Is hemp oil good for dogs ?

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Introduction to CBD oil and dogs

Hemp oil, also known as CBD oil, is the latest addition to the lineup of products that are claimed to be able to bring numerous health benefits for your dogs. And lots of people seem to try these products and give lots of positive reviews all around the internet.

But that doesn’t mean you should simply jump into whatever new trending products in the market. You need to have all the facts and information that are available to you before you decide to feed anything to your dogs. Especially those that claim to give so many benefits for their health.

So, is CBD oil actually good for dogs? What exactly can CBD oil do for your dogs? What sort of benefits can you expect from it and most importantly, is it safe to use? This brief article will answer all of those important questions for you.

Is hemp oil good for dogs?

As the name suggests, hemp oil or CBD oil, is an oil that was extracted from the hemp plant. CBD and THC are the two main components that are responsible for the unique effect of hemp. But unlike the THC that is simply dangerous for your dogs, CBD is the compound that would give lots of health benefits to them.

So yes, hemp oil is perfectly good for your dogs. It could increase not only the physical health of your dogs, but it could help with their mental health as well. We’ll talk more about its benefits in the next section. But one thing for sure, regularly giving CBD oil to your dogs would certainly improve their overall health.

That being said, the FDA reminds every customer that for now, CBD should be considered only as a compound that could help treat certain ailments, not cure it. So if your dogs suffered a serious illness, you should still bring them to your trusted vets and give them all of the prescribed medicines that they need.

What hemp oil can do for dogs?

As the compound that is responsible for giving you the calm and relaxed feeling within the hemp, CBD works great as an anti-anxiety solution. You can give CBD oil to restless or panic dogs and it would help them calm down.

Another area in your dog’s brain that it could affect is pain management. CBD oil could help reduce your dog’s physical pain significantly. This is especially useful for those who are in the middle of chronic disease treatment. Check out this video clip about the benefits that some owners have seen with their dogs chronic pain:

And one of the benefits of CBD oil that has been approved and also recommended by the FDA is in treating epilepsy and other forms of seizures. But not only limited to the brain, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties that makes it great at treating joint problems like arthritis, sprain, etc.

Going even further than that, CBD can also affect your dog’s digestive system. This allows CBD to help increase your dog’s appetite. And finally, giving CBD oil regularly to your dogs will give them a thicker, healthier, and more glowing fur.

Is hemp oil safe to use for dogs?

Yes, hemp oil is perfectly safe for your dogs. That being said, it doesn’t mean you could recklessly give it to your dogs. When it comes to giving CBD to your dogs, the one thing that you should always pay close attention to is the dosage.

The amount of CBD oil that you should give to your dogs will be different to other dogs. So be sure to talk to your trusted vets in order to know the proper dosage for your dogs. Because if you give them too little CBD oil per session, then it won’t show the desired effects on your dogs.

But if you give them too much CBD at once, then it will backfire and cause a mild THC poisoning to your dogs. Because even the purest CBD would still contain around 0.3% of THC within it. And if it happens to your dogs, then you should bring them to the nearest vet as soon as possible.


Hemp oil is the new supplement that has proven its ability to properly improve the overall physical and mental health of your dogs. It is perfectly safe and absolutely beneficial for your dogs. Hemp oil could help with different ailments, from something simple like joint problems to serious illness like epilepsy. That being said, before you give the CBD oil to your dogs, be sure to talk to your trusted vets first to know the best dosage for your pets.

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