NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD Dog Oil Review  

Nuleaf CBD bottle and box
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Introduction to Nuleaf CBD oils for dogs

When looking for ways to improve your dog’s health through all-natural methods, CBD may be recommended for you. This is found in the hemp plant and is known for having pain, anxiety, and seizure-relieving effects. It is also given to dogs as they also experience these issues.

Who is NuLeaf?

NuLeaf is one of the pioneer companies in using hemp for pets. They are known for being founded by plant medicine experts who have dedicated research for utilizing the use of hemp to improve the health of dogs. Launched in 2014, they specialize in full-spectrum products that are made from hemp.

They take pride in the high ratings given by satisfied customers as seen in their website. This is because of their dedication to provide certifications by independent and third-party laboratories which guarantee that their products are free from toxic chemicals and are made with the best quality.

Overview of NuLeaf Full Spectrum CBD Pet Oil

One of their best sellers is Full Spectrum Pet Oil. It comes in a tiny black bottle that has its own dropper that contains 900 mg per bottle. Through the dropper, you can drop its contents under the tongue of the dog. This is because it is where the sublingual membrane is found. Through this, its contents can easily reach their bloodstream. Some owners also simply drop it in their tongue or mix it with their food.

Through their packaging, customers can see their certifications that prove their high-quality manufacturing and ingredients. You can also read about how the oil can be used. The bottle has a minimalist and simple look that makes it more medicinal looking which separates it from cannabis products made for recreation.

What is in NuLeaf’s Dog blend?

As we can see from its name, they use the full-spectrum blend.

A full-spectrum blend includes all of the contents of the hemp plant in the formulation. Because of this, it is much more potent and effective in treating the symptoms felt by the dog. The only issue is that they may take some time to get used to its strong grass-like smell and flavor.

It is the best choice for those whose dogs suffer from immense pain, anxiety, seizures, and more. This is because of its inclusions of hemp terpenes to the mix. These are aromatic compounds found in hemp that are known to have various benefits such as being antioxidant, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory.

The “entourage effect” seen in cannabis plants is also strongest with this blend. This unique trait of cannabis allows it to be more effective when all its contents are included.

It is also mixed with virgin hemp seed oil. Through this, the entire formula is made from the hemp plant which maximizes its effectiveness. This oil is known to have a lot of benefits, especially for improving cardiovascular health. Before the legalization of CBD to be used medicinally, hemp seed oil has long been used because of its gamma linolenic acid content.

The CBD oil contains about 3 mg for every drop. When giving it to dogs, it is best to start with a very small dose which you can slowly increase as their symptoms become lessened.

Benefits of Nuleaf CBD usage

The use of a full-spectrum blend makes the oil act faster and effectively. If you give it regularly to them, you can expect the dog to get the following benefits:

  • Less anxiety – Dogs who suffer from separation anxiety triggered even by having their owner leave the room are seen to be more relaxed after this. Rescue dogs who have traumatic experiences are also seen to be friendlier and more relaxed even with the presence of strangers. With a mix of CBD and behavior training, a dog’s anxiety can be easily lessened.
  • Less pain – CBD has been seen to reduce inflammation in the dog’s body. Through this, dogs suffering from arthritis, sclerosis, and other neurodegenerative diseases can feel less of the throbbing pain that they get from these. CBD has also been seen to interact with the neuroreceptors responsible for feeling pain which helps lessen their pain sensitivity.
  • Seizures and pain – NuLeaf’s blend can help in reducing the intensity of the seizures and twitching that dogs experience when they have epileptic attacks. It can also help in lessening its occurrence even with the presence of triggering factors such as heat and exhaustion.

Aside from dogs, their blend can also be used for cats and horses. However, keep in mind that its dose must be matched with their body weight.

Bottle of Nuleaf Dog cbd oil
Bottle of Nuleaf CBD oil for dogs

Nuleaf Customer Reviews

Many of the customers of the oil are senior dogs who suffer from arthritis. This is because they experience pain regularly with every step that they take as a result of inflammation of their bones and joints. Their owners say that their dogs became more active and less anxious after taking this. They also start to become more active again which causes their overall health to improve as a result of exercise.

Dogs who are getting treatments for cancer also greatly benefit from this. Customers say that the after effects of chemotherapy such as anxiety, loss of appetite, and pain are reduced with the use of CBD. It also does not interfere with any of their medicine.

Does NuLeaf ship outside of the USA?

NuLeaf is an American company. This means that customers abroad cannot ship their products to their country because of current legal restrictions. Even if CBD is not used recreationally, It is still classified similarly with recreational cannabis.

If you are looking for a product that is similar to Nuleaf and are in Canada we suggest taking a look at our top choices for dog CBD products in Canada right here.


NuLeaf uses a full spectrum blend for their CBD which makes it more potent and effective in treating symptoms of anxiety, pain, epilepsies, and more in dogs. It is recommended by many customers, especially for those with older dogs and those being treated for cancer.

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