How to find the best CBD oil for your dog

the best cbd oil for dogs
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Introduction to finding the best cbd oil for your dog

CBD oil has become one of the most well-known supplements for your pets. That being said, it still hasn’t reached the mainstream market yet. That’s why it is perfectly understandable if most people still have no idea what it is and what it can do. 

But the interest is certainly there. After all, more and more media outlets have started to talk about the benefits of CBD. Sure, such information might be hard to come by in mainstream media. But if you jump to the internet, then you’ll easily find so much useful information about CBD oils. 

But one thing that you need to remember is not every CBD oil has the same quality. This fact can easily be lost amidst articles that talk about the general information on CBDs. Two brands of CBD that used the same ingredients may end up with two entirely different products. 

Nobody likes to waste money, and CBD oil can be expensive. We have run through a gauntlet just trying to find some that worked for our pug. This, at its core, is why we started this site. We have done a lot of the testing so you don’t have to. Here you’ll find all the things that you need to look for in a high-quality CBD oil. 

What can cbd oil do for dogs?

But before we talk about choosing CBD oil for your dogs, let’s talk about the benefits first. Here are some of the things that CBD oil can do for your dogs: 

  • Reducing anxiety. The most noticeable effect of CBD oil that you can see in your dogs is its ability to reduce anxiety. Maybe your dogs suffer from separation anxiety or maybe they are just afraid of thunderstorms. Whatever the case may be, CBD oil can help lessen their anxiety. 
  • Treating seizures and epilepsy. One of the more serious illnesses that CBD oil can treat is epilepsy, and also seizures in general. Using CBD oil regularly can make seizures appear less frequently. Not only that, it could also lessen the overall intensity. 
  • As a painkiller. This particular benefit is especially useful for dogs who suffer from chronic illness. Dogs that can’t even move due to their aching body. Giving CBD to them could significantly reduce that pain. While it may not be able to cure them, it could at least make them feel comfortable.
  • For arthritis. Arthritis in dogs is getting more and more common nowadays. Leave it alone and it will seriously hinder your dog’s daily life. Fortunately, CBD is an inherently anti-inflammatory compound. That means it could easily treat arthritis and other kinds of joints and muscle issues.

What to look for in a CBD product? 

Now that you know some of the things that CBD oil can do for your dogs, let us move on to all the important things that you should look for in a high quality CBD oil. These are the things that could help you determine whether you should give any particular CBD oil brand to your dogs or not.

  • Brand history. Just like with any other products in the market, brand history influences the quality of the products. A brand with a reputable history will make sure to keep the quality of their products as high as possible. And they will also give the best support for their customers. 
  • Clarity of ingredients. Ingredients are one of the most important things to CBD products. This is the one that would determine how well it would work on your dogs. But as mentioned before, how it was blended will also affect the overall quality of the CBD oil. So make sure to pay close attention to this particular point.
  • External references. You should also look for external references to any CBD brands that you are interested in. Good products will certainly get mentioned in other places around the net. And if they are often mentioned in reputable sites or media, then you’d know that their products are truly good.
  • Other people’s reviews. But external references alone are not enough. You need to know the opinions of the people who actually use the products. That’s why you should look for every place that sells those products and read the customer reviews. It is a great indicator to the overall quality of a product. 
  • The quality of their website. Nowadays, brands would often sell their products directly through their website. Therefore, you can judge the quality of the brands itself through their website. Is it nice to use? Can you easily find the information that you need? How’s the shopping experience? These are important variables to get right if they want to build trust with the customers. 

Why are Furbabies’ products good for your dogs?

Now that you know what to look for in high-quality products, it’s time for some recommendations. There are lots of brands out there that would offer their hemp-based CBD products for you. And thanks to the internet, you can easily buy one from anywhere around the world. 

But keep in mind that locally made products are always better due to the freshness of the hemp. That’s why if you live in Canada, then there’s one particular brand that you should try. It is called Furbabies.

Furbabies have been in the industry for years, in one way or another, and have sent their products to thousands of customers. You can visit their website and read the testimonies of their countless customers. They have nothing but praise for Furbabies’ products and its positive effect on their pet’s health.

You can find a wide selection of products in Furbabies’ website. From hemp oil, hemp treats, hemp salves, and many more. All of them can be used not only for dogs, but for cats and horses as well. Each comes in a special package to make it easier for you to give the right dosage for your pets. 

Every product offered by Furbabies are made using healthy and beneficial compounds. Such as hemp oil, hemp terpenes, MCT oil, and even cannabimimetic as well. And everything was made using their own proprietary blend to make the highest quality products possible. 

And as mentioned before, this unique blend is the key difference between a mediocre product and a high-quality one. Many have tried to mimic the ingredients used by Furbabies, but none of them can achieve the same quality products as the originals. Which is why customers keep coming back to Furbabies. 

Conclusion to the things that you should look for in CBD oils

If you are interested in CBD oils, just take a look at our site. We have written a lot, based on our first hand knowledge. We aren’t here trying to sell you anything, rather to help you learn from our mistakes. There is nothing worse than having a 3/4 full bottle of CBD oil for your dog and not getting any use out of it. The information in this article will guide you to the right CBD for your dogs, and if you have more questions just send us an email or on social media! And if you are in Canada, just take a look at our list of the top cbd oils for dogs in Canada , as we rank the best of the best.

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