How to find the best All-natural dog treats

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Introduction to all natural dog treats

When it comes to giving health supplements for our canine friends, convenience should also be a factor. After all, these are advised to be given every day, and it will be much easier if both you and the dog have an easy time with it. This also applies to the recently trending dog supplement which is hemp. This is why hemp treats are popular nowadays. So how can you find the best treats for your dog, that can also include hemp? Let us help to keep you and your dog happy with functional treats.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil is filled with a lot of nutritional content that makes it good for a dog’s health. Usually, it is mixed with carrier oil. This can be pumpkin seed, hemp seed, coconut, or MCT, depending on the manufacturer’s preference. This is the most abundant in the market because oil has a longer shelf life, is easily digested in the dog’s stomach, and is also the most used form for humans.

However, you should take note that hemp in oil form also has its disadvantages. First, you will need to measure the dose every day, keeping track of the exact mL you will give to your dog. This also brings a risk of spillage. Some dogs, especially anxious ones, may also not be fond of having the oil released on their mouth. You can become used to this process in a long time, but we recommend trying other methods to make the process more convenient.

Hemp Dog Treats

As an alternative, you can instead use dog treats. As we all know, treats are an easy way to get our dog’s attention and affection. Simply bring this out from the package and they will already be salivating and wagging their tail. This is especially if the treat comes in their preferred aroma and flavor.

Some hemp product manufacturers take advantage of this fact by mixing the oil with the treats. Through this, the dog will not be able to taste the grassy flavor of hemp as it will be mixed with the flavor of the treat. Users will also not have difficulty giving treats as the dog will easily eat it.

All-natural dog treats

Now that you are familiar with dog treats, some may be wondering whether it will be healthy for their dog. After all, some companies offer low prices for this in exchange for low quality of ingredients that can be seen by the addition of preservatives, high levels of sodium and sugar, and unhealthy artificial flavorings.

In response to this, hemp dog treats are ensured to be all-natural and healthy for dogs. Since the compound itself is already natural, many companies also use ingredients that are ensured to synergize with it well. This can be seen with using healthy ingredients like flour, egg, milk, and other parts of the hemp plant to create the treat. Through this, the treat becomes more chewable and consistent in quality to make it more delicious for dogs.

Furbabies Dog Treats

So now that we have covered what are natural dog treats, and what are hemp dog treats you probably want to find the best ones right? We have tried out a lot of different options and those have resulted in finding the best all natural, and hemp , dog treats. This goes to Furbabies for a couple of reasons which we will cover here:

Their treats are made from different high-quality ingredients such as oats, applesauce, chana flour, and cinnamon to make them delicious and aromatic. The treats are free from corn and grain to make it healthy to be consumed every day.

The nutritious content of the treat comes from their unique proprietary cannabimimetic blend. This is made from various plants such as rosemary, black pepper, and echinacea, all of which contains terpenes that provide benefits for your dog. This is also mixed with Vitamin E, hemp hearts, hemp proteins, and hemp oil. These are ensured to be human grade in quality.

So really it comes down to the following reasons why they are the best:

  • They have multiple flavors, in case you have a picky dog
  • Their treats are all natural with no preservatives
  • The effects of their dog treats are the best we have tested
  • The value is very good, even if they were double the price it would be a good value!

As we can see from this, Furbabies dog treats are not just regular ones you find in pet stores. This is made from all-natural ingredients which can improve your dog’s health. They are based in Vancouver, BC Canada and are known for their wide range of products that are centered around improving pet health. They use all-natural and organic ingredients for this to ensure the best effects to your canine companion’s health.

Available variations of Furbabies all natural dog treats

The treats come in three flavors: wild boar, chicken, and beef. These can be bought in 200g bags which can last up to a month when given daily.

The number of treats to be given depends upon the size of the dog. Users can base it on this:

  • Smallest breeds get 1 to 2 biscuits daily
  • Medium breeds get 3 to 4 biscuits daily
  • Largest breeds get 5 to 6 biscuits daily
bag of medicated treats
Furbabies and Co beef flavored treats

It is important to follow this difference in dose as the treats’ benefits may not be felt by the larger dogs when given in small doses. On the other hand, the smaller breeds may experience side effects if you give them too much of it.

One last benefit of Furbabies dog treats, while it might not directly relate to dogs, is the fact their package is clear. At first I didn’t realize how many companies put their products in bags you can’t see into. What does this mean for you? It means that if you are buying in person you can actually see the treats. There is nothing worse than opening a bag of treats to find half of them broken and crumbs everywhere.

Benefits to using CBD dog treats

The contents of the treats are made to boost the endocannabinoid system of the dog. Through this, the homeostatic processes in their body will be improved. This directly improves the condition of their kidney, brain, muscles, metabolism, and more.

Specifically, one of the best benefits is relief from pain and discomfort. This is regardless of whatever causes this, including arthritis, pain from recent surgeries, discomfort from chemotherapy treatments, and more. Because of this, the treats are advised to be given for elderly dogs who are not as active as they used to be because of aches in their body. Younger dogs may also be given this,

The treats can also improve the mental health and wellbeing of the dog. It can relieve them of the symptoms of anxiety, which in turn makes them friendlier and calmer.

Final thoughts on all natural dog treats

When it comes to boosting your dog’s health, we recommend using hemp-infused dog treats to make it more convenient for both you and your pet. These treats are both healthy and loved by many dogs. For this, we recommend Furbabies’ dog treats the most because of their unique blend and high-quality ingredients that are sure to improve your dog’s health when given regularly.

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