How to naturally help dogs with anxiety?

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Introduction to natural treatment for dogs with anxiety

Just like with us humans, anxiety in dogs is inevitable. All breeds suffer from this, and even healthy dogs occasionally do. We should always monitor our dogs to see if their anxiety levels are affecting the quality of their life. After all, anxiety can be a form of a disorder if it leads to behavior issues.

Because observing anxiety in dogs can be tricky, we hope that by reading this, you will know more about the telltale signs of dog anxiety, what is causing it, and how you can relieve it by using natural treatments. Through this, you’ll have a good grasp on what can cause anxiety in dogs and ways to help reduce its impact on your lives.

Why do dogs get anxiety?

Dog anxiety can be brought on by multiple factors. As every dog has different experiences in life it is nearly impossible to apply a one size fits all reason as to why it impacts some dogs.

One of the most common ones is brought by the factors they meet every day. After all, they meet different forms of stimuli every day, from visual, auditory, and even olfactory. They can easily be stressed by things that may seem common to us humans. These can include loud music from our neighbors, moving cars, or the smell of paint. If they regularly come in contact with these, they may develop anxiety from it.

Next, dogs who are untrained to be separated from family members and other dogs may develop separation anxiety. This is the easiest to observe as they will immediately bark, cry, and whine once the caretaker leaves the room. While this may seem “cute” for owners during their puppy days, this may become a big problem. It can even lead to them forgetting their potty training and becoming destructive later on.

Last is anxiety brought by old age. This is usually a side effect of impairment in their cognitive function. Just like with humans, they gradually lose their ability for proper perception and memory. This leads to them being easily scared of things they are confused about.

As our dogs are part of the household, every person in the house can also experience discomfort if our canine companions are anxious. Because of this, us owners have to do our best in reducing its symptoms. Imagine if you felt as anxious as a dog could feel everyday? That wouldn’t be a good life and you would be looking at anything that could stop this feeling from occurring. T

What can help relieve dogs of anxiety?

When it comes to improving the condition of our dogs, we recommend going the natural route. Through this, you can have a balance of effectiveness, budget-friendliness, and a smaller chance for side effects.

When it comes to dog anxiety, one of the most recommended natural treatments is by using cannabimimetic blends. This mixes different herbs and plants which have similar effects to hemp to create a positive reaction with the dogs’ receptors in their body. Through this, they become calmer and more relaxed. This is why we often see people using CBD for dogs anxiety.


If you live in Canada, our most recommended brand to try out is Furbabies. The company is known for their blend which uses different cannabimimetic plants such as black pepper, cacao, rosemary, turmeric, liverwort, and many more. These positively stimulate the dog’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to help them in reducing their stress, protecting their nerves, and lessening inflammation.

We especially recommend them because of their great dedication towards providing information for customers. Aside from the instructions provided in their products, they also have FAQs and guides available on their website. They also answer directly to specific inquiries about dosing, ingredients, and more.

Furbabies Oral Drops

Their primary product for treating dog anxiety is their Pet Oral Drops. This is a mix of their cannabimimetic blend and MCT oil to enable it to be absorbed by the dog’s body quickly. The oil comes with its own dropper which you can use for measuring the dose and dropping the contents to your dog’s mouth. The drops can also be rubbed on their gums or put under their tongue for it to reach their bloodstream faster.

The oral drops come in either natural flavor or bacon flavor depending on your dog’s preference. It has five variations in terms of potency including: 100mg, 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1800mg. The potency you purchase will depend upon your dog’s size. Given that each bottle comes with 30mL, they can last for up to a month each.

Furbabies Dog Treats

They also offer dog treats which are infused with their cannabimimetic blend. This comes in three flavors including beef, chicken, and wild boar. Its dose is controlled by the number of treats you give in one day (1-2 for small breeds, 3-4 for medium breeds, 5-6 for large breeds).

We recommend dog treats for those who do not want to measure oral drops every day. This is because it is easy to give as just bringing it out the bag while near your dog can immediately call their attention because of its delicious aroma.

Conclusion to natural treatment for dogs with anxiety

While anxiety is natural in dogs, we should still do our best to ensure that it is minimized. After all, only comfortable and happy dogs can truly show their personality. And to be clear, all dogs will be anxious. But there is a big difference between being anxious when something new is happening. Versus being anxious all the time, which is not a good life for anyone.

Aside from minimizing their exposure to things that may cause anxiety, we also recommend you try giving cannabimimetic blends for them. After all, it is both all-natural and effective for them.

Our most recommended brand is Furbabies. For treating dog anxiety, they offer both oral drops and dog treats. Between the two, the one you should purchase depends on which is more convenient for you as both are equally effective for treating dog anxiety. If you’ve finally decided on purchasing this, be sure to follow the instructions for its dosage to ensure that your dog will get its benefits properly! And if you don’t know which products to get take a look at our best rated cbd products for dogs list!

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