How does CBD reduce dog seizures ? 

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Introduction to how CBD reduces dog seizures

Dogs are naturally playful, energetic, and friendly creatures. However, some of them may occasionally experience seizures which are characterized by twitching, convulsions, and loss of body control. When this happens, they will be unconscious and unaware which makes it a scary and shocking experience for many. While seizures are not lethal, us owners will naturally want to lessen its occurrence as it can be exhausting for our canine companions. This is not to say that seizures cannot kill your dog, as that can happen. However, there is usually warning signs before it gets to that stage.

One of the best ways to do this is by regularly giving them CBD. If your dog is suffering from seizures and you want an all-natural way of treating this, read more about how CBD can help. We cover the bases including how to lessen seizures, how to properly dose it, and more.

Seizures in dogs

Seizures are a result of abnormal brain activity. Some dogs are born with it while some have it as a result of an underlying medication condition. The most common form is called idiopathic seizures which are inherited. Repeated seizures are called epilepsies. Usually, seizure episodes are triggered by heat, exhaustion, or sudden imbalances in the body. It is not usually painful for the dog, although they will feel confusion or exhaustion. This is because of the energy spent on their involuntary physical twitches.

CBD for dogs

One of the latest trending products for dogs is CBD, and with all of its benefits, there is no question why. After all, this can provide them with lots of health boosts. This could include relief from chronic pain, anxiety, sleep issues, and seizures.

CBD stands for cannabidiol, and it is a natural compound found in the hemp plant. While it is still new for many, it has been around since 1940 and has been reviewed and studied to fully unlock its potential.

How does CBD treat seizures?

CBD is a form of cannabinoid, a compound that can affect the dog’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. The latter affects how stable some of our bodily processes work, or in other words, it ensures homeostasis. It affects our nervous system, digestion, bones, and more. While ECS runs naturally on its own, having CBD on the body further improves its functions.

One of CBD’s benefits is being an anticonvulsant. This means that it lessens hyperactivity in their brain and helps keep it stable. This makes it effective for lessening both the occurrence and intensity of seizure attacks.

If you have read our story, you know that our little pug did start having seizures for no reason. Thousands of dollars of testing later and we found no cause. This left her with the generic epilepsy title, so we looked at the options and felt that CBD was the best choice. It did take a while, and a bunch of testing. But now that we have our system we have really reduced how often, and severe, the seizers she has.

How effective is CBD in treating canine seizures?

There is both strong anecdotal and scientific evidence that CBD greatly helps as an anticonvulsant.

First, there are scientific papers made by veterinary experts which have observed a great reduction in the frequency of canine seizures upon regular administration. There has also been preliminary research which showed positive evidence of CBD being effective for treating human epilepsies. Given some similarities in our makeup as mammals, it is not hard to see why it can also be effective for our canine companions.

There have also been countless testimonies from dog owners which have greatly complimented CBD. Many who have given up on pharmaceutical choices and have transitioned to CBD said that it was very effective in managing their dog’s symptoms. The best part was that it had little to no side effects for them which makes it an amazing choice for keeping them healthy and playful while having minimal symptoms of seizures.

How do you use CBD for your dog?

One of the things first-time users should know is that CBD is made in a lot of ways depending on which brand you purchase. Because of this, we cannot give a single measurement that all users can follow. Instead, what we can help you with is in informing you of the different factors you should check out before purchasing a specific CBD brand. This includes the following guide on how to use CBD for your dog:

Size of your dog – Your CBD should indicate which size of dog it is for. This can be seen by a weight range such as Small for 0-20 lbs, Large for 50-80 lbs, and more.

Dose – To treat seizures with CBD, follow the dosing recommendation stated in the instructions. Most advice to give it twice a day to ensure the best benefits.

Form of CBD – This depends on what is the most convenient for you to use daily. Forms of CBD include oils, dog treats, pellets, and creams.

Indicated purpose – Some brands specifically write labels such as “for Anxiety” or “for Seizures” for owners to use the best one for their dog. Refer to this if you want to directly solve the issues of your pet.

Conclusion to how CBD reduces dog seizures

As we can see, CBD offers a natural and effective way of reducing the intensity and occurrence of seizures. It is both easy and safe to give to them which is why it is popular among many dog owners. To get the best benefits from it, refer to the factors we listed above so that you’ll be informed about how it is properly administered. Finally, we also recommend consulting your veterinarian to know if your dog has underlying illnesses. With them you can go over the options to try to help with the issue you and your dog are encountering. If you are looking for suggestions, we have put together a list of the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada.

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