How to get a dog to take cbd or medicated products

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We have all been there at one point or another, and that is where you have to give some type of medicine to your furry buddy. However, they have different plans and refuse to take it. It always seems to happen exactly when they need it the most, so can be a bit frustrating when it does occur. Don’t worry as we have a couple of tips that might help!

Introduction on how to get your dog to take pills, oils, and other medicine

CBD( in all forms) is getting more mainstream, and thus more people are trying to get their dogs to take it. It comes in various forms such as pills, oils, and treats. While it is highly effective once it is in their system, it is sometimes hard to get it into them. 

In case you plan to use CBD for your dog, you may want to know more about what it is made of, what it can do for your dog, and how it is given to them.

What is CBD , and what can it do for dogs?

CBD is a naturally occurring ingredient that is found inside the parts of the cannabis hemp plant. This can stimulate the ECS or endocannabinoid system which is part of most animals and humans’ bodies. This can then give them an overall health boost as the latter promotes homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis simply means the condition where our body chemical levels and the functions of the organs are at normal levels.

CBD has been seen to be good for relieving symptoms of different disorders for dogs. First, it can help relieve them from any constant pain brought by arthritis, swollen joints and muscles, and exhaustion. Next, it can also calm them down which makes it good for dogs with anxiety. Lastly, it has also been seen to reduce the occurrences of epilepsy for dogs with this condition.

CBD has been highly praised by many owners because of how easy it is to give to dogs and its effectiveness. 

How to give CBD for dogs


One of the aspects of CBD that you must notice is the formulation of the specific oil that you will buy. 

One of its most popular formulations is the broad spectrum CBD. This includes all compounds from the hemp plant aside fromCBD. This is to boost the “Entourage effect” which says that its medicinal effects are best seen if all its contents are included. This means that the terpenes and other beneficial compounds in the plant are ingested by the dog. 

One of the concerns about this is the inclusion of the ingredients called THC which is inside the plant. This stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. This has psychoactive effects that can cause negative side effects for pets. The good news is that the formulations for dogs contain less than 0.3% of this which means that they will not react to its effects at all.


The most popular form of CBD is the CBD oil. This is simply the CBD compound mixed with a carrier oil such as coconut oil, hemp seed oil, or kernel oil. This is given to dogs with the use of a dropper that is already included upon purchase. You will simply have to drop it directly into their mouth. In case this is hard, you can simply mix it with their food. I have found that coating some of their favorite treats with oil will make it much easier the first couple of times. With my little one I still coat their treats, but have cut their treats in half. As too many treats will lead to other issues that aren’t fun to deal with either. We have done one review for what we think is the best dog CBD oil in Canada, so check that out if you are interested!

Another popular form is the CBD dog treat ( which is similar to the method above but the product actually has CBD in it). The CBD oil is mixed with a chewable treat that also has a natural flavor such as bacon or beef to make dogs eat it easily. This is easier to give for dogs. Its difference from the CBD oil is in terms of speed of taking effect. Because CBD oil is liquid, it travels the bloodstream faster. On the other hand, dog treats need to be processed in their stomach first. 

The best way that we find to get our little one to take the oils and treats is actually to use it in combination. We prefer the dry dog treats for the medicated properties that come with the physical form. This is mostly that the medicinal benefits stay in her system longer. So we will crush the dry treats, then coat her favorite normal treats with oil and sprinkle the dust over it. This gives us the best of both worlds, as the oil will get into her system right away and help. While the crushed cbm/cbd treats will stay in her for a bit longer. All the while she thinks that she is just being a super good girl and getting extra treats 🙂


The last thing you should take note of is the exact dosage you will give. For this, instructions are written in the packaging of the product. This will teach you about how many drops or treats to give to your dog depending on their weight. Follow this closely to make sure that your dog will receive only the appropriate dosage. We always suggest to start slow, as you never know what their reaction will be. If there are any issues encountered, it is much better to be at a small dose versus a maximum sized dose.


CBD is beneficial for dogs and is recommended to be tried by everyone because it is safe and easy to give to them. Before giving it, be sure to know about the different formulations and forms available. After purchasing, be sure to thoroughly read the dosage instructions to make sure that your dog will receive only the recommended amount of it. 

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