Easiest ways of giving cbd oil to dogs

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Introduction to giving cbd products to dogs

If you simply type “CBD for dogs” either on the google search or on any online marketplace like Amazon, then you will be bombarded with options. Because not only are there so many brands to choose from, there are also lots of different products for dogs that are based on CBD.

Most of those products could be the right choice depending on your dog’s needs and preferences. So here we’ll talk about some simple things that you should know before you buy one and ways to give the CBD to your dogs no matter what kind of CBD products that you end up choosing. We have gone over the ways we give cbd to our pug here , but in this article we look at bit more at the different ways you can give CBD to your dog.

What you should know before you buy any CBD products for your dogs

There are two things that you should know before you buy any kind of CBD products, the appropriate dosage and the technical information regarding the CBD. For the first one, you should talk to your trusted vets because they are the one who knows the physical condition of your dogs better than anybody else.

As for the second point, you need to know various technical things about the CBD. This information is important in order to know both the quality of the products and also whether or not it is suitable for your dogs. Companies that have a proper “Certificate of Analysis” for their products should be able to give this information to you.

Ways to give different CBD products to dogs

1. CBD oils for dogs

CBD oil is the most popular CBD product of the bunch. After all, this is the original form of CBD after its extraction process. Most pet owners choose CBD oil because it is easier to control the dosage compared to other kinds of CBD products.

a guy holding a dropper with cbd oil
getting your dog to take cbd oil might be easier said than done

No matter what brands of CBD oil that you prefer, it should come in a glass bottle along with its dropper. To give it to your dogs, all you need to do is take the oil from the bottle by using the dropper and then put it into the mouth of your dogs. To measure the doses, count the amount of drops that you give to your dogs.

2. CBD foods for dogs

The next most common CBD product is CBD foods. Other than the CBD inside, there’s not much difference between regular dog foods and CBD foods. The biggest advantage of CBD foods compared to other products is it comes in various shapes and flavors.

You could buy CBD products as is or you could even make one yourself. If you’re interested in making one, all you need to do is pick dog foods that could easily absorb liquids. Measure the foods, and then mix the right amount of CBD oil to it. After that, you could simply give it to your dogs as any other dog food.

3. CBD treats for dogs

CBD dog treats come from the same CBD edibles concept as the previous CBD foods. Both have the similar advantage of having numerous shapes and tastes. And just like the CBD foods, you could buy ready-made CBD treats or you could also make one yourself.

If you decide to make one, make sure the treats could easily absorb the CBD oil. Not only that, you should also make sure to drop the correct amount of CBD oil for each treat. Then you could simply feed it to your dogs as usual.

4. CBD cream

CBD cream is by far the most unique CBD product because it was made solely for external problems. CBD dog cream is perfect to treat any problems related to the muscle, joints, and skin problems, such as sprained, rashes, etc.

Furbabies Salve
Smooth and easy to apply cream

The way to use it is no different than any other kind of skin cream. You take the necessary amount of cream and then gently apply it to the problematic area. There are lots of different CBD cream with added properties inside. Be sure to give the most appropriate one for your dogs.

5. CBD sprays for dogs

CBD sprays are no different than CBD oil. It just has a spray nozzle on top, rather than the usual dropper. But that small difference transforms the regular CBD oil into the most versatile CBD products in the market right now.

You could use it to treat various internal conditions by spraying the CBD into the mouth of your dogs. But be sure to be mindful of how much oil that you give. Or if you want to treat external conditions like with CBD cream, you could simply spray the oil onto the problematic area.


There are so many different CBD-based products that you can find in the market right now. This article highlights six of the most common ones and how to use each of them. Other than that, you should also be aware of the right doses needed by your dogs and the Certificate of Analysis from the manufacturer.

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