How can you get your dog to take CBD oil?

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Introduction to what you can do if your dog doesn’t like taking CBD oil

It has been well-documented that CBD oil is highly beneficial for your dogs. Not only can it help with specific ailments, but it can also improve the overall health of your fur babies. 

But still, there might be a couple of reasons as to why you do not give it to your dogs. One of the biggest and most obvious reasons is simply because your dog doesn’t like it. 

So what should you do when such a thing happens? Does it mean that CBD oil is simply not for your dogs? This brief article will tell you different ways that you can give CBD to your dogs. Read on to find out more about it. 

What can cbd oil do for your dog? 

Whenever you try to give something to your dogs, and they refuse to take it, it can be quite frustrating. So before we get to the tips and tricks, let’s talk about the benefits of CBD oil first. That way, you’ll always be reminded that all of that extra effort is more than worth it.

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Specific issues that can get benefits from CBD products

  • Anti-anxiety. One of the most powerful effects of CBD is its anti-anxiety effect. This one is also one of the most obvious ones to spot. When you give CBD oil to your dogs, it won’t take long for it to kick in. In a matter of minutes, your dogs should feel calm and relax. 
  • For epilepsy. CBD oil is also great for the treatment of epilepsy. But one thing you should remember is CBD cannot cure epilepsy. What it can do, however, is reducing the intensity and also the frequency of the attack. CBD oil can help with other kinds of seizures as well.
  • Painkiller. Did you know that CBD oil is one of the most potent painkillers around? Yes, when you give it to your dogs, it can stimulate the pain management part of the brain. That’s why it can significantly suppress the pain that your dogs are currently experiencing. 
  • For arthritis. Arthritis is one of those ailments that may start as something annoying but can develop into something dangerous. No matter at which stage of arthritis you find your dogs in, giving CBD oil can help them a lot. The natural anti-inflammatory properties within CBD are great for all kinds of joint and muscle pain. 
  • Other health benefits. There are numerous other health benefits that you can expect from CBD oil. It can help regulate their appetite. It can promote a better skin and fur condition. CBD can even help in their fight against cancer, and many more.

What should you do if your dog doesn’t like CBD oil?

Now that we’ve established how beneficial it is to give CBD to your dogs, let’s talk about the main issue at hand. What should you do if your dog doesn’t like CBD oil? Well, here are some of the things that you can try. 

  1. Try different flavors. Did you know that CBD oil comes in different flavors? Yes, CBD oil doesn’t have to feel bland at all. There are all sorts of flavors that you can give to your dogs. Bacon, chicken, seafood, just give each of them a try. Because the way it tastes, or the lack thereof, can be the thing that your dogs hate about it.
  2. Try different CBD products. If giving different flavors cannot make your dog like CBD oil, then maybe it just isn’t for them. There are lots of other products based on CBD out there, you should give them a try. One of the best alternatives that you can give to them is CBD treats. Not only does it have CBD in it, there are also tons of nutritional value inside.
  3. Try different CBD brands. If different flavors and different products can’t do the tricks, then the problem may lie elsewhere. CBD brands are not created equal. Some are definitely better than the rest. So it may be the time for you to try giving your dogs CBD products from other and better brands.  We have a list of our favorite CBD products in Canada , so please take a look if you are looking for new or different options.

What should you do if CBD oil doesn’t have any effect on your dogs?

The CBD oil doesn’t seem to be helping with your dogs issues, what now?

Perhaps your problem is actually a bit different. Not that your dogs don’t want to take their CBD oil, but it just doesn’t seem to work on them. If that is what happens, then there’s an entirely different set of solutions that you can follow. 

Increasing the dosage of CBD for your dog

More often than not, the problem doesn’t actually come from the CBD itself. It’s likely from the way you give it to them and the type of CBD that you give. The best way to give CBD to dogs and any other pets is by starting small. First, give the CBD oil at a low dosage once a day. Then you can slowly increase the dose and the frequency from there.  There is a possibility that they just need more of the active ingredients to resolve the issue you are encountering.

Changing the type of CBD product

Another thing that you should pay attention to is the type of CBD oil that you use. Maybe it’s not that the CBD doesn’t work, but rather your dogs require a different one. Sometimes people feel that CBD isolate is better just because it is marketed as purer. However, when you have a pure substance you lack some of the other good things. A good example would be something called rabbit poisoning. When a person or animal only consumes rabbit they get a lot of protein without any fats or carbs. So although protein is very good for you, it needs other things to keep you alive. So just like that example, although the CBD isolate is pure it can lack additional aspects which help absorb and utilize the CBD.

Trying a different brand of CBD products

The final option is to try out another brand of products. As each brand is different they have their own mixes, and ingredients, which might help more for different animals and issues. We have tried over 30 brands before we finally found the best CBD oil in Canada for dogs.

Final thoughts on getting your picky dog to take CBD oil

CBD can offer lots of health benefits to your dogs. But if for some reason they don’t like CBD oil, then there are things that you can do about it. From simply changing the flavors to changing the brands altogether, you have lots of options. So be sure to give these tips a try and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us so we can try to help.

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