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Our easy to use guide to giving CBD to our dogs intro

If you have started to give your dog CBD oil or treats and they easily take them, then congrats as you have won the lottery. Our little one, Gwibby the pug, is very particular for no real reason. You can’t tell by looking at her that she is fussy, as she is a bit overweight now, but some days it is just the hardest thing to get her to take her CBD. We have tested so many different CBD options and it is always the same. Some she just won’t take, and others she likes for a bit then gets tired of them.

We have found that even with treats, one day she will love them and the other day she won’t. There is no rhyme or reason to it. Even if we give her the same treats, one she will eat and the other she won’t. So it is sometimes pretty hard to get her to take her oil when we need her to. We have put together a quick guide to help other dog owners who might be having problems getting their dog to regularly take their oils.

First things first, get your oils, treats and plans ready for your dog

We have tested so many different CBD oils in Canada that it would make your head turn. Literally probably over 50 different bottles between the different brands, flavors, and milligram levels. At first we found that she wouldn’t take many of them, but thankfully came into Apawthecary pets Bacon flavored oil. Now if you have read our other posts you will know that it was somewhat hard to find out what happened to Apawthecary pets as they closed down; and we were devastated. We quickly found all the stock in stores and online. This would last us for a while. But knew that the end of our supply was coming and we tried everything we could to find an alternative.

Although there were a lot of options out there we just honestly never found the same quality of oil. By quality I want to be clear that we didn’t take it to a lab and get the composition tested. Rather we used our own quality control at home. And that was with our common sense, which might be lacking sometimes but nevertheless we continued on. Our theory was we would look at the same milligram levels as the one we were using. This way it would be as close to what worked as possible. That didn’t work as her seizures came back. So we tried to increase the milligrams . But the levels were getting high with not even close to the same results.

Finding the right product for our dog to help with seizures

Thankfully we found Furbabies and their oils were just as good, if not better than Apawthecary. That is why we love them so much. We used their bacon flavor at the lowest level and instantly the seizure issues disappeared. Their oil was the first one that reduced her seizures to levels that were acceptable. With seizures there will always be a breakthrough one that happens every once in a while.

The next thing we did was get their bacon flavored hemp dog treats which we did a review on as well. Now usually dog treats are great and loved by dogs. But Gwibby also has lost a lot of teeth as Pug dogs are notorious for easily getting cavities. The hemp treats are baked so they are somewhat crispy so we had an issue. But the first thing was done and we got the supplies we needed, now it was on to the planning.

CBD oil or treats for dogs?

Now you might be wondering why we got both of the products. It is not that one product is lacking and we needed two but there are different benefits to each product. The biggest thing that you will realize is that CBD oil works very, very quickly when you give it to your dog. So as quickly as it gets into their system it will get out. This is great when you can see an issue arising, like a seizure coming. But it doesn’t keep them medicated for that long. So a benefit of using oil is it can be used to treat things quickly; but a drawback is that it is out of their system quickly too.

Hemp treats on the other hand are kind of the opposite of the oils. With hemp treats they are pieces of hemp that need to be broken down in the mouth and stomach of your dog. This means that it takes a bit of time, so not so fast in and not so fast out. This is a benefit if you are looking for more staying power with your medications. But that also means that you can’t give it to them as soon as you see an issue coming up.

How to use CBD oil and CBD treats together for dogs?

So the reality comes up that there are pros and cons to both of them so why not use them both? As mentioned before, the treats were hard and our little one’s teeth don’t work well. So getting her to take the treats becomes an issue. We tried soaking them but they became a goopy mess. And as a picky eater she didn’t feel like having soggy cookies.

After speaking with Furbabies they had a suggestion. That was to crush the treats up and use them on top of other treats. While this might not sound impressive, it really did impress us. This is because we just never thought of it. Through their customer support they passed on a lot of great info and support. It really makes getting her as healthy as possible a lot easier. This is again why we love them so much!

Our guide to giving CBD oil and treats to our dog

For our little one we have found the following steps to get her to take the treats easily when we need her to.

  • Crush up the treats to a fine powder. This will not impact the ingredients at all so no need to worry.
  • Cut training treats in half. This is to increase the surface area and decrease the amount of grams per serving. It saves some weight being added to her body as she gets a lot of treats.
  • Put the cut up treats in a dish and add the amount of oil we give her.
  • Roll the treats around to get them coated and let them soak up as much as they are able to.
  • Coat the pieces with the hemp treat powder and cover all sides.

That is it, we have found that this gives us the ability to give her the oil she needs as well as reduce the amount of times a day she needs it. This is because the oil gets into her system right away, and the hemp treat powder stays with her. It has reduced the weight gain as well as she gets much less treats than when we just coated them in oil. So it is pretty much a win win with all aspects. Here is a picture of the end result if you follow the steps above:

Small bowl filled with cbd oil and hemp dog treats covering other treats
Gwibbys treats

You can also see how we organize her thyroid pills in the daily pack behind 🙂

Consistency is key for treating dogs

If you have a dog that suffers from issues that can be helped with CBD , CBM, or hemp products it is very important to stay consistent. It is easy to see a change and be happy and not give the same amount again. But in order to see sustained and continued results it is best to keep it consistent. In all of the time that we have been giving her oils and treats we find that for her it is about every 3 hours that she needs to get something in her system. If we miss a dose we will see right away that a seizure could occur. And this just isn’t something that we can let happen.

Just like having a plan on how to get them to take the products, you need a plan for when you will give it to them. For us our little Gwibby deserves to avoid seizures at all costs. And at the end of the day what you decide for your furry family member is your decision.

Final thoughts on how to give dogs their medicines

While every dog is different it is hard to say what will work for each one. Just like humans, they have their own personalities and quirks, which Gwibby is full of. This is why what works for us might not work for you. But we hope that if you are having any issues with your dog taking their treats that this guide might help.

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