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Introduction to dogs hemp treats

Hemp oil is one of the simplest things that you can give to your dogs to improve their overall health. There are so many health benefits that you can get just by regularly giving hemp oil to your dogs. That being said, hemp oil is certainly not for every dog. 

There are different reasons why your dogs might refuse taking their hemp oil drops. For some dogs, it might be due to the taste of the oil itself. For others, they might even hate the feeling of the oil drops into their mouth. And many other reasons. 

The result is a big resistance from your dogs when it comes to hemp oil. So what can you do about it? Should you just give up on hemp oil altogether? No, you shouldn’t do that. First thing first, why not start by giving other kinds of hemp products to them? Let’s start with hemp treats. 

Benefits of using hemp treats

There are three main benefits of giving hemp treats to your dogs. The first and foremost is definitely the health benefits that you can get from the hemp itself. Such as dealing with anxiety, reducing pain, treating muscle and joint problems, stimulating healthier fur growth and many more.

The second one is the nutritional benefits. At its core, hemp treats are just another form of snack for your dogs. Therefore, it contains lots of nutritional value that is essential for your dogs. Such as omega 3, omega 6, proteins, essential fatty acids, etc. And it is also quite fulfilling. 

The last one is the taste and textures. This thing is particularly important for picky eaters. Your dogs may refuse to eat something that doesn’t taste good or have an unfamiliar texture to them. Most hemp treats out there come in so many different flavors, such as beef, chicken, seafood, etc. And the texture itself is pretty much indistinguishable from regular dog treats that they love to eat. It is a bit harder to get your dog to take hemp oil than treats, so finding out the right dosage of cbd oil for your dog is a lot easier for you

Different kind of hemp treats 

There are two kinds of hemp treats that you can give to your dogs. You can either give them a home-made one or you can buy pre-made treats. This difference might seem trivial at first. But this is actually proof of how versatile the concept of hemp treats actually is.

Every treat can be a hemp treat. So if you have your own favorite recipe for treats, you can easily turn it into a hemp treat. Just add a couple of hemp oil drops in it and you’re done. Because the definition of hemp treats is just that, a treat with hemp oil inside. 

But if you don’t have the time to make your own dog treats. Or maybe you simply want a properly made hemp treat, then you can buy the premade ones. But if you choose to go down this route, then be sure to pick the brands carefully. Because all hemp treats are not created equal. 

Hemp treats vs regular dog treats

Some of you might wonder between hemp treats and regular dog treats, which one is actually better? Because this reason alone might help you decide whether or not you will give hemp treats to your dogs. And the answer is hemp treats are clearly better than regular dog treats.

Regular dog treats might be made from all of the best ingredients for your dogs. And it might even be able to fulfill all of the essential nutrients needed by your dogs. But the existence of the hemp oil inside the hemp treats just add that much more benefits for your dogs.

Besides, you don’t really have to choose one over the other. After all, as we’ve mentioned in the previous section, you can turn any treats into hemp treats. Just get a high quality hemp oil, and put it into your dog’s favorite treats. 

That being said, it is still highly advisable for you to use pre-made ones from reputable brands. The reason is because they already put a precise dose of hemp oil on every piece of the treats. That way you will save the time of having to measure the right dose for each treat.

Dangers of bad hemp treats

We all want the best for our dogs, and sometimes in this world even when we try to do the best we can for our dogs it doesn’t work out that way. If you wanted to give your buddy a happy holidays and bought an advent calendar for your dog from Costco, you know exactly how treats can be unsafe for our dogs even with our best intentions.

Are hemp treats suitable for every dog?

For the most part, yes, hemp treats are suitable for every dog. Whether you have a large golden retriever or a small chihuahua, every dog can reap the benefits of hemp treats. And it is not limited to age either. Young and old dogs can enjoy hemp treats.

The main difference that you should pay attention to is the dose. Different sizes of breeds require different doses of hemp oil inside the hemp treats. There won’t be any problem if you give them too much hemp oil. But it will be much more effective if you give them just as much as they need. 

One exception to the whole thing will be a sick dog. Especially those that find it hard to chew on their foods. Hemp treats might not be the right option for them. If your dog is currently sick, rather than hemp treats, you should give them hemp oil instead. Because hemp oil will be much more effective for their condition as it might be the one instance where it is easier to get them to take a couple ml of cbd oil vs eating hemp treats all the time.

Furbabies hemp treats

Now it’s time for a recommendation for high-quality hemp treats brands. This one is called Furbabies. This is a company that is based in Vancouver, Canada. Furbabies specializes in creating high-quality products based on hemp for your pets. And they have been in the industry for quite a long time now. 

They have hemp products for dogs, cats, and even horses. And if you visit their official website, there are so many different hemp products that you can choose from. From the regular hemp oil, hemp salves, and certainly hemp treats. As a matter of fact, hemp treats are one of Furbabies’ flagship products. 

The treats come in three different flavors, which is beef, chicken, and wild boar. And there will be more flavors to come. Each treat contains Furbabies’ unique blends of hemp oil, hemp terpenes, MCT oil, and cannabimimetics, just to name a few. 

And if you have no idea how much treats you should give to your dogs, then don’t worry. Furbabies have clear guidelines in their website for you regarding the best dosage for your dogs.

Conclusion to hemp treats for dogs

Not every dog will enjoy it when you give them hemp oil. For such cases, you should try giving them hemp treats instead. You can make the treats yourself and just put a couple of hemp oil into it. Or you can buy pre-made ones that have the proper dose of hemp oil inside every treat. For the latter, Furbabies is a brand that has been making high-quality hemp treats for years. You should give them a try as you can get many of the benefits of cbd dog treats into them , in a way that feels like a reward for them. They feel better and so do you so seems like a win win for everyone!

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