How to use CBD oil for dogs

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Introduction to CBD usage for dogs

CBD is not only limited for human use. Starting 2018, CBD has been one of the most popular products for pet use given the ease of giving it, its safety, and its benefits for them. Many studies and personal testimonies by owners support its effectiveness. This, along with its novelty makes it very popular for many.

If you are new to using CBD for pets, check out how it can be given to them.

What is cbd?

CBD is a naturally occurring compound that is extracted from the hemp plant. The following list is what some pet owners have seen CBD do for their dogs :

  •         Reducing the occurrence and intensity of seizures
  •         Relieving them from chronic pain
  •         Reducing the symptom of anxiety
  •         Improves the quality of their coat
  •         Boosts healing of wounds and sores
  •         Helpful for dogs undergoing cancer treatments

How to give CBD to dogs

There are multiple ways to give CBD for dogs and its effectiveness is similar with each other and only has minimal differences. In the end, it is a matter of comfort for you and your pet.

CBD oil oral drops for dogs

The most popular form is through CBD oil. This is given directly on the dog’s mouth with the use of a dropper. It can also be rubbed on their gum. If your dog trusts you, they will have no problem with this as long as you hold their mouth gently. Do not force them to open it if they are clearly stressed. Some also reward them after giving CBD to make the behavior appear more. We have done a full write up of the best cbd oils in Canada for dogs, so if you are looking for the list check out that article!

Mixing CBD with dog food

Next, you can also mix the CBD oil with their food. Simply put it on top of the food to make sure that it is the first part that they will eat. The only problem is that they may end up shuffling the food and cause the oil to be rubbed on the bowl. When this happens, their dose of CBD may be inadequate.

CBD dog treats

There are also dog treats which are made with flour, milk, CBD, and natural flavoring. These come in various sizes and textures, but all have a strong smell similar to beef, chicken, or seafood which are favorites of dogs. By simply opening its package, many dogs will immediately ask for these. The ease of giving it makes it popular for many users. 

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so do I get treats now?

The only downside to it is that it needs to be digested and broken down in their stomach first before CBD enters their bloodstream. This causes a delay of about an hour compared to the liquid CBD oil.

With regular use, the difference between these will not be noticeable which is why it all boils down to the method you are most comfortable with.

Possible side effects of CBD on dogs

Because CBD is new for your dog’s body, it is best to introduce it slowly. The smallest dose must be given on the first week such as a single drop for CBD oils and a single dog treat. During this, observe their behavior to see any changes. Most owners report that their dogs become sleepier during the first week which starts to fade upon continuous use.

Be sure to feed them only the recommended dose. A ratio of weight to dosage can be seen in the packaging of the product as dogs come in many sizes. If you give them too much, they may suffer from:

  • Thirstiness
  • Drooling
  • Stomach irritation
  • Sleepiness

This is because of a sudden dip in their blood pressure. This can be avoided by sticking with the instructions provided by the company.

Formulation of CBD for dogs

When picking a CBD product, check out the blend used by the company too. Through this, you know more about its potency for your dog.

Full spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD pertains to those which include all the compounds found in the hemp plant. This includes the hemp terpenes found in it which can boost the beneficial effects of CBD. This is because of its antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammation properties. It also enables the “entourage effect” which makes cannabimimetic products more effective.

On the other hand, CBD isolates only contain CBD. Because of this, users are more assured that their dogs will only receive this and nothing else.

Will CBD make my dog high?

CBD is not psychoactive which is why it doesn’t make dogs confused, dizzy, or “high”. This is because it contains an insignificant amount of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol (lower than 0.3). With all these benefits and low chances of side effects, CBD is very recommended for all dogs.

Final thoughts on CBD oil for dogs, the beginners guide

CBD for dogs can be given directly on their mouth, mixed on their food, or through dog treats. The three are all effective and the best one will depend upon which you and your dog are most comfortable with. Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions provided in the packaging to ensure that the dose is correct and that they will not suffer from any side effects. We also recommend purchasing a full or broad spectrum formulation to maximize the benefits for your dog.

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