Should you get dog treats with CBD in them?

french bulldogs love treats too
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CBD has been proven to work wonders on your dogs. It could not only help with their overall physical health but it would work great on their mental health as well. Research and pet owners’ experiences alike has shown that giving CBD regularly to your dogs would improve their overall quality of life.

After digging around the internet for a while you have found this thing called CBD for dogs. Now you’ve finally make up your mind to try giving CBD for your dogs. But maybe the fact that most CBD comes in the oil that has to be given directly into your dog’s mouth worries you. But don’t be intimidated, as it isn’t hard to give your dog CBD oil or CBD dog treats.

Different type of CBD products for dogs

Some of the most common CBD products that you can choose for your dogs are CBD oil, CBD cream or lotion, and CBD edibles, such as CBD dog foods, gummies, and CBD dog treats. All of them are available in the market through various brands.

Since all of them are basically the same CBD, the benefits that your dogs would receive from them would relatively be the same. That being said, your dogs might prefer certain kinds of CBD blends over the others. Not only that, some CBD products are also more suited to treat certain kinds of ailments than others.

Should you make your own CBD dog treats

When it comes to dog treats with CBD, you can either buy the premade one, or you can even make one yourself. We might suggest buying them premade if it is your first time trying out CBD dog treats. They are pre dosed and are pretty consistent in having the same amount of CBD in each treat.

The other thing that really benefits from buying premade ones is that they are all the same dosage. If you are making them at home you might have a bit of quality control issues. This is because it can be hard trying to make everything even across all your treats. We are not saying it can’t be done, it just might take a bit of trial and error.

Here is a video that can show you the way, but even a shortened video is 17 minutes. So it might take a bit of time to do it yourself at home:

How to make CBD dog treats at home

Does CBD in dog treats work the same as in CBD oil?

And just like other types of CBD products, CBD treats would still definitely work for your dogs. Because at the end of the day, CBD dog treats are basically just dog treats with CBD oil added within it. So you will definitely get all of the expected benefits of CBD from these treats.

The main advantage of this form of CBD is the fact that it comes in different forms and tastes. This can make it easier for your dogs to eat it. So if you are worried that it will be hard to give the regular CBD oil to your dogs, don’t be. As a CBD treat is the perfect alternative that your dogs would certainly love. The other advantage is that because the treats have some sustenance behind them they break down slower. So you might not need to give your dog as much cbd as often.

Important things to remember when giving CBD to dogs

The main important thing that you need to know before you give any form of CBD to your dog is the dosage per serving. If you give them too little, then it won’t have any effect. But if you gave them too much CBD, then there’s a chance that your dogs would experience a mild THC poisoning.

Because even some of the purest CBD have around 0.3% of THC within it. Not to mention the fact that the amount of CBD needed for each animal will vary based on different factors. This include body mass, physical condition, age, metabolism and more.

Which brings us into the main challenge of using treats as the main delivery method of giving CBD to your dogs. It will be hard to properly manage the correct dosage per serving. You could potentially weigh each serving to determine the correct amount. But there’s no guarantee that your dogs would eat it all, which would make the effect of the CBD less effective. So be sure to consider that before you buy CBD treats.


If you don’t want to use the usual CBD oil for your dogs that is ok. There are other types of CBD that you can give to your dogs, such as CBD dog treats. Dog treats can certainly work just as well as the original CBD oil. Just be sure to take into account the necessary amount of CBD within each servings before giving it to your dogs. CBD dog treats can help to relax your dog , just like this guy:

Relaxing with some snacks

But the truth of the matter is that CBD is only needed in certain circumstances. If you have an issue you are trying to fix with your dog, and CBD is an option then you might want to get one of the dog treats with CBD in it. However, if there are no issues, you might not see any benefit in using CBD dog treats. So , while it might help some it might not be for all dog owners.

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