How CBD can lessen your dog’s body pains

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Introduction to How CBD can lessen your dog’s body pains

Dogs are naturally energetic creatures that will jump and wag their tails in excitement. Because of this, it is usually noticeable in case they are experiencing body pains. They will play less, wince when moving, and even have reduced appetite.

In case you’re looking for a way to treat this naturally and with no side-effects, you may want to try CBD for dogs.

CBD for dogs

CBD or cannabidiol is a compound that can be given to dogs to lessen their body pain. Gathered from the hemp plant, it can positively react with their endocannabinoid system to lessen inflammation and sensitivity to pain.

CBD comes in multiple forms, with the most popular ones being CBD oils and CBD dog treats. By giving it everyday in proper doses, you can observe changes within a week.

The research behind CBD

With the abundance of dog products in the markets that claim to treat your dog, it is naturally to be sketchy when a new name comes up. Given CBD’s highly scientific-sounding name, many will doubt its effectiveness.

The good news is that there is lots of research which supports its effectiveness for dogs.

First, is a research published in 2018 which used CBD for dogs suffering from arthritis. The latter is a disease that causes the dog’s joints to lose its natural cushions, causing it to have lots of friction everytime they move. As you may expect, it results in frequent inflammations, and eventually, immobility for dogs.

The research was able to show that CBD was able to lessen pain in dogs and increase their levels of activity. There are also no side-effects.

It is also supported by another research published in 2021, which was able to show that CBD is effective for lessening inflammation in the body. Even better is the fact that it can also improve their immune system.

Of course, CBD is still in its early research stages as to be 100% recommended directly by veterinarians. Still, most agree that it does not pose any short or long-term risk, and that it has a lot of potential for canine use. Because of this, we recommend adding CBD to your dog’s diet.

How CBD can help with muscle and joint pain in dogs

How to pick the CBD for your dog

CBD is still relatively new in the dog market, and there are many variations of it that exist in the market. Because of this, we recommend keeping the following in mind to get the best effects for your dog:

Choose one specifically for dog pain

This can be seen in its label. Usually, these have a higher dose to make it more effective.

Know your dog’s preference

If your dog is okay with having a dropper on his mouth, try CBD oil. If he wants a more flavorful and chewy version, try CBD dog treats.

Read through the instructions

CBD isn’t a one-size-fits-all supplement. Its dose must be matched with your dog’s weight, and so, reading the manufacturer’s instructions is very important. If you don’t use enough, you might not see the benefits for your dogs pain. If you use too much, your dog might not feel good either. So it is best to follow the directions as close as possible.

Final thoughts on how CBD can lessen your dog’s body pains

What makes CBD different from other dog supplements is the presence of research which supports it. If your canine companion suffers from diseases that cause body pains, we recommend trying CBD. Try it out in oil and dog treat form, and don’t forget to follow the dosing instructions. Through this, they can go back to being active again.

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