How to find the right Cbd for your dogs in Canada

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Introduction to finding you the best CBD products in Canada

Nowadays, the majority of people on earth have access to the internet. And with each passing year, it’s getting easier and easier to fulfill your needs through the internet. From something basic like foods, to the newest products that just hit the market, like CBD was a couple of years ago.

More and more companies focus on reaching their customers through online means and also sell and market their products through the internet. That’s why you’ll certainly notice the increase of online brands these past couple of years.

But for something like CBD, a pure online transaction also has its own set of problems. Fortunately, most of those problems could be solved if you buy it locally. So if you live in Canada, you should buy CBD from a Canadian brand as well. While you might see ads from other places on your Instagram or things like that, we have found that sometimes there can be issues from ordering outside of Canada, read on to find out why.

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs?

But before we get to where to buy your CBD, let’s talk about the reasons why you should give CBD to your dogs in the first place. Because more often than not, CBD is marketed as something that could help calming your dogs down, but it could actually do way more than that.

More than just the calming effect, what CBD actually does is work as an anti-anxiety solution for your dogs. Not only that, CBD also has other benefits on your nervous system. One of the most important ones is in the treatment of epilepsy and seizures in dogs CBD has really helped us out. You will, or can if you haven’t read our articles about how it has helped us, see that CBD usage for our pug has helped so much with her seizures. It reduced the length of the seizures as well as how often the occur.

Pug dog teaching benefits of CBD on dogs
Learn all about CBD from the professor

CBD also works great as a painkiller for not only injuries to their body like a sprain or pulled muscle, but they also work for many kinds of pain from chronic illnesses. And due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD also works wonders for arthritis and other joints, muscle, and skin-related ailments. So it is somewhat unique as it can act as both a kind of spot specific treatment, as well as an overall alleviation of pains on the body.

Why should you buy CBD from within Canada, if you are Canadian.

When it comes to CBD, the quality of the hemp itself contributes a lot to the quality of the end products. If the hemp is good, you can get an equally good product even with a subpar extraction method. But if the hemp is bad, then no matter how advanced the method is, the end result would be bad. In Canada we have a pretty long history of hemp and CBD related plants, so the source can be very high quality.

As a consumer, you might think that you have no control over the quality of the CBD that you buy. But that is not the case at all. The easiest way to ensure a higher quality CBD is by buying from a local manufacturer. So if you live in Canada, you should buy CBD made by a Canadian company as well. This doesn’t mean everything made in Canada is the best. however it does mean that there is a better chance of having a good experience with a Canadian made product . This is when compared to one that you randomly found overseas. Sometimes we have seen claims of crazy high CBD levels, like 10,000 mgs in a bottle that just can’t have that much.

Another advantage of using a locally-made CBD is having to do with border problems. While we won’t go directly into the issues you can encounter when bringing something , or getting it shipped across a border, we can tell you that if you purchase from within Canada you can lessen the headaches that might arise from other countries.

Even big countries like the US have somewhat vague regulations regarding CBD products. And that is the kind of thing that would prevent you from getting CBD that you bought, or at least prolonged the shipping time. So to avoid all of that unnecessary hassle, you should get your CBD from the local Canadian manufacturers in the first place.

Best CBD products for your dogs

Now that you have settled on buying a locally produced CBD, there are two other things that you need to take into consideration before you buy anything for your dog. The first one is the type of the CBD itself, and the second thing is the form of the CBD. We quickly break these down here, but if you want more info make sure you check out our other articles about these topics.

What the different versions of CBD mean for your dog?

For the first one aspect of CBD we have to talk about the three main forms that the mixtures come in. These are Full Spectrum CBD, Broad Spectrum CBD, and Isolate CBD. The first one is the strongest one but there’s a risk to it ( more risk than others, but very slim anyways), while the third one is the safest one, but also the weakest of the bunch. So for everyday use, you should get the balanced broad spectrum CBD for your dogs. We have a full article that compares the differences between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and CBD isolate for dogs.

What forms do CBD come in for dogs?

As for the second one, there are numerous options that you can choose. From the usual CBD oil, to CBD foods and treats, and there’s also CBD cream and salves, among other things. Each has its own appropriate usage. But once again, for a general use, CBD oil or CBD treats should be sufficient for your dogs.

Best CBD companies from Canada

Canada has numerous reputable CBD manufacturers. Whether you want the recommended broad spectrum CBD oil, or any other kind of CBD products, you could get them locally. The following are some of the best CBD companies for dogs in Canada:

  1. Furbabies. Furbabies is a rising brand not only for the Canadian market, but also globally. They are well-known not only because of their high quality products, but also due to the wide selection of products that they offer. As a bonus, they also have one of the best services in the industry and have given us the best results we have seen in our tests. Their line has the best natural cannabimimetic oil we have ever tried, hands down.
  2. CBDPet. If Furbabies offer the perfect balance between high quality products and affordability, then CBDPet is all about premium products. They offer some of the best CBD that was made using state of the art equipment with experts performing the quality control. And of course, it has a premium price as well. So although it does a pretty good job, at the end of the day it ends up costing a lot more. So for value , it just can’t compare to Furbabies.
  3. Hemp4Paws. Similar to the previous brands, Hemp4Paws also offer high quality CBD products. But what made them different from the rest is their affordability. Their product selections may be smaller than the rest, but Hemp4Paws’s products certainly has one of the best value for money. However, we found that our dogs response to their product was not as good. So again, the overall value does drop a bit as we needed more to get a result close to Furbabies.

Ultimately, the best CBD or CBM product is the one that works best for your dog. As all dogs react differently to different blends. This being said there is no way to say that everyone will have the same experience with it as we do. But what we can tell you is that based on the feedback that others have provided. Our listing lines up very well to what others have experienced; and we are confident that you should see the same benefits.


The overall quality of a CBD depends highly on where it was grown and processed. That’s why if you live in Canada, getting a local brand would always be better than CBD from abroad. Not only for the quality, but also to avoid anything related to border problems as well. Besides, you won’t go wrong with any of the aforementioned Canadian CBD brands. So

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