What are some benefits of hemp cream?

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When people talk about a CBD extract, also known as hemp extract, what they are talking about is basically the hemp oil. But nowadays, manufacturers manage to turn this extract into a wide range of products. CBD edibles, CBD vapors, CBD spray, and even CBD cream for dogs.

But out of all of them, the most unique one has to be the hemp cream. It is the one that has the most specific use. From what it is, how to use it, some of its benefits, different types of hemp cream, and different types of CBD inside it, this brief article will answer all of these questions for you.

What is hemp cream and how to use it?

Hemp cream is a cream that contains CBD inside it. CBD, or Cannabidiol, itself is a compound that is found within cannabis. If you ever consume cannabis and feel calm and relax right away, that is Cannabidiol at work. There are other compounds within cannabis, such as THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol. But this is a psychoactive compound that is generally regarded to be unsafe to use. That’s why people only use CBD extract.

But as you can probably see, despite originally coming from cannabis, a CBD cream is also known as hemp cream. That is because most CBD products that you find in the market right now actually come from a subclass plant of cannabis called hemp. The reason is simply because hemp could produce more CBD than cannabis.

As to how to use a hemp cream on dogs, well it is actually rather straightforward. Just like with any other cream, all you need to do is simply take an ample amount of the cream and gently apply it to the painful area. For now, hemp cream is only used for health reasons, not for cosmetic or beauty reasons.

What are the benefits of hemp cream

Due to its nature of connecting to your nervous system, CBD could offer lots of benefits for your overall health. But that is not the case with hemp cream. Hemp cream is one of the rare CBD products that could only be used to treat external ailments.

Hemp cream works particularly great when it comes to muscle or joint pains. The reason is because CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. That’s why ailments such as sprained ankle, muscle cramp, redness, bump, and even arthritis could be treated with hemp cream.

You can use other forms of CBD to treat these ailments, such as the CBD oil, edibles, etc. But since hemp cream works by directly making contact with the painful area, it could give much better and faster results than all the other CBD-based products.

Different types of CBD inside a hemp cream

Full spectrum CBD. In order to achieve the level of strength that is similar to the original hemp plant, full spectrum CBD contains not only the CBD itself, but also the THC and all the other minor cannabinoids inside the plant. But in order to make it still safe to consume, the amount of THC is limited to only 0.3%.

Broad spectrum CBD. For those who need that potent strength of the plant but can’t tolerate the THC, then broad spectrum CBD is the one for you. Broad spectrum CBD doesn’t have any THC inside it. But it still has the CBD and other minor cannabinoid compounds inside.

Isolate CBD. As the name implied, this type of CBD extract only has CBD inside it. Not only the THC, the other cannabinoids are not present either. This is especially useful for those with a sensitive body that cannot handle THC and all of the other cannabinoid compounds.

Different kinds of hemp cream

You could find different kinds of hemp cream available in the market. There are those that have added compounds inside to enhance its smell or texture. There are also hemp cream with added compounds, such as Capsaicin and Menthol, that would give either the feeling of warm or cold when you apply it to your skin.

And the last thing that you should pay attention to is the types of CBD inside. Does it contain a full spectrum, broad spectrum, or isolate CBD inside? These are some of the variables that could affect the effectiveness of the cream to you. We recently put a review up of FurBabies Ruff Skin salve and we loved it.


Hemp cream is a cream that was made from an organic compound called CBD. Just like with other types of cream, you use hemp cream by applying it directly to your skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, hemp cream is a great way to treat various muscle and joint problems. But since there are lots of different hemp cream out there, be sure to talk to your trusted health provider first before you buy or use any kind of hemp cream.

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