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Introduction and getting you a Furbabies coupon code

It is not secret that Furbabies has won a special place in our heart, and for the simple reason that their product works like no other one that we have tested out. Couple this with the low price, and the value just simply can’t be beat. We would, and have paid more, in our search for a CBD product that helps our little one but just couldn’t find any other one. Then we found Furbabies and it really ticked all the boxes for our needs.

While places all over the internet will promise huge savings etc, etc this is usually on top of huge mark ups. With Furbabies, their products are already amazingly priced, so to get any discount is honestly amazing. In full transparency, this coupon is sent to you when you sign up to their email list and is good for one order. For us we know we will always be using their products so it’s just a bonus, so if you are looking for your Furbabies Coupon just click that link, and sign up when the pop up box appears.

Furbabies Coupon code

Now comes what you all came here to find, and that is the Furbabies coupon code. Everyone wants to save money right? So why not save as much as you can? This is why we are very happy to share this money saving chance for your next order. For total clarity , we do not get anything from this as Furbabies will be giving you the coupon code. The only thing you need to do is to sign up for their email newsletter here:

And there is no need to worry as they only send out emails to either tell you about new products, or to let you know about sales that are coming out. So to clarify everything:

  • Everyone likes saving money
  • Furbabies lets you save money by signing up for their email list to learn about products etc ( a win )
  • You get a coupon to save you money ( another win)
  • You get a great product for an even lower price ( final win)

So as you can see it is pretty much Win/Win if you take advantage of this offer.

Why Furbabies?

As mentioned above we love their product. The reason is that when we compared the effects of using their oils on our dog versus the other guys’ we just were shocked that they were able to relieve her seizures by using their lowest level of oil. When we tried others we didn’t find any type of relief. We understand that all dogs are different so we know that what might work for others might not work for us and we accept it.

But we do know what works for us, and that is using Furbabies Oral drops. Their drops check all the boxes that we need to have in our lives which are:

Great tasting oil

While we have never tried the Bacon flavored oil, we can say that our little one has no issues with it at all. We have tried some other companies and they were a lot harder to get her to take. Now again, taste is subjective, but we have yet to hear of anyone that has said their dog didn’t like the oil. We usually put it on treats as it is just easier for everyone.

Best Value

We have not seen any other product that comes in at the same value. The one thing that we were confused by at first was when we compared products how theirs would match up. The truth is that we use their lowest dosage level and it comes in at around $20. For this price there aren’t many options to compare it against. So when we were forced to go without their product we did try other options. They were usually 300-600 mg, and cost between $50-$70. Now in our minds we thought that the price per mg was similar, but we were sad to see that it just wasn’t the case. It isn’t always about getting the cheapest mg, it is about the quality and the way it works.

It is similar to looking at something like chocolate. Even though the grams of chocolate might be the same , the quality and taste might be very different. So although it might look and smell similar, it just doesn’t react the same way.

Best customer support

We have spoken with Furbabies several times and not only was their response time amazing but the info they provided helped a lot too. When you first start giving your dog oil you can easily get the feeling of being overwhelmed. From dosage amount, to timing, there are pretty big variables that can cause issues if you don’t know what you’re doing. With Furbabies they were happy to share what has worked for other people and sure enough it was a life saver.

Final thoughts on Furbabies coupons

As you can see we are really happy with their product. From the cost to the quality it just can’t be beat. And on top of this you can also save 10% off your next purchase with them. So if you are looking to take the plunge and try their product there really isn’t a better time at all. Simply sign up for their email newsletter and you will get a coupon for 10% off of your next purchase. Unlike the picture of the post, money doesn’t grow on trees and it is always good to save money on something that you will buy anyways. So really it is a win/win because you will also be alerted to sales and new products as soon as they come out.

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