How to deal and fix hotspots/ fur irritation on your dog.

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Introduction to irritated skin on dogs

No matter what type of dog you have you most likely have encountered some type of scratching or licking. Sometimes there is no visible reason, but there is almost always a cause. Some dogs have allergies to certain plants. While some pups have it to environmental things like perfumes or cleaning products. While others just get irritated skin. Being a pug owner I have fallen into all three groups, lucky as I am, and have had to figure out what can be done to reduce the irritation.

First things first, figuring out the irritation.

Dog skin irritation can be…. irritating to say the least. Sometimes it will just come out of nowhere, or that is how it feels. One day everything is ok, they might be licking themselves a bit and the next a huge red spot appears. Or they’ve licked all the fur off and you are very confused as to what is going on.

Stress caused dog skin irritation

If this is the first time that you have really seen the licking there are two aspects that are very important. The first is that licking can be a sign of stress. If they are constantly licking themselves there might be something more at play. This is why a good check with the vet is sometimes the best course of action. Stress can be caused by a lot of things so it is best to catch it as early as possible.

External environmental factors for skin irritation

The second is that, once you rule out stress, there is something else that is causing the irritation. As mentioned in the intro, it is generally something in their environment. It is really hard to pick out the things that it could be. If there is a small irritation coming and going then the best thing might be to keep a journal. It will allow you to easily check what activities or things you did on the days that the irritation occurred. I know it might sound daunting but if you get into a schedule or jotting things down right after you do them it doesn’t take much time. Doing this I found out that when walking one certain path my little one would get skin irritation!

Food and treat allergies for dogs causing skin irritation

Now, if you have kept a journal and can’t find any commo factors then you are ready to move onto the second level of this insanity! That is trying to figure out what isn’t covered in the journals that could be causing it. Generally if it just started out of the blue there is a change that has occurred. Although this might sound silly, it is worthwhile checking out the food or treats you are giving your little one. Event though we assume everything is the same, sometimes there are variations in batches of food and treats. Although we can’t tell the variations it is worthwhile trying out different treats to see if they are the cause.

Switching out foods is a lot longer of a attempt to fix though. This is because you shouldn’t just swap out the food right away. Gradually changing it is always the suggestion, however if there is food that is causing the irritation. You would have to wait until you have totally swapped over to the new one to see updates. This can take a while so is generally the last suggestion to take on.

Nothing worked for your dogs skin irritation now what?

If you have spent all the time you can and haven’t seen any improvements don’t worry. As much as we want to get to the bottom of things, if you have ruled out the three issues above as not being the cause of the allergies then it is time to move on. Sometimes there are things in life that can’t be fixed but only dealt with.

What do we suggest for skin irritation and hot spots for dogs?

You will see a trend here, and that is that we just love FurBabies products. They really focus on issues that every do user can encounter, and try to fix them. This is why we love their Ruff Skin Medicated Healing salve . The product is so easy to use, and provides pretty much instant relief of the scratching and irritation.

The thing that we like about it the most is that it is a 100% all natural AND organic salve. When we are trying to figure out what is wrong, it is best to avoid adding chemicals and other things that could mess up the recording/healing. Our vet loved it when we advised that we were trying it out, as there was nothing in it that would interact with our medicines.

They put all their ingredients right on their site, which are as follow:

Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil, Chamomile Oil, Calendula Oil, Beeswax, Hemp Terpenes, Hypericum (St. John’s Wort), Vitamin E, Rosemary Essential Oil, Rosemary Extract.

You will notice that their cream is rich in Oils as well as other natural healing ingredients. With the coconut oil in there your dogs skin will get nice moisturizing affects. With the calendula added it will reduce the swelling as well as increase the healing rate.


We want our dogs to be as happy and healthy as possible. Hot spots and other skin issues are not things to be taken lightly, so if they suddenly appear the best thing to do is to go to your vet. They went to school for a reason, and that is to help animals. However, there are times where there are no causes that can be found.

If this is the situation you are encountering try going over our guide above to rule out things in everyday life that could be causing the issues. If nothing can be found then it is a good bet to try out the healing salve. We have done a full review of Furbabies Ruff Skin medicated salve , so if you have any other questions just send us an email and/or read that article.

It might feel like a daunting task, the reality is that any small thing in the world could be the trigger to these issues. Skin will fix itself quickly if the issue is found, and if not the salve can really reduce the irritation your little one might be feeling.

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