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Introduction to CBD dog treats

CBD has quickly become popular in the market and has blossomed in terms of sales lately. The term may already be familiar with you because you have heard it from a friend or read about it in a health blog. It is recommended by a lot of people as it can greatly help in relieving certain health conditions. Aside from humans, it can also be given to your dogs. One of the most popular versions for dogs is through CBD dog treats.

What are CBD Dog Treats?

These are basically chewable treats that are mixed with natural flavors of wild boar, beef, and chicken to make it easier for dogs to eat. These are given to them to boost their health. It has a lot of benefits which includes pain relief, lessening their anxiety, and improving their mood. In case you are planning to buy one, you must remember some important things that can help you choose the best one.

Amount of THC is important to check for dog treats

When CBD is discussed, a component that is usually brought up along with it is THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This is because these come from the cannabis plant.

An important distinction between the two is that CBD is entirely safe and has no side effects. On the other hand, THC can be dangerous for dogs when given in high dosages. It also has psychoactive properties that can give them the feeling of being “high”.

When looking for CBD dog treats, look for one that has very minimal (lower than 0.3) or absolutely no traces of THC. This can usually be ensured by purchasing dog treats that come from the hemp plant. These are low in THC.

Having a variety of ingredients

The best dog treats come with a lot more nutritious content other than CBD. For example, there are treats that can boost its relaxing effects, improve the skin condition of your dog, and improve their immune system. Examples of ingredients that you should look for include rosemary and black pepper. 

These should all be organic and safe for dogs. This should also come from renewable sources that are insecticide-free and are guaranteed to be laboratory tested. This ensures that your dog’s health will not be put at risk. For this, thoroughly read its different ingredients in its packaging 


As stated above, dog treats stand out among other forms of CBD because it is easier for dogs to eat. This is mainly because it is infused with flavors. Because of this, you must look for flavors that they are already familiar with and are fond of. There are a lot of flavors available including peanut butter, duck, bacon, and more. From the smell alone, your dog should already be excited when you put it near them. One of our favorite products is a bacon flavored dog oil, which our little one just loves. We originally started with APawtheCary pets bacon flavored oil. But now that they are gone we have found an even better provider 🙂

Giving the right dosage

When giving the dog treats, be sure to control the dosage properly. This is measured by the number of treats that you will give. For example, one to two per day for smaller breeds is enough. The largest dogs, however, can handle up to five or six. A ratio of the number of treats and their weight can be seen in the packaging. 

If you accidentally give them too much of it, you shouldn’t worry too much as CBD is very safe for dogs. However, some issues may rise from having too much of the treat’s other components which is why you still should follow the dosage advice. In case your dog is allergic to it, you must stop using it. 


CBD dog treats are very popular among dog owners because it is very easy to give them and is also very beneficial for them. It can improve their sleep patterns, appetite, and lessen the anxiety and chronic pain that they may be suffering from. Before buying one, make sure that it has a very low amount of THC, has a flavor that your dog prefers, and comes with all-natural ingredients.

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