Do dogs get high from CBD oil ?

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Numerous experts have published studies with positive results regarding the use of CBD for pets. And lots of regular people who have tried the products also agreed that CBD oil brought many benefits not only to their dogs’ physical health, but to their mental health as well.

That being said, as one of the two main compounds that are responsible for the unique effect of the hemp plants, it is understandable if some people out there are still feeling quite hesitant about CBD oil. After all, hemp not only has positive effects, there are also negative effects within it.

Is CBD truly safe to use for your dogs? Would consuming CBD oil induce the feeling of high to your dogs? What would happen if your dogs happen to consume THC? This brief article will answer all of those questions for you.

Is CBD safe to use for dogs?

Yes, both experts and the US government alike have recognized CBD as not only safe, but also highly beneficial to use by both humans and animals. That being said, while all of the people who’ve been studying and using CBD for years would stand behind its claimed benefits, the government is still not quite ready to make that claim yet.

Not because the claim itself is unfounded, but because it is only recently that the US federal government finally decided to legalize the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, followed by CBD not long after. And that was the point when all of the government’s research could finally be properly conducted in order to unlock all of the potential within the CBD.

Needless to say, the rules and guidelines couldn’t keep up with the market demand. But going back to all of the studies regarding the use of CBD that has been published before, it will show you that this compound indeed could help improve the overall physical and mental health of both humans and animals. And when used properly, CBD is perfectly safe.

Do dogs get high from CBD oil?

No, CBD won’t cause your dogs to get high. Within the plant hemp, the one that is responsible for creating the feeling of being “high” is the THC. THC is the only one with the psychoactive properties inside it and when consumed, it would get you high.

CBD, on the other hand, is only responsible for the calm and relaxed feeling of a hemp. By itself, CBD cannot get your dogs to feel high. That’s why experts consider CBD to be safe to consume, because it has the benefits of hemp without any of its downsides.

However, not all CBD in the market are created equal. Some may be a pure CBD, while others might have a trace amount of THC within it. So before you decide to purchase any CBD oil brand, make sure to properly look at the information regarding its purity. Because having your dogs accidentally consume THC is the last thing you’d ever want. If you want to know who has the best CBD oil in Canada for dogs make sure you read our in depth list!

What will happen when dogs consume THC?

So what will happen when your dogs consume THC? Would it finally feel the high that CBD could not give to them? The answer is no. When consuming hemp, humans could fully experience its psychoactive elements, or getting high, because our brains have quite a high tolerance level to the compound.

On animals, on the other hand, especially dogs, such is not the case. They have a much lower tolerance to THC than human beings. To them, THC is simply a toxic substance. Having THC within their system is akin to getting a poison. This is really what it comes down to when you are wondering is THC is good or bad for dogs.

The more THC that they consume, the more severe their condition would be. Some of the symptoms of THC poisoning include nausea, dilated pupils, uncontrollable vomit, heavy breathing, and many more. If these symptoms happen to your dogs, you need to take them to the nearest vets as soon as possible. This is why it is best to choose your products from known places, and reputable sellers.

Important things to know about the use of CBD for dogs

We’ve talked about the purity of a CBD briefly in the previous sections and how you should always look into it before buying any CBD brands for your dogs. But there is one other important thing that you should know regarding the use of CBD on dogs. The dosage.

The amount of CBD oil that every dog needs in order for it to fully work on their system varies from one dog to the next. That’s why you should always consult with your trusted vets before you give CBD to your dogs. Because if you give them too little of CBD, then it won’t affect them in any way. Too much, and it will turn into a serious problem.

Unfortunately, even the purest CBD has about 0.3% THC within it. Under normal circumstances, this trace amount of THC won’t be a problem to your dogs. But if they somehow get too many CBD in one serving, then the amount of THC within their system will inevitably increase. This will lead to a mild THC poisoning.

CBD is the new wonder product that could offer numerous benefits to your dogs when consumed properly. The fact that it is one of the main compounds from the plant hemp might cause some worries to the pet owners regarding any potential unwanted side effects to their dogs.

But both scientists and the US government alike have assured us that CBD is indeed perfectly safe to use. It won’t cause any negative side effects to your dogs, such as getting high. On the contrary, it would improve your dog’s overall quality of life and CBD has been shown to help with dogs who suffer from anxiety.

Final thoughts on the chances of dogs getting high off cbd

That being said, there are still some things that you absolutely need to keep in mind regarding CBD. And that is the dosage. Too little CBD and it won’t be able to help your dogs. Too much CBD and your dogs are at risk of THC poisoning. So make sure to talk to your trusted vets to know the best dosage of CBD for your dogs.

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