What are all natural dog treats, and are they really better?

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Introduction to all natural dog treats

Whether it’s organic vegetables or free range chicken, natural foods have become the preferred choice of foods for lots of people. The reason is simply because it is way healthier than the processed foods that have been around for decades.

This natural approach to grow and procure foods is popular because it stays away from added chemicals as much as possible. Because those chemicals may yield a greater result in a short term. But in the long term, it can produce unwanted side effects on your body.

The same thing holds true for your dogs as well. Most of the dog treats that you can find in the market right now have undergone rigorous processes in a factory. Not only to ensure the highest quality possible, but to add preservatives and additives as well. The time has come for us to seriously consider all natural treats for our beloved fur babies.

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Shake a paw for a treat

In this article we will go over what makes something a natural dog treats, if they are better than treats that have preservatives and fillers in them, what adding hemp to dog treats can do, our favorite hemp dog treats and finally how we use our dog treats to keep our little one healthy and happy.

What makes something an all natural dog treat?

Before we get to all kinds of details regarding all natural dog treats, let’s start with a definition first. What is actually the thing that qualifies something to be a natural dog treat? The answer is pretty much the same with organic foods for humans. It’s all about where it comes from and how it was processed.

Where it comes from refers to how the basic ingredient of the foods was grown. If it is based on vegetables, then it must not contain synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. If it is based on animals, it must not have any kind of growth hormone or any kind of genetically modified organism. Everything must grow naturally with only the most basic care put into it. Although this might sound a lot like organic it actually isn’t the same thing. For the all natural aspect it must not undergo any type of processing. The easiest way is to think about chicken nuggets. They might be made from organic chickens, but if they are processed with additives they wouldn’t be all natural.

How it was processed refers to every process that transforms the raw material to the finished products. Every mass-produced dog treat must undergo a trip to the factory. But what is added during the process and what the process actually is also matters a lot. It must not have any kind of additives and preservatives. And it must also be processed using approved methods and certified machinery.

Different kinds of all natural dog treats

Natural dog treats that you can find in the market right now can be divided into two large categories. The first one is meat-based treats. The second one is plant-based treats. Both of these treats can either contain a mix of different ingredients or just one major ingredient.

The most popular one by far is the meat-based dog treats. There are a wide variety of these treats available right now. You can find one that was made from beef, chicken, and even pork. Most dogs will happily eat this kind of treat.

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Not sure about these treats yet

The ones that were made from plants are also gaining more popularity these days. And there are a wide variety of ingredients available. Such as peanuts, bananas, sweet potatoes, or even a mix of different plants in one treat. As for the flavors, these kinds of treats can come in their natural flavors. But you can also find plant-based dog treats that have meat flavors out there, such as bacon, beef jerky, etc.

Are all natural dog treats better than other commercial dog treats?

Yes, just like organic foods are better for humans, all natural foods are great for dogs as well. The main reason is simply due to the absence of preservatives and additives. Things like the pesticide in vegetables and the growth hormone in chickens. These things are bad for your dogs in the long run. We don’t ever want to be alarmist about anything, because just like dogs humans don’t always eat the best, and Mcdonalds yearly sales can attest to that. However, there is a big difference from having a guilty pleasure once in a while , and having it multiple times a day. As dogs sometimes get treats a couple times a day, the negative aspects can really add up.

Not only that, there’s also chemicals that were added during the processing phase, such as flavoring agents, coloring agents, preservatives, etc. All of those can accumulate into our dog’s body and cause all kinds of negative effects down the line.

A true and certified natural dog food will have none of those things. Even if they did use some sort of flavoring agent, it won’t be the same as the one used in inorganic foods. That’s why all natural food is not only rich with essential nutrients, but it is also healthier for your dogs.

Hemp oil dog treats

If you’re interested in giving all natural treats for your dogs, there is another step that you can actually take. And that is by giving them dog treats that have hemp oil inside. Hemp oil has been proven to be highly beneficial for your dog’s health. We have done a full article that is basically a hemp oil and treats buying guide for your pets. So if that is something you are interested in we suggest you read all about it there.

It contains lots of important nutrients such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, along with the essential fatty acids. It can improve your dog’s mood, help with their anxiety, and improve their overall quality of life. But of course, not all hemp oil is created the same way. You should find a high quality brand of hemp oil.

Or you can also buy pre-made ones. There are brands out there that offer dog treats that already have hemp oil mixed inside. This is great because hemp treats are fulfilling, delicious, full of nutrients and have lots of health benefits as well.

Why we use Hemp treats

For us the main reason that we use hemp treats is because we have found them to help our little one with her seizure issues. As time goes on we have noticed that her seizures started happening more often and, while there is no pain to her , it just isn’t a good thing. Eventually seizures become life threatening, and seeing her come to after having one is just not something that we wanted her to live with.

So we started down the CBD route and found that some brands really helped, while others did not. As you can see in our blogs and reviews we have found one brand that just stands out when compared to others. This brand offers Hemp Dog Treats and we find that if we soak the treats in CBD oil then we get the fast absorption of the CBD oil, with the longer term benefits of physical hemp. This is because the body needs to break down the hemp and thus causes the absorption to take longer. So we get the best of both worlds, while decreasing the amount of doses per day. We find that this really helps at night, as before the treats were included we were giving CBD oil every 2-3 hours, which led to really long nights/weeks.

However, when we use Hemp treats we found that our little one could sleep a whole night sometimes without having issues. So for us , having a natural option for hemp treats really checked all the boxes that we are looking for, from keeping her healthy and helping with seizures.

Furbabies dog treats

We touched on hemp treats in the previous section and how it is important for you to get a high quality one. Well, Furbabies is one of the brands that offer high quality hemp treats for your dogs. This Vancouver-based company is known to have one of the best lines of hemp-based products for pets.

Furbabies’ hemp treats were made using their unique blend of hemp oil, hemp terpenes, MCT oil, and cannabimimetics, among other things. Their treats are available in three different flavors. There’s beef, chicken, and wild boar. All in a compact 200g package. So if you have a picky puppy like us, they have you covered. In all honesty there hasn’t been a single flavor that she doesn’t like, and don’t be surprised when you find out that although they might not look it… Pugs can be very picky!.

bag of medicated treats
Furbabies and Co beef flavored treats

But maybe you prefer making your own dog treats, or perhaps your dogs already have their favorite brands. In that case, you can use Furbabies hemp oil instead. All you need to do is give a couple drops of hemp oil into your dog’s treats. And now your dogs can reap all of the benefits of hemp oil through their favorite snacks. If you are wondering why they are so great or why we love them so much, don’t worry. After all of our testing we found that they are the one of the few people who understand what Cannabimimetic compounds are and how to use them properly to help dogs.

Do you really need hemp in dog treats?

The honest answer is no. Anyone that says you need something without knowing your situation isn’t looking out for your best interests. Sadly, the reality is obvious that people are willing to sell anything to anyone. The truth is that if you don’t have issues , you probably won’t see anything from hemp in your dog treats. We firmly believe in being as truthful as possible here, as we know the irritations of buying something that just doesn’t work.

Should you choose natural dog treats for your furry friend? Probably, but it isn’t a necessity. Just like some people can live off of fast food and not have any issues your dog might do ok. Does that mean that it will work best for everyone, probably not. We treat our little one the best way we can, and it is our beliefs that treading on the more natural side of things is the best bet to live a good and long(er) life. This doesn’t mean it will work but it is our hopes that it does.

At the end of the day , what you decide for your dog is your decision and that is ok. We aren’t here to preach, but to share what has worked for us. If you have questions about the best treats, or other health related concerns, talk to your vet. They should be part of your team in keeping your dog as healthy and happy as possible.

Conclusion to all natural dog treats

All natural treats are better for your dogs than their inorganic counterparts. The main reason is due to the chemical used both on the raw materials and the processing phase. Things like additives and preservatives may be fine in the short term. But in the long run, it will accumulate inside your dog’s system and cause all sorts of problems.

The solution to that is the all natural dog treats. It is safe, healthy, full of essential nutrients, and also delicious as well. But if you’re willing to go one step further, then adding hemp oil into the mix is the way to go. You can get individual hemp oil, or you can simply buy pre-made hemp treats instead. And when it comes to hemp treats and hemp oil, you won’t go wrong with Furbabies.

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