How does CBD work in your dog?

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Introduction to using CBD for your dog

Lots of people seem to turn to CBD whenever their dogs are experiencing all sorts of health problems. The reason is simply because CBD is actually quite effective when it comes to treating various kinds of ailments. CBD can even help with something as trivial as calming your dogs down.

But just because CBD has earned heaps of praises from countless people, it doesn’t mean you can recklessly give it to your dogs. A proper knowledge about CBD is necessary so that you won’t make any mistakes when you finally decide to give it to your dogs.

You can certainly visit your trusted vets regarding this matter, but if that’s not possible for now, you can simply look into CBD by yourself. And that is precisely the purpose of this article. Here you’ll find information about what CBD is, how it works on dogs, and many more.

What is CBD?

Scientists have realized that the plant called cannabis can actually bring various health benefits to its users for a long time. But the challenge is in extracting only the good compound while leaving the bad things behind.

CBD Faq’s

The good compound that could provide lots of health benefits both to humans and animals is called Cannabidiol, or better known as CBD. This is the compound that could bring about that rapid feeling of calmness and makes you feel relaxed whenever you consume cannabis.

The bad compound ( for dogs and some other animals) is called Tetrahydrocannabinol, also known as THC. This is the one that would give you that sense of being high and prevent you from thinking clearly when you consume cannabis. The down side is that dogs don’t get the same happy/giddy high that humans get. THC can actually be deadly for dogs, so it is good to give them CBD products specifically made for animals.

Further research found that in a small amount, specifically less than 0.3%, THC can actually strengthen the beneficial effect of CBD. But this isn’t something that you should push to try to get better results out of. This is why it is important to know exactly what you give your dog just in case something does arise. If you need more information about this subject, please read our article regarding the possibility of your dog overdosing on cbd, and if it is possible or not.

How does CBD work on dogs?

CBD works in a relatively the same way when consumed either by human or animal. Because both humans and animals have a lot of similarities when it comes to physiology. CBD works by directly connecting itself to the endocannabinoid system inside the brain and numerous other parts of our body.

Through the countless endocannabinoid receptors in our body, CBD gains the ability to influence various functions of both the brain and body. Of course, the influence is only temporary. How long the effect will last depends on multiple variables, such as the dosage and the body tolerance for the compound. Here is a picture to give you an idea where many of the receptors are in a dogs body:

location of cb1 and cb2 receptors in dogs
the places where cbd can bind with dogs to help them

In this regard, THC also works by using the same method. More often than not, both CBD and THC will work on both the brain and body at the same time. But do keep in mind that a dog’s tolerance to THC is way lower than a human. Any THC above the standard 0.3% will be toxic to their body.

What can CBD do for dogs?

As mentioned before, CBD can exert its influence on various parts of your body, but the effect will be stronger in the nervous system. This makes CBD work great when it comes to treating mental illnesses such as anxiety and panic attack. A proper dosage of CBD would immediately calm your dogs down.

Another part of the brain that would be affected by CBD is pain management. Because of this, CBD could also work as a potent pain killer. The higher the dosage, the more pain it could subdue. If you prefer a lower dosage, then using a full spectrum CBD for your dog, which is stronger than the regular CBD, could also be a good option.

For other general illnesses, CBD has also been proven to be an effective solution to epilepsy. The FDA has even approved the use of CBD as one of the treatments for epilepsy on both humans and animals. But not only limited to epilepsy, CBD can be used to treat other kinds of seizures as well.

Moving on from the brain, the next part of your dog’s body that could reap a benefit of CBD is the muscle and joint area. CBD has great anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to this, CBD can help with any muscle, joint, and even skin problems, such as arthritis, strained, rashes, etc.

What are the best types of CBD for dogs?

There are numerous products that are based on CBD that you can easily purchase in the market right now. And all of them can be given safely to your dogs. But for the most effective application, you should choose based on what you need to use it for.

If you need it to help your dog with anxiety or to relieve his physical pain, then a fast delivery CBDs like CBD oil is a great option. To enhance the effect even further, you could also choose a full spectrum CBD oil to make sure the effect would be stronger and last even longer.

But if you simply want to calm your dogs or maybe you need to use the CBD regularly to treat the epilepsy, then something like CBD foods or CBD treats would work great for it. And if you want to lessen the risk of THC poisoning, you could also use the isolate CBD instead of the regular ones.


CBD can offer numerous health benefits to your dogs. From helping with anxiety to the treatment of epilepsy, there’s a lot of good things that your dogs can get from getting a regular dose of CBD. Now that you know more about CBD, you should be able to make a decision about whether your dogs need it or not. If you want to know more about the risks and benefits of using CBD on your dog, check out our full article that goes into detail about that question.

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