How does CBD oil help with dog’s arthritis?  

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Cannabis has long been known for its medicinal effects which is often disregarded because of the potential side-effects that come with it. However, with proper research and manufacturing, we now have access to CBD. This is a chemical that comes from the hemp plant which is a variation of the cannabis sativa that is known for giving a lot of health benefits without any side effects. It can be used for both humans and dogs. One particular use of cbd is for treating the symptoms of arthritis in dogs.

Canine arthritis

Arthritis is not unique to humans as dogs can also get it. Similarly, they usually get it as they get older. This pertains to the disease of the joints that cause it to be always sore, inflamed, and painful.  This is a result of when the soft tissues surrounding these joints become less lubricated, causing more friction whenever the joints are used. A dog suffering from arthritis may start moving less and may even howl when using their limbs. You may even notice them limping sometimes. Because of this, many older dogs become less playful and become lazier ( or just wanting to avoid moving as it hurts them). This then contributes to the development of other diseases brought by lack of exercise. This is why it is important to quickly address it.

X ray of a dogs bones

With CBD being effective for various purposes such as for relieving anxiety, lessening seizures, preventing cancer, and more, arthritis is added to the list of its potential use. CBD can help with lessening the inflammation of their joints. Scientific studies have confirmed that it can greatly help with lessening any chronic pain that they may be feeling. Through this, they can be much more comfortable and active.  

Where does CBD come from?

CBD stands for cannabidiol. This comes from the hemp plant. It has only been recently popular mainly because of the latest legal updates that remove restrictions against it. Because of this, it is widely popular for both human and pet use.

Hemp has long been used in various industries including clothing and ropemaking. CBD is gathered from its different parts such as stalks and leaves.

Another chemical that you may usually hear about is THC which stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. This can also be gathered from hemp plants. However, they are not safe for dogs as it can be toxic at high levels. This is why CBD for dogs are ensured to have only an insignificant amount of it that does not exceed 0.3%. Because of this, the ones that are made for dogs are safe for them. If you are looking for the quickest answer to who has the best CBD oil for dogs in Canada, then just read that article. It has all the info you will ever need on your hunt for the best products.

How does CBD treat arthritis?

Both humans and dogs have an endocannabinoid system. This is still a newly discovered part of the body which is why further research needs to be made about it. From what is known about it, there is a lot of evidence which supports that it plays a big part in ensuring homeostasis in the body. This means that it regulates various body parts and ensures that it does not have too high or too low levels of anything.

CBD is a form of endocannabinoid which means that it can stimulate the endocannabinoid system or ECS. Through consumption of this, the ECS can send receptors to the central nervous system which can lessen any inflammations and pain which the dog is feeling.

Because of this, CBD has also been seen to be good for promoting other bodily functions. First, it can help improve the mood of the dog and lessen their anxiety. It is also seen to reduce the occurrence of epileptic attacks. Other benefits include fixing their sleeping pattern, making them friendlier, improving their appetite, and more.

How can you easily give your dog CBD?

If your dog is suffering from arthritis, it is good to first get advice from a veterinarian regarding appropriate medicine to lessen its progress. CBD is advised more as an additional treatment as it is not yet fully approved by FDA as direct medicine for dogs.

CBD is usually given through oil form which comes with a dropper. Another form is through dog treats that are chewable and are mixed with natural flavors of beef, chicken, or wild boar to make it easier to eat for them.

Is CBD safe for dogs?

For the most part CBD is very safe for dogs. There are times where some of the ingredients don’t mesh well with dogs. However, CBD and the MCT base that it usually comes in, are pretty well tolerated with dogs. As with anything, it is impossible to know any reactions or allergies before you take something. But with CBD there is very little chance of your dog having a bad reaction. Sometimes, if your dog gets too much oil at once it can upset their stomach.

The other aspect of safety is whether or not dogs can overdose on cbd oil? This isn’t something you should really be concerned about as it takes an insane amount of CBD to reach any level that could be close to an overdose. There is a much better chance of them throwing up or just falling asleep, before they overdose. And, this is again why it is important to start on the lower side of dosage. There is no rush to get them as much cbd as possible, so if you slowly increase until you get the right amount it will be safer than giving them the highest level suggested.


CBD can help dogs with arthritis by interacting with their endocannabinoid system. Through this, they will have less inflammation and will feel less pain. This makes it very recommendable for older dogs that are starting to show less energy.  It also comes with other benefits such as relief from anxiety, lessening anxiety attacks, and more.

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