Quick guide to CBD products for dogs: varieties, blends, and more

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Introduction to CBD products for dogs: varieties, blends, and more

If you regularly read pet dog blogs, CBD may already be familiar to you. After all, this health supplement has steadily risen in terms of sales because of a mix of novelty, high user satisfaction, and proven effectiveness. If you are planning to use CBD for your dog, this is your one-stop guide to the different forms of it available, its different blends, and more.

What to look for in CBD?

There has been a lot of stigma about the product long before its legalization because CBD is gathered from the hemp plant which is from the cannabis family. Because of this, first-time users may need to remember a couple of factors before choosing one.

How can you give CBD to dogs?

1. CBD oils

The most popular form is the CBD oil. Here, the CBD compound is mixed with an oil carrier to make it easily absorbed by their body. This also extends its shelf life. Examples of oils used for this include hemp seed, pumpkin seed, and MCT oil. CBD oils can also come with a natural flavors as well. The most popular ones are bacon or fish to make it more appealing for dogs.

The primary advantage of this form is that it is the most abundant in the market. Many companies have already mastered this form of CBD and put a lot of effort in putting instructions in using it. They also add more varieties in CBD oils’ flavors.  

This can be given orally. Some also advise putting the oil underneath their tongue for it to enter the bloodstream through the sublingual glands. This method makes the CBD work faster, but some users may have difficulty in accurately putting the oil underneath their pet’s tongue. Just like getting a pine cone out of their mouth they just usually don’t like to open up for anything. We have found that the easiest way to get our little dog to take it is to put it on treats that she already likes. If you want our easy wat to get your dog to take cbd oil just take a read at our full article. It’s great even for dogs that are missing a couple teeth, as ours is.

 CBD oils’ dose is measured using a dropper. The amount you will give to your dog depends on their weight and the symptom that you are trying to treat.

2. CBD dog treats

This is made with CBD mixed with chewable substances. These are also infused with a natural flavoring and aroma such as fish, beef, and chicken. This will make it much easier for your dog to take on a routine. As you may already think, CBD dog treats are preferred by many dogs because it is chewable, tasty, and aromatic. This is also good for the owner as it is easy to give to dogs. Treats are dosed by counting how many treats you will give in one day, with smaller dogs limited to smaller portions and vice versa. This is easy because each treat has a specific amount of CBD in it, so you don’t have to measure oils or anything like that.

The only downside is that CBD treats take longer to work. They can take up to one hour to see any impact so just keep that in mind. This is because it needs to break down in the dog’s stomach first. Only after this can it enter their bloodstream. This shouldn’t be noticeable, though, if you give the treats every day on a set schedule.

3. CBD dog salves

This form of CBD is made to work only on a specific part of the skin rather than on the whole body. Instead of having to be ingested to travel the bloodstream, CBD is instead placed on a patch of the skin. This is because its anti-inflammatory properties help in improving the speed of wound healing. CBD salves are used for treating hotspots, sores, and wounds in dogs. Some also use it for treating chronic pain in specific joints affected.

The main benefit of this form is that it works in as fast as 10 minutes. The downside, though, is that its effects are limited to the spot where the salve is applied.

4. CBD dog balms

This CBD is similar to salves as it also applied topically. Its difference is that it has a more solid and consistent quality. Because of this, balms are more for protection of the dog’s skin and for improving its moisture. This is why this is advised to be applied on their nose. After all, the dog’s nose is prone to wounds or cracking especially during dry seasons.

Which CBD blend is best for dogs?

Now that you have taken the first step and figured out that you will use cbd for your dog, and picked how you will give it to them you have to figure out the right type. I know it sounds daunting as there are so many types. However, if you need a quick breakdown of what the blends mean take a look here:

1. Full-spectrum CBD

This form incorporates all parts of the hemp plant, including THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is to further boost the effectiveness of the blend. To avoid making the dog high, manufacturers ensure that the THC content is lower than 0.3%.

The benefit of this blend is that it is more potent and effective for dogs. The downside is that it is harder to dose properly.

2. Broad-spectrum CBD for dogs

This is similar to the full-spectrum blend, but the difference is that broad-spectrum CBD does not include THC in its blend at all. This makes it a little less effective but easier to dose.

3. CBD isolate for dogs

As we can see from its name, CBD isolate blend removes all other compounds except for CBD. This makes it the easiest to dose but also the least effective when given in low amounts.

What is the best cbd for dogs in our opinion?

For us, we found that the full spectrum was the best. This is because sometimes you actually want other things in your mixtures. This is because they can have complimentary aspects to them. Think of sweet and salty, hot and sour, or other food combinations. Apart they might be good, but you will be missing something. If you are looking for something that is based on our testing, we have done a full review on Furbabies Oil and just can’t say enough good things about it. So just as the flavors help each other to bring out the best in foods, so does the mixing of the blends. If isolate works well for you then by all means keep doing what is working. But if you try out isolate because you are told it is pure and the best for dogs, but don’t see any improvements don’t worry. Just try a broad or full spectrum blend and hopefully that helps.

Final thoughts on finding the right cbd for your dog

It is important to take note of these variations in form as it affects both the owner’s convenience and the dog’s safety. We recommend oils and dog treats the most if your goal is to improve their overall health. The other two is recommended for dogs suffering from issues in their skin. If you want to watch a quick clip that explains the “entourage” effect a big better make sure you check this out:

As mentioned above we suggest started with a broad or full spectrum mix. It is like fishing, would you rather start with a big net, with the hopes of catching something? Or with a fishing rod? With isolate it can work very well, if it is exactly what they need. While the broad and full spectrum options have a better chance of improving multiple facets of your dogs life.

With all of this considered, check out your CBD choices near your area to start your dog’s journey towards better health. Or check out our list of the best cbd oils for dogs

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