processed, and other important information on it. A good brand will make this information readily available for you. Whether through their website or product page, you should be able to access this information easily. 

Brand reputation for cbd dog products

  • Every brand will claim that their CBD products are the best. But you should only trust a claim made by reputable brands. So you need to look around to find out about the reputation of any brands that you want to buy CBD from. You can use reviews made by third party publications, any related news on the company, etc.

Customer’s reviews

  • Another quick way to determine the true quality of a product is through the reviews of their customers. These are the people who have actually bought and used the products. Every pros and cons from these reviews will offer a great insight for you. 

Which CBD products should you give to your dogs

So now the time has come for you to choose the right products for your dogs. There are numerous different CBD to choose from. And all of them have three different levels of potency. So which one should you get for your dogs?

The answer is based solely on what you need. If your dog has joint muscle or joint problems such as arthritis, then get CBD salves. And if you want something that your dogs will enjoy eating, then get CBD foods or treats. Finally, if your little buddy is in a lot of pain you then you probably will want a Full spectrum CBD oil or treat.

But for most dog owners, all you might want is just something that can improve your dog’s overall health. Something to increase their quality of life. If that is what you want, then you should get Broad spectrum CBD oil. This one should give you all the effects of CBD that your dog needs. 

Conclusion to the CBD products for dogs

There are so many different CBD products that you can choose for your dogs. Though it may appear rather overwhelming at first, don’t let it discourage you. It simply means you have an option for every particular need that your dogs might have. There are so many combinations between the kind of products and the type of CBD that you can get. But for casual usage, broad spectrum CBD oil should be able to satisfy your dog’s needs.

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