CBD oils in Canada for Dogs

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Introduction to CBD oil in Canada for dogs

CBD is still quite new in Canada, and because of this, the market is young and brimming with potential. There are many companies who have their own vision of what makes their CBD more effective and unique for dogs. If you reside in the country, this article is a quick ranking of the top 3 CBD oils for dogs in Canada which can greatly help reduce your time of researching for the best one to use.

What should you look for in your CBD oil?

When it comes to CBD, we should never pick second-best for our dogs to ensure the best effects on their health and the best value for our money. We made sure to consider some important factors when ranking the best CBD oils for our canine companions including:

  • Ingredients – The cannabis contents of the products are legally regulated, but its other contents are still up to the manufacturer’s preferences. Because of this, we studied the different plants, flavorings, oils in the CBD oils to ensure that it is safe for daily consumption and effective for treating dog health issues.
  • Certifications – Brands can advertise a lot of things, but customers are best reassured when they are given certifications. This should come from a third-party laboratory who have studied and observed the manufacturing process and ingredients of the brand to ensure its quality and safety for dogs.
  • Packaging – Through this, we can see the dedication of the brand in providing instructions in using the oil and informing us of the different contents of the blend. This should also contain their contact information in case users have specific inquiries about the product.

Our top choice Furbabies

Furbabies is the best oil for us for plenty of reasons. First, they have a unique blend made up of different cannabimimetic plants which are sure to greatly boost your dog’s health. This includes echinacea, black pepper, rosemary, and thyme, all of which are mixed with the different terpenes found in the hemp plant. This blend is also lab-certified to be safe and effective for dogs. It is capable of reducing inflammation in their body, calming them, reducing any chronic pain, and more. They have received a lot of positive reviews from customers which have seen its effects first-hand on their dogs.

Their oral drops are available in five variations to accommodate different dog sizes. It comes in either natural or bacon flavor, with the latter free from any unhealthy preservatives. This comes in a 30mL bottle good for one month of use. Furbabies provides adequate instructions for using the product both in its packaging and through their website.

If you are looking for a standout oil that uses a unique blend, uses great ingredients , and which is easy to use, Furbabies is our most recommended brand for you. As you may or may not have read about our story we have had the most success when using their products. Factor in their amazing value and you won’t be able to beat their product.

Furbabies Oil dropper bottles
Two bottles of oil from FurBabies


CBDNorth is well-known for their oils made for human consumption both for its good quality and their special rates given for specific parts of the population. Their CBD for dogs also stands out because of several factors.

One of the main reasons is because of their use of Wild Alaskan Salmon oil which makes the concoction more delicious and aromatic for dogs. In fact, many users say that their pets immediately wag their tails once they smell the oil which makes giving it every day very easy.

Their blend is free from any THC which lessens its chance of causing side-effects for your dog. CBDNorth also has certifications which prove that their oil is free from harmful chemicals which makes it safe for daily consumption.

CBDNorth’s oil is well-reviewed by customers who said that it was helpful in revitalizing their dog’s health. It has been seen to cause better sleep and energy levels for dogs.

They also have a very comprehensive guide in dosing the oil which can greatly help first-time users. This is available both in the packaging and their website.

CBDNorth is recommended for those looking for a unique flavor that many dogs will like, a CBD oil that is free from THC, and those who want a well-known brand.

Creating Better Days is a company that specializes in utilizing every part of the hemp plant to boost the effectiveness of their products. They also use a special carbon dioxide extraction method to ensure that the compounds found in the plant will not be destroyed.

Their CBD for dogs uses a full-spectrum blend which means that all compounds of the hemp plant are incorporated, including THC (within safe levels of less than 0.3%). Through this, the ingredients will have more synergy and will be able to provide better effectiveness.

bottle of cbdnorth cbd for dogs
wild salmon flavored cbd oil

Creating Better Days

Their CBD oil uses pumpkin seed oil as its carrier. It is known to be effective for improving canine heart health and reducing nausea and pain.

Creating Better Days also has a certification from Health Canada which ensures that their product is free from pesticides, contaminations, solvents, and contains only safe levels of THC. They also provide instructions in using their oil depending on your dog’s weight.

Creating Better Days is recommended for those who want to use a CBD oil for dogs with a full-spectrum blend. We advise you to follow the dosing instructions for this very accurately as your dogs may suffer from side effects when given high levels of THC. Overall it was a pretty close race between creating better days as well as the oil we tested when we did our Pawtanicals CBD Dog oil review. But Creating better days came out a little bit ahead.

Fortify bottle of cbd oil
Creating better Days CBD for dogs


When it comes to CBD oil for your dog, it is best to do all the research before purchasing one to ensure that your canine companion will adjust to the supplement only once. After all, there is usually about a week of adjustment when first giving CBD when they may experience some light side effects such as sleepiness and lethargy.

Among the three, we recommended Furbabies the most because of their unique blend and dedication towards providing dosing and ingredients information. This is closely followed by CBDNorth with its use of the delicious-smelling Alaskan Wild Salmon oil and by Creating Better Days which is known for its full-spectrum blend.

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