Furbabies Beef Flavor Dog Treat Review

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Introduction to Furbabies Beef flavored treats

Furbabies’ Beef Flavored Dog Treats are an excellent choice that balances good flavor while relieving pain and anxiety symptoms in pets. These treats are made with cannabinoids derived from various plants and blended with all-natural ingredients. This is why it is suitable for pets who need relief from various symptoms such as nerve issues, arthritis, and anxiety. We really do love these treats as they are healthy, easy to get our little one to eat, and also provide great relief from her issues.

Furbabies Beef Flavored Treats full review

Dog treats are great for entertaining pets, keeping them fed before actual feeding time, and generally improving their mood. It can also be good for helping reinforce certain behaviors and awarding them for what they do. However, the treat should always have a balance of a delicious taste and healthy ingredients. This keeps your dogs weight down, while getting them the treatment that they need. Also, the food should always be delicious and reminiscent of meat to make it easier to entice your pets. Common flavors include chicken, beef, and fish.

Furbabies have their own line of dog treats that are also treated with the same quality and known ingredients for the brand. Known as one of the innovators in the use of hemp and cannabinoids for pet usage, the company has released the FurBabies Dog Treats Beef Flavor with pet comfort and flavor in mind. The product gets a high rating from us because of its composition, its effect on pets, and its nice pricing. The product is fully legal and safe for pets. Made with an Angus Beef flavor, pet owners will have no difficulty in feeding their pets with the product.  

Brand quality

Furbabies is one of the few innovators in the use of cannabinoids for pet food. They have a collective experience of up to 46 years in the pet industry. They continue to improve their products to increase its healing properties, its flavor, and its overall quality. Their products include pet food, oral drops, and skin salves for dogs, cats, and equines. Their products are quite unique and in somewhat a new market, they have one of the most informative websites where they thoroughly explain how their products are safe, how it can benefit pets, along with descriptions on how their products can be used.

What makes them especially unique is the interaction of their products with the endocannabinoid system of pets (which humans also have). Given that this system is related to the pain and anxiety receptors of the body, it is important to help it produce its components properly for relief of painful symptoms. For this, the company collects cannabimimetic compounds from different plans such as cannabis, echinacea, rosemary, and others. A mixture of this is injected into their products.

The main benefit of this product is mainly related to anxiety and pain relief of the pets. The good news is that it is entirely safe for them and they will not experience any adverse reactions even if you give them too much. The worst symptoms are only either allergic reactions or diarrhea (with improper dosages). Pets will also not experience any sort of “high” or mania as the components in the products are entirely safe. To ensure that pet owners will only administer the proper amount of the product, they are given thorough instructions in the product label.

Customer reviews

Almost all of the reviews on the company’s website were positive. Most of them complimented how their dogs easily took the product . This is also what we have seen with our picky pug. Usually she will avoid treats but there are no issues when getting her to take these ones. Many pet owners have complemented its effects on their pets, stating that their pets became much more energetic and positive. They also experience less of their pain symptoms and generally move around better. They also have improved alertness and mood. Most of them experienced this within only a week of using the product. Lastly, it seems to work for a lot of dogs regardless of breed and age which shows the effectiveness of the product.


The product is priced at C$25 which is good for its high quality. It only has a single size of 200g. Aside from beef, they also have wild boar and chicken flavors. These come in a plastic casing that can be easily opened.

The dog treats come with in small, bite-sized chips that are easy to chew for dogs. They have good consistency and thickness. Its aroma is also enticing and easily attracts pets. Each treat contains about 3 mg. It is marketed to be used for dog’s suffering from inflammation, epilepsy, anxiety, brain related issues, and digestive issues.

In all honesty, for the quality of the product as seen in the outcome with our littles ones reduction in seizures we can’t find anything that offers the same value. Except for maybe their medicated oils, which also have a special spot in our hearts!

fur babies and co beef flavored treats with french bulldog standing beside bag

Product ingredients

The product is made with the healthiest of ingredients. First, it does not have any grain or corn. The company ensures that the product is only made with plant-based materials. As mentioned earlier, it is made with a mixture of natural flavoring and the cannabimimetic ingredients. These are derived from hemp, cannabis, and other natural sources. They also do not use any artificial preservatives. This is especially good news for those who want to ensure that the product is cruelty-free. Not only that but their ingredients are human grade and all-natural. The product also does not have many allergens based on its full list of ingredients.

Positive effects after ingestion

The product is nothing but excellent when it comes to treating multiple symptoms felt by pets. First, the product is capable of lessening and relieving any pain and discomfort that they feel. These treats are really useful to be used post-surgery and medical treatments. The product interacts with the endocannabinoid system to reduce any pain that they feel from arthritis and nerve degeneration. However, you must check with your vet to ensure there is no possibility that anything used during the surgery can have an interaction with the treats. As always, clear and concise communications are a must whenever it involves surgery, anesthesia , or other things that might interact with active ingredients.

These treats can also have calming properties which can lessen their anxiety. Because of this, it is advisable to be used during stressful situations for pets. This can include festivals with a lot of fireworks, having a lot of strangers in the house, and the likes. With the product, they can have a more relaxed personality and can even return back to their youthful vigor.

Serving sizes

These treats come with 3 mg of their treatment for each treat. Because of this, the number of treats to be administered depends on the size of the breed. Small breeds are advised 1 to 2 biscuits, medium breeds with 3 to 4 biscuits, and large breeds with 5 to 6 biscuits. In case of overfeeding, there are no adverse reactions to be expected except for a little more bowel movement and some tummy discomfort for them.

Pros and Cons of Beef flavored treats


·        Excellent flavor

Very effective for relieving symptoms of pets

All natural and free from artificial preservatives

Stays in their system longer than oil to reduce how often you have to give them the treats.


The only con that we have for this is the hardness of the cookie. This is by design as they are hard treat. But for dogs with missing teeth they are a bit hard to chew. ( find our fix for our toothless friends below!)

Final thoughts on Furbabies beef flavored treats

The Furbabies Beef Flavored Dog Treat is a very excellent choice for those looking for a perfect balance between good flavor and results. The product is a huge hit for almost all dogs because of its good aroma and taste. It also has very good effects on them as it can help lessen anxiety and pain and generally improve their mood. It can be handy for dogs of all ages and breeds. The product is also very easy to administer and highly effective in its functions.

As mentioned above, the treats are hard. Not out of this world hard, but they are hard treats, so please note this before you order. If you are like me with a little one that is missing more teeth than they have, it can be challenging. However, we have found really good results in crushing them to a fine dust and coating chewable treats with them. This gives us the best of both worlds as we coat the treats in oil, which results in quick absorption of the oil, and longer absorption of the treats.

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