The best natural health remedies for dogs  

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Introduction to the best natural health remedies for dogs

A little-known fact about dogs is that they are omnivores. While they are fond of steaks, beef jerky, and chicken, they can also consume plants as part of their diet. Because of this, they are an excellent recipient of natural remedies for different illnesses that they may experience, ranging from inflammations, wounds, and anxiety to symptoms of cancer, arthritis, and others.

For all around health boost – CBD

While CBD may sound like a unique lab creation, it is actually a naturally growing compound. It is utilized from the hemp plant which grows in the wild and has been used historically for making ropes and cloths.

CBD is a form of endocannabinoid. These are compounds that interact with the endocannabinoid system of the dog to promote homeostasis. This affects a lot of vital parts of the body such as the brain, kidney, intestines, bones, and more.

What CBD can help dogs with

While CBD is a general health booster, it is most effective for the following:

  • Anxiety – CBD has the medicinal effects of cannabis without the feeling of being “high” when consuming it. This is because it does not have psychoactive properties. Because of this, it can be given to dogs who are starting to become easily scared of stimuli, those who are new to an environment, and those who are unfriendly and aggressive all of a sudden.
  • Chronic pain – CBD can help in both lessening muscle and joint inflammations and also for soothing chronic pains felt by the dog. This makes this very advisable for those who have neurodegenerative disorders and arthritis. Many owners notice their dogs becoming livelier and playful again after being given CBD. In fact, it is also effective even for older dogs who may have mobility issues.
  • Epilepsy – It is very common among dogs, with it having the highest cases for canine neurological disorders. This results in sudden bouts of abnormal electrical activity in their brain which then causes seizures. While not lethal, they can have accidents while this happens and will also be exhausted after every attack. CBD has been seen to help in reducing seizures’ intensity and times of occurrences in dogs.

CBD can be used either as a daily supplement to keep their health always well or as a temporary fix. For the latter, it can be given for when there are loud thunderstorms or strangers in the area which may make them anxious. CBD is not addicting, and therefore, does not have side effects when you suddenly stop using it.

For skin issues – Aloe vera

The plant is not just a pretty addition to your garden, it is also largely beneficial for skin problems. In fact, aloe vera is used for many human skin and hair care products because of its healing effects. For dogs, it can be used to treat skin sores, irritations, burns, and scrapes. Aloe vera can promote healing, cool the wound, and even fight bacteria on the surface.

Keep in mind, though, that it is not advisable to be consumed by mouth. This is because it can cause stomach issues and some toxicity for them. Because of this, we recommend applying it to parts like their neck, upper face, and back.

For paw issues – Honey, waxes, and oils

Your dog’s paws are always in contact with the ground. Because of this, it is always exposed to various temperatures, terrain, and bacteria. This is why paws are the first to experience infections, dry skin, and irritations. Once this happens, walking can be painful and irritating for your dog. This can be seen when they start limping and walking slowly. This can decrease their energy levels and make them less playful.

One of the natural remedies for this is to apply Vitamin E oil which is known to be good for regenerating the skin. Some also apply coconut oil which is known to be good for moisturizing. Finally, some also apply beeswax to the paw as it can serve as an outer layer of protection and an anti-bacterial solution at the same time. However, if the paw issues reach to the point of cracking or bleeding, we advise you to seek a veterinarian’s advice.

Another option, if you are having issues with dogs paws is to use a salve that combines many natural remedies. We have seen great results in fixing dogs paws with this one.

For respiratory issues – Echinacea

Echinacea is a flower that has long been used for humans. It is known to be a good stimulant for the immune system of dogs. Through this, the symptoms of coughing as a result of bronchitis, kennel cough, tonsillitis, and similar illnesses can be lessened. Echinacea can also heal symptoms such as secretions of nasal mucus, enlargement of their nodes, and dry cough. Through this, the dog can become healthier. One side note to offer, is that while we consider Echinacea a super herb, there is a bit of info that is hidden about it. Echinacea actually contains cannabinoids that can help with a wide variety of issues.

Things to keep in mind for safety when using natural remedies for dogs

The herbal route for medicating your dog is advocated by many and has support from modern medicine. However, before giving it to your dog, we advise you to contact their veterinarian first. Through this, you will be informed about the medicine’s potential effect on their current medications, allergies, and more.

Next, we advise you to stick to products which are lab-certified by third parties to use high-quality ingredients. Through this, you will be sure that it is free from GMO, insecticides, and other toxic chemicals.

Finally, if it is given orally, it is best to stick to the recommended dose. After all, some natural herbs are healthy in small doses but can be lethal in very high ones.

Conclusion to the best natural health remedies for dogs

The ones we mentioned are easy to pick up in your local farmer’s market or may even be already part of your garden. Natural health remedies are excellent as they are affordable, easy to give, and healthy for your dog which is why we recommend it. As with anything, we remind readers to follow our precautions to ensure that their dog will experience no side effects.

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