Hemp oil dosage guide for dogs

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Introduction for hemp and dogs

Hemp is a very beneficial plant that has long been used for both industrial and medicinal purposes. It has been used for creating ropes and clothes because of its fibrous contents. It has also been seen to reduce anxiety, pain, and seizures when consumed directly. Because of its recent legalization for widespread use, hemp oils are very popular for both human and pet use.

Many times people associate Hemp with CBD oil. While that is a good association it is important to remember that Hemp is the plant that the oil comes from. So for this article we will be using Hemp as a placeholder for hemp oil. That means we aren’t focusing on the plant itself but derivatives from it. You can give your dog hemp in plant for with no issues. However it is harder to monitor the doses as plants can vary a lot. One of our favorites of all time was Apawthecary dog cbd oil , but it is no longer available.

Hemp blends for dogs

The contents of hemp are extracted to get its nutrients to make it more effective in treating illnesses and improving the wellness of pets. It has been seen to work in less than a week of giving it. If you plan to give it to your dog, check out our dosage guide for this.

First dosage suggestions for hemp to dogs

Hemp has a unique composition that will be new to the dog’s body. Their endocannabinoid system needs to receive its benefits slowly to allow it to adjust properly. Because of this, dogs who are only starting to use them should start with a very low dosage.

Specifically, we recommend you give only 0.1mg for every kg of the dog’s overall weight. This should be done at least for the first week of giving CBD for their body to be familiar with it. As each product is different it is very important to read the suggestions on the labels.

We always suggest starting with the lower sides of doses. This is because if it is the first time you are trying it you want to reduce the chances of any negative reactions. It is much better to find an allergy when exposed to very little of the allergen. As many different CBD supplements for dogs in Canada have different Mgs per ML it is very important to read your products information.

How often should hemp oils be given to dogs?

The use of hemp largely depends upon what it is used for. Some give it to dogs to simply boost their overall health while some use it to lessen the symptoms of specific illnesses like seizures and arthritis

In general, it can be given once or twice daily. Following the earlier advice, start by giving them only one of these daily during the latter half of the day to allow them to relax before bedtime. In case you still don’t notice any improvements in their health, you can start adding about ¼ of the original dose. Continue to increase this until you reach your desired effects.

However, we recommend you limit giving it at 1 mg per kg as the highest level. Through this, you can be sure that your dog will never overdose from it.

Possible side effects of hemp oils for your dog

In case you give them too much of the hemp, your dog will suffer from some side effects. First, they will become very sleepy and lethargic. They may also suffer from a sudden drop in their blood pressure which causes them to be disoriented and confused. Finally, consuming too much oil in one day can cause them to have stomach irritations and vomiting.

How is hemp given to dogs?

Hemp oil can be dropped directly on their mouth. For maximum effect, it is advised to be put under their tongue or applied on their gum line. This is because it reaches the bloodstream faster than when it is ingested first. It can also be mixed with their food. Keep in mind that the time for taking effect will take longer for this as it needs to be digested first.

There is also hemp mixed with dog treats. It is also mixed with natural flavorings like beef and seafood to make it smell delicious for them. This also takes up to an hour to work because it needs to be digested first but is preferred by some because of the ease of giving it to them.

Different amounts for different dogs

Keep in mind that dogs come in many sizes and breeds which is why their bodies will not react to it at the same time. Some will get its benefits longer than others. This is because of differences in their endocannabinoid system which is the part of the body that benefits from hemp.

When giving hemp, owners will have to find the perfect dose that will perfectly address all of their issues and can be given daily. Through this, both you and your dog will have a more convenient time with the hemp product. This is also called as the “sweet spot” in dosage

Benefits of hemp for dogs

Once they receive a dose that perfectly suits them, you will observe your dog to have the following benefits:

· Less anxiety

·More energy

· Reduced inflammation

·Higher tolerance of pain

· Less seizures


Hemp supplements are advised to be given slowly for dogs by starting with 0.1 mg for every kilo of their overall weight. Slowly increase this until you reach a point where their symptoms are addressed. However, be sure to never go over 1 mg for every kg of their weight to ensure that there will be no side effects to using it. If you want to find out more about CBD oil for dogs in Canada , please read our full story. It can save you some time as we went through some growing pains when finding out what worked out best for us.

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