How hard is it to give your dog CBD oils?

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With all the rave reviews and recommendations for CBD, many are looking forward to using it for their dog. After all, it is safe to take every day and does wonders for their health, such as by reducing their anxiety, relieving them of any chronic pain they are experiencing, and lessening the intensity of seizures.

However, a common concern among many is about the difficulty of giving it to their pets. After all, the ones who need it most are usually anxious or too tired to properly follow your instructions. They may also be naturally picky eaters who are not fond of anything that doesn’t taste or smell like meat. Because CBD is plant-based, some may think that it is hard to give to them. If you are having issues with getting your little ( or big ) dog to take the oil check out our guide on how to combine dog cbd cookies and oil for easier ingestion.

Flavored CBD Oil

The good news is that CBD for pets come in many flavors! Most of these are based on naturally aromatic and delicious ones that many dogs like such as fish, bacon, pork, and beef. The best companies use all-natural flavorings that are safe to consume every day. These are free from any toxic or unhealthy chemicals that may affect the dog’s health. We can’t say enough good things about this amazing Bacon Flavored Dog oil from Furbabies.

Many customers praise this quality of CBD which makes it anticipated by dogs. Once they get a whiff of the aroma from the oil, they will immediately look forward to receiving CBD.

This should be a priority when choosing a CBD oil to give your dog. After all, it naturally has a grassy smell that may be stronger for more potent blends. Dogs have sensitive taste sensors, and so, they can easily detect medicine from food. With the right flavor, they are less likely to completely avoid the CBD oil.

How to choose the best CBD oil for your dog

Aside from picking the best flavor for your dog, you should also consider the following to make it easier to give it to them:

  1. Alternative methods – CBD oil is given by dropping the oil under the tongue to make it reach their sublingual glands faster. Many also drop it on their mouth for it to be processed in their digestive system. If they are not fond of having a dropper enter the mouth, we recommend mixing it with their food instead. There are also companies which mix the oil with dog treats to give it a chewy texture that many dogs like.
  2. High quality of ingredients – Dogs can easily tell if the oil is made from good quality or not. Aside from this, the quality of ingredients can also affect the effectiveness of the product. Because of this, prioritize brands that are lab-certified by third parties. Through this, you are ensured that they use non-GMO hemp, have good manufacturing processes, and do not add any toxic chemicals into the product.
  3. Type of blend – There are three major CBD blends currently including full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and CBD isolate , with its potency listed respectively. So although there are MG levels per ml or gram of products, they won’t all behave the same way. With more potency comes more effectivity in treating symptoms, but also a stronger grassy taste and smell. Because of this, many are recommended to use the latter two as dogs may be more comfortable with it. The other thing to

Adjusting the dose of CBD

Another difficulty that you may encounter is with adjusting the dose to perfectly be for your dog.

For this, simply refer to the instructions written in the packaging. Because CBD companies use unique ingredients for their blends, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all rule for this. Usually, the dose depends upon the weight of the dog. Through this, you can adjust the dose for whatever the breed and size of your dog.


CBD is easy to give to dogs as long as you pick a flavor they like best, it comes with high-quality ingredients, and only has a mild grassy flavor. In case giving oil is too hard for you, you may also want to try mixing it with their food or purchasing treats that are infused with CBD. Through this, you can give CBD to the dog every day without difficulty.

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