How to use hemp oil for your dog 

The chemical makeup of CBD
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Introduction to hemp oil use for your dog

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the most popular dog products nowadays. It has been steadily increasing in both interest and sales, with a projected overall sale reaching more than $100 million by 2022. Recommendations about it have been spreading across many dog blogs, celebrities, and word of mouth promotions.

If you are interested about how this works, what it can do for your dog, and whether CBD oil and Hemp are safe for them, check out our full guide for it.

What is hemp?

Hemp is a plant that has long been used for both industrial and medicinal usage. It was discovered 50,000 years ago and is used for various industries such as for fuel, rope making, clothing, paper, and more. Its medicinal use used to be restricted, but with the 2018 Farm Bill, it has been removed from the list of ingredients that are strictly regulated.

The form of it that is given to dogs is guaranteed to be safe. It contains less than 0.3% of THC. If your dog accidentally overdoses from it, there will be no adverse reactions. To make sure, it is always best to visit your veterinarian for advice. While they are not allowed to formally encourage you to use it, they can guide you in how to properly use it.

How can you give hemp and hemp oil to your dog?

Hemp oils are very easy to give to your dogs. These come in vials that have their own dropper. With this, you can directly feed it to your dog orally. Another option is to mix it in their food, but this may lessen the dosage given to them.

The recommended dosage for your dog will depend on their size. A ratio that compares the weight of the dog to the right dose can be seen in the packaging. It is controlled by counting how many drops you give to your dog.

Hemp oils can also be given in dog treat form. This is a solid and chewable food which is mixed with healthy flavorings such as beef, chicken, and wild boar to make it enjoyable for them to eat. The dosage for this is counted by how many treats you will give in a day.

Between the two, the oil form works faster. This is because it travels the dog’s bloodstream upon consumption. On the other hand, dog treats may need to be digested first before dogs are able to consume its nutrients.

With regular consumption, the difference wouldn’t matter which is why in the end, simply choose the one you think your dog will easily eat. The key is to find a form that they will easily take.

What are the different types of CBD?

CBD is mainly gathered from the hemp plant which is also known as the cannabis sativa. Because of this, the different ones made from this have interchangeable terms that include CBD, CBD oil, hemp oil, hemp seed oil, and more. The mistake is often made in blogs and discussions. This is why it is important to properly read the packaging to know the exact ingredient that it contains.

When a product is said to be made from hemp, it may mean two things. First is the plain hemp oil that may also be called “full spectrum” or “broad spectrum”. This pertains to those that are made from the different parts of the cannabis sativa including its flowers, its leaves, and its stalks. Because of this, it contains all the ingredients that you can get from the plant. This includes CBD or cannabidiol, terpenes, and phenols.

Another variation is the hemp seed oil. As the name implies, it only gets its ingredients from the seed of the plants. It also contains most of the ingredients of the hemp oil.

An important difference is with its content of both CBD and THC. These are both endocannabinoids which have a lot of beneficial effects for dogs. CBD is the safe compound while THC is generally avoided. This is because the chemical has psychoactive properties that causes the sensation of being “high”. It can also be toxic for dogs at high levels. If you are looking for the best CBD oils in Canada for dogs, make sure you check out our list!

The good news is that both hemp oil and hemp seed oil is low in THC but has high levels of CBD. The only difference is that hemp seed oil has lower levels of both these chemicals, making it the safer choice.

Benefits of giving your dog hemp oil

As you can tell by our blog we are big proponents of using CBD oils and hemp oils for our dog. We have seen a huge value in so many different facets of her life that we can’t suggest any other supplement over it for our dogs health. From what we have seen in our real world usage it can help a lot with seizures that dogs might have. When we use CBD oil for our dogs seizure , we have seen a huge drop in occurrences and duration of seizures. And for us that is enough to keep using it. We have also seen here moving a lot better, which is great as she is getting a bit older. Another thing we noticed is that her coat is feeling a lot softer. This could be due to the MCT carrier oil aspect of it, but either way it is nice.

Benefits of Hemp oil for dogs


Hemp oil is very good for boosting your dog’s health. It has been seen to relieve them from pain that comes from arthritis, neurodegenerative disorders, cancer treatments, and more. Hemp oil has also been seen to improve their mood and can easily be given to your dog in oil and dog treat form. So if you are wondering about if it would help make your dogs life better we suggest you read more into what it can do for your dog. If you need more info, just check out more of our articles around the site. And, if you are worried about what you are giving your dog, make sure you check out our article talking about if a dog can overdose on cbd oil. It will put your mind at ease!

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