Do dogs get high from CBD products?

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Find out if CBD oil gets your dog high

CBD oil is very popular among many dog owners. It is easy to administer, comes in various compositions, and is effective for dogs. Because of this, it is estimated to exceed $100 million in sales this 2021 given the high interest of customers for the product.

If you want to try using it, you may want to check out how exactly it works on your dog’s body, including if CBD makes your dog high, what it is made of, what its benefits are, and more.

Does CBD make your dog high?

CBD oil does not make your dog high. The chemical makeup of it does not have pyscho active aspects to it. Many people think that there is CBD in marijuana, and that makes you high. But the truth is that it is the THC in marijuana, nothing to do with CBD.

CBD comes from the hemp plant which is a variety of the cannabis plant. Because of this, some may think that it is addictive for anyone that consumes it. The good news is that it isn’t. This especially applies for those made for dogs.

This is done by ensuring that it has lower than 0.3% of THC. THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is a compound that can also be extracted from cannabis plants. It is also medicinal which is why it can be used by humans. However, this can cause the sensation of being “high” and can even be toxic for dogs when given in high levels. Given how hard it is to properly control its dosage when given to dogs, manufacturers avoid this chemical for their products.

This also means that CBD oil will not make your dog sleepy or lethargic. Instead, it makes them relaxed yet alert and energetic. This makes it very good for dogs who have shown signs of being anxious or irritative. This is why we love it as a way to treat long term health issues. We give our dog CBD oil everyday, and there has been 0 impact on energy / happiness/ or activity.

How does CBD oil work?

CBD is a form of endocannabinoid. Because of this, it can stimulate the endocannabinoid system of the body or the ECS. This may be an unfamiliar body system as it is not usually discussed in many biology courses in school. This is because it is relatively newly discovered, with its exact effects on the body still undergoing research.

Still, enough is known about it for research to prove that it plays a big part in our body homeostasis operations. Because of this, it can help regulate various body functions.

First, it can interact with the neurotransmitters. This can help improve the mood of our dogs and can also lessen their anxiety. Because of this, CBD oil is recommended to be used if you plan to bring your dog somewhere with a lot of noises or a lot of stressors. It can make them more relaxed and less scared.

Next, the endocannabinoid system can also interact with the nervous system. Through this, it can help lessen any pain that the dog is feeling. This can come from a recent surgery, from old age, and neurodegenerative disorders. Taking CBD oil can also lessen the inflammation that they feel as a result of arthritis. Because of this, CBD can improve the condition of older dogs, making them much more active and energetic.

Other benefits of enhancing the ECS’ functions by intaking CBD oil includes improving appetite, improving sleep cycle, and overall boosting their health.

How do you give CBD products to your dog?

CBD oil is given in a variety of ways that depends upon the preference of the dog.

The most popular form is through oil that comes with its own dropper. This can be given to them orally. You can also mix this with their food. To control its dosage, you simply need to count how many drops you will give them.

Next, CBD oil can come in dog treat form. This is made to be chewable and is mixed with various natural flavors resembling meat to make it more enticing for dogs.

Lastly, CBD is also given through topical creams. The purpose for this is to treat sores and wounds. This is also for boosting the condition of their coat to make it shinier and healthier.

Before giving it to them, thoroughly read the instructions for the proper dosage. This is usually matched to their weight. As always, the better the product you get the better off the results will be. This is why we made this blog, and that is to help to you find the best CBD oils and treats for dogs.

Are there any risks of giving CBD oil to your dog?

CBD oil catered towards dogs should have very low levels of THC as mentioned earlier. This is the only chemical that you should watch out for. To ensure this, read reviews about the product you will purchase. Also, look for lab certifications.

Aside from this, CBD is very safe for dogs. It is hard to overdose on it, and even if they take too much, they won’t have any drastic effects. Still, you should make sure that they only get the appropriate dose depending on their weight.

Final thoughts, and the truth about your dog getting high off CBD products

CBD oil made for dogs is very safe. They are generally low in THC and contain less than 0.3% of it. Because of this, they would not get the sensation of being “high” or lethargic when using it. They also won’t have side effects from it. This is pretty much why it isn’t possible to overdose your dog with CBD products. And before you say, anything is possible please note that we are talking about rational actions. Too much of anything can be bad, you can die from drinking too much water. But, if you follow the instructions and speak with your vet there is very low risk from giving your dog CBD products.

CBD is good for improving your dog’s health. It can improve their mood, make them more relaxed, lessen any inflammation, improve their appetite, and make them more energetic. Because of this, it is recommended to be used for all dogs.

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