Natural health remedies for dogs

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Introduction to natural health remedies for dogs

No matter how good it is, prescribed medicines will have some sorts of side effects on your dogs. You can get the most expensive prescribed medicine and it will still have unwanted side effects. Unfortunately, that is just the nature of chemically-synthesized medicines. 

More often than not, the good outweighs the bad. Your dogs can really benefit from its effects that you have no choice but to just accept the side effects. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are other options that you can take. One that doesn’t leave such bad side effects on the body. 

And the answer is natural health remedies. These are remedies that were made using organic material from mother nature. It only goes through minimal processing with little to no additional chemicals inside. These kinds of remedies can help treat different ailments of your dogs without any of the bad side effects.

What is natural health remedies

Before we talk about different natural remedies, let’s talk about its definition first. Natural health remedies are medicines or supplements that were made using organic materials from nature. It uses little to no additional chemicals whatsoever. 

Most natural health remedies, not only for pets but for humans as well, come from plants. That’s why you would often hear people call natural remedies as herbal remedies. There are hardly any natural remedies that were made using animals.

The source material for natural remedies often comes from plants that are known for its useful properties. Such as ginger, lavender, camomile, and the likes. There are products that focus more on one core ingredient to alleviate certain ailments. There are also products that use a blend of different ingredients in order to produce a wide range of effects.  

Natural health remedies vs prescribed medicines

You might not realize it, but there are numerous debates over which one is better, natural remedies or prescribed medicines. But the truth of the matter is there is a time and place for everything. There are times when what your dog really needs is a simple natural remedy. And there are also times when they need to use prescribed medicines in order to cure their disease. 

The main stand out point of natural health remedies is it’s lack of unwanted side effects. Not only that, it is also often more gentle on the body. The price is also often much more affordable than prescribed medicines. The only reason why you shouldn’t use one is if your dogs are somewhat allergic to one of the ingredients, but in all honesty this is somewhat similar to pharmacy remedies as well.

Make no mistake, there are times when your dogs really have no choice but to take prescribed medicine. Especially if they suffer from serious conditions. But for some light ailments, natural home remedies should be good enough. Consider it as some kind of first aid for your dogs.

Natural health remedies for dogs

As mentioned above, there are just so many different kinds of plant-based natural health remedies for dogs to choose from. Not to mention some brands really go out of their way to create proprietary blends of numerous plants for their products. So rather than tackling every kind of natural remedy out there, let’s talk about some of the most common ones. 

1. Flower essence 

It has been widely known that certain flowers do possess some beneficial health effects. But when it comes to products that use flower essence, manufacturers often combine multiple flowers into one. By doing so, it can provide much stronger and healthier benefits for dogs. 

There are different kinds of ailments that flower essence can help with. Depending on the type of flowers that is used, you can see a wide variety of health benefits. From something basic like mouth & breath hygiene and immune support. To something specific like curing cough & sneeze, and treating allergy & skin. You have so many options to choose from.

2. Cranberry oil

If you look for natural remedies for dogs in Amazon or any other online marketplaces, then you’ll see Cranberry oil. This is by far the most popular one of the bunch. The amount of brands that use Cranberry oil as the main ingredients for their products is rather overwhelming. 

But it is quite understandable in a way. After all, while the aforementioned flower essence can cover a lot of ailments, the effect won’t be quite strong. On the other hand, something like Cranberry oil that focuses on kidney and bladder health is much more powerful to use. And since this is quite a common problem for dogs, it’s no wonder so many brands use Cranberry oil.

3. CBD oil

CBD oil is a non psychoactive compound that was extracted from hemp. It is unique because its effect is already quite strong on its own. In fact, there’s a type of Full Spectrum CBD that can be said to be the most potent remedies in this list. 

Manufacturers rarely use so many other additional ingredients when it comes to CBD. They only add some flavoring agent and a handful other ingredients to highlight the effects of CBD even further. Some of its benefits include anti-anxiety, treating epilepsy and arthritis, potent painkillers, etc. So if you, or your dog, are suffering from these issues we suggest you take a look at cbd for your dog to see if it can help.

4. Hemp oil

Hemp oil can be said to be a gentler version of CBD oil. Both of them come from the same plants, which is hemp. But if CBD is a compound that is extracted mainly from the leaves, hemp oil comes from the hemp seed. Cold pressing hemp seed will result in a hemp oil. 

For the most part, hemp oil can offer the same benefits as CBD oil, but just not as potent. That’s why most manufacturers blend other essential ingredients with hemp oil. Not only to increase its strength, but also to cover other areas that regular CBD oil doesn’t have access to.  There have been a lot of positive uses of hemp oil for dogs, so just like CBD we suggest taking a test out if you think it might help you and your little one.

Conclusion to natural health remedies for dogs

There are appropriate times and places for using natural health remedies or prescribed medicine for your dogs. Certain diseases simply need strong prescribed medicine to cure it. But natural remedies should be the first thing that you try. Because it is a much safer and healthier option for your dogs.

Most natural remedies are made out of plants. In that sense, there are so many options that you can pick. But it is always better to try something common first. That way, you’ll have an easier time finding information in case you have any kind of questions about it. 

Each remedy has its own health benefits, so you should get something based on what your dog needs. You can help with their bladder through Cranberry oil or deal with allergy through certain flower essences. But if you are just starting out, hemp oil is always a great option.

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