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Introduction to our CBD usage update

So while we have been writing a lot of products, and always try testing out things we wanted to give a bit more insight into our world. As you have seen in our articles , we actually use the products that make sense for us to try out. We have bought a lot of oils, treats, and powders but have really only found success with one brand.

What we are currently doing for our Pug with hemp oil?

In case you aren’t familiar with our story we will give a quick breakdown. The first thing is our little bundle of joy, Gwibby. She is a little pug dog , with a lot of heart. Well, technically an enlarged heart ( as this is something common to pugs) and a little spunk. She is a loving little girl so it broke our hearts when she just started having seizures. They were really infrequent so at first the vet wasn’t worried. But they started to increase in frequency and duration and it wasn’t good for anyone. Although she doesn’t feel pain during a seizures she wakes up and is confused, and it could eventually kill her.

So now you know why we use CBD we will talk about what we are using now. Our number one product is the one that we have written about a couple of times on the blog and that is with Furbabies. We find that their Hemp blend works the absolute best out of any product we have tried. Last time we checked we had spent around $5,800 on testing products before we found Furbabies.

And although this doesn’t mean that we have stopped testing it does mean that we will continue to measure the success of others against the gold standard. And in all honesty, right now it is going to be pretty hard to take the gold medal from them.

What have we changed in our dosing of hemp oil for our dog?

So while we haven’t had any updates for a bit we wanted to give one, as in all honesty it would’ve helped us to see what others had been doing. As with most things in life pets can build up a resistance to something when they get it all the time. Hemp oil is no different at all, and sadly we saw a bit of the seizures coming back. If you are wondering about what a breakthrough seizure in a dog is, just click that link. It is pretty much when a seizure happens even though they are being treated. Sometimes the seizures just have to happen, but there is a huge difference between once a month versus a couple a day.

So sadly, we did see a bit of an increase in seizures so reached out to Furbabies about it and they had a great suggestion. They didn’t just say give her more oil and she’ll be fine but rather explained about the resistance possibility and that instead of giving her the same oil more often it might be better to give her a stronger oil less often. Luckily, they were right on with their suggestion. So right now we have changed her oil to this one : Furbabies bacon flavored hemp oil

Two bottles of Furbabies Extra Large Breed hemp oil
Furbabies Bacon flavored oil

So although it says Extra Large Breed, and our little one might be adding pounds in her older age, we can assure you that after listening to their customer support we were VERY Happy with how it has turned out. We know that this will help her for a while, and for right now that is good enough.

What else do we do to the hemp oil to help out?

The second aspect that we have continued with, as far as her hemp treatment, is the dog treats. While you can just put the oil on treats, there is a drawback as it leaves their system quicker than solids. So the oil can help her avoid a seizure if we can catch it, and continues to reduce them with her usual scheduled doses the dog treats help to spread out the benefits. After we roll our soft treats in oil, then coat them with the hemp treats from Furbabies that we crush into powder. Our little one also has bad teeth, which is a common pug problem, so the hard treats are not her favorite thing. These are the hemp dog treats that have really been helpful for us:

bag of medicated treats
Furbabies and Co beef flavored treats

And this is how the treats end up once they have been rolled in hemp oil , with the crushed hemp treats on them:

Gwibbys treats
training treats covered in cbm oil and hemp

The on thing we have been able to figure out is how to give her treats but not get her weight up with them. The way that we do this is by using training treats, and cutting them in half. Training treats are smaller than normal treats, and when we cut them in half we create a bit more surface area. This means that she gets more oil coverage, and in turn requires less treats. It is something to keep an eye on, because it might not seem like a lot, if your dog is getting an extra 15 treats a day ( or more ) they can add a bit of weight to them. And pug dogs are susceptible to getting too heavy for their body type very easily.

Have we found any better hemp or cbd products in Canada for our dog?

The quick answer is no. But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. As technology continue to change there will always be new companies with new products on the market. But for right now, there is no one close to the quality of life that Furbabies can give to my little( but getting bigger ) one. This also doesn’t mean that they won’t continue to come out with other products…. which is what we are actually super excited about.

What have we added to her health supplements for a happier life?

The one really cool thing about Furbabies is that they just try to give dogs a better life, and in turn make dog owners lives’ better. From skin irritation ( also a common pug issue with their nose flaps and hot spots) to different issues with health; they are always trying out new things.

Last week I noticed that they had just added several new products to their site which were medicinal mushrooms. No, not the magic mushrooms that everyone has been micro dosing over the past year or two, but mushrooms with health specific uses.

We ended up buying the Cordyceps blend because we are trying to make our little ones immune system as strong as possible. She has recently been getting allergies, or a cold of some sort which is stuffing her up. And if you have ever seen a pug, you will know there isn’t much nose to start with so when it gets plugged up it is not good for anyone. The only drawback is that it isn’t as quick acting as oil, as it needs to build up in the body so we will have an update in a couple of weeks. We are hoping for the best, but we can tell you right now that even though she is picky with her treats this has not been an issue with the powder.

Thanks for reading our hemp oil and dogs updates

We started this blog so that people could have an idea as to what they should look for, what they should expect when using hemp oil with their dogs, as well as what our hands on experiences are with brands. When we first heard about CBD/Hemp oil / Cannibimetics, we were skeptical. And in all honesty that stayed for a while because there were about 5 brands at our pet store. We started with one brand found that it didn’t work, moved onto the next. And as pet owners know these can add up to decent sized charges on their credit cards fast. Finally we were able to find something that did work for her. But soon they were gone without a trace. So again we were back to the internet to try to find something that could help our little one.

Thankfully, we were able to see proof that it could work but had no way of finding more. This is why we ended up writing the blog, because although we tried our hardest we just couldn’t find in depth reviews of CBD or Hemp oils from other people.

If there are any products that anyone is thinking of using, or looking to get a review of just let us know. If something works for you, we would be happy to try it out as well. We are always on the lookout for new products on the market.

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