Tips for buying the best hemp cream for your dog

cbd cream for dogs
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Introduction to hemp cream for your dogs

Unlike other types of CBD products that usually work from inside of your body, CBD cream, or hemp cream, works specifically for the external parts of your body. Hemp cream is used to treat arthritis, sprained, rashes, muscle cramps, and other kinds of muscle and joint problems.

But if you simply look for hemp cream, online and offline, you will be presented with a wide range of different hemp creams. So which one should you get? What are the things to look for when it comes to buying a hemp cream? Read on to find out the answers and tips to finding the best hemp cream for your dog.

What is a hemp cream and how to use it?

CBD is one of the main compounds in cannabis and its subclass plant, hemp. There are various health benefits that you can get from CBD, but hemp cream is focused on its anti-inflammatory properties in order to treat muscle and joint pains.

Using a hemp cream is no different than any other skin cream. First you need to take an ample amount of cream. Then you simply need to gently apply the cream to the painful area. There’s no need to put too much cream on it. If you want a stronger effect, you should use a hemp cream with a higher potency.

What to look for when you want to buy hemp cream

1. The type of CBD inside the cream

There are three different types of CBD extracts that you can find in the market. The full spectrum CBD contains every compound within a hemp, including THC. The broad spectrum CBD contains both CBD and other cannabinoids, but without the THC. And finally the Isolate CBD that contains only the CBD itself.

Different brands of hemp cream might use different types of CBD inside their products. And you should only use the one that is the most suitable to the ailments that you’re trying to treat. If you experience intense pain because of the sprained ankle, you should use the full spectrum CBD, otherwise, broad spectrum or isolate CBD should suffice.

2. Additional health benefits

More and more manufacturers have started to add various other compounds into their hemp cream. Some of these compounds are used to enhance the anti-inflammatory properties of the hemp cream, such as Arnica, camphor, caffeine, etc.

Other manufacturers go one step further and choose to add some additional health benefits to their hemp cream products. Compounds such as white willow bark for extra boost in pain relief, or honeysuckle and aloe vera for extra moisturizer and providing a calming effect to the skin.

3. Additional fragrance and sensation

Other than adding new compounds for practical reasons, numerous manufactures also added things that would improve the consumer’s experience when using the hemp cream. Such as lavender or eucalyptus that could give a soothing fragrance when you use the cream.

Not only the fragrance, there are also some compounds that are used to give different sensation when you apply the cream to your skin. Such as camphor or capsaicin for the warm feeling to your skin. This is perfect for bumps and muscle cramps. There’s also menthol that would give the cooling sensation to help in reducing pain.

4. Transparent seller and manufacturer

As you can see from the previous points, a hemp cream could contain a lot of different compounds. And you need to look for a seller and manufacturer that clearly presented all the information regarding these compounds and also other related information regarding the manufacturing process of the hemp cream.

You can find this information in something called “Certificate of Analysis”. It is the proof that any given CBD product has been going through inspection by a third-party analyst. A good and transparent manufacturer will provide this document for you. However, if they do not have it that does not make it a bad product or company. Some well known and respected companies do not provide this. So while it is good to have, we wouldn’t say it is a deal breaker if they do not have one.

5. Look for the right potency

Different hemp cream may have different amounts of CBD mixed inside the product, and thus affect its potency. You need to use a hemp cream based on the ailments that you’re trying to treat. And ideally, you should look into it at the same time as you look for the CBD types inside the cream.

Because a hemp cream with a full spectrum CBD and a high concentration of CBD per gram within the cream might be overkill to treat a simple bump. On the other hand, if you suffer from arthritis, you might need that super potent cream to treat it.

Conclusion to finding the perfect hemp cream for your dog

Hemp cream is the perfect solution to your muscle and joints problems. But you need to use a hemp cream that is suitable to your needs and your particular preferences. But other than the five points mentioned above, you should also consult with your trusted health provider first before using any hemp cream. In case you haven’t clicked on any of the links, you can see that our best rated hemp cream for dogs is Furbabies Ruff Skin medicated salve. We have used it for a couple different issues and have never been let down.

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